Blessing of Stillness #23: Father of Lights


I would like to invite your spirit to be present to hear the word of the L-rd for today.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:16-17 ESV

Spirit, there is a place of stillness, before the Father brings His light into your life, where it is easy to receive the darkness of deception, masquerading as a false light.

I begin the blessing in this way, not so you are frightened to step into the blessing, but rather so you are aware of the risks associated with discernment. I also bless you to find the space associated with the timespan of discernment. You are allowed to take time to discern. You need not feel pressure to rush as you are engaging an exercise of spiritual discernment.

After the L-rd’s promise to our father Abraham, the first thing that happened, after a season of not bearing children, and that came behaving like it was the promise was the counsel of Abram’s wife. Sarai offered up her maidservant Hagar to Abraham, ostensibly to provide the child of promise. And for a moment, I imagined Abram probably froze and thought, “wait a minute. what of the promises of G-d?”

And then after that moment had passed, when Sarai had prevailed upon him, Abram took Hagar and married her and immediately produced a child, that sowed jealousy and discord between the women in the home.

Spirit, the promise of the Father does not come because we help G-d out. Granted, there are times when Father expects us to put skin into the game, but His solutions do a problem never involve something that will intentionally breed jealousy as a product.

True, people may grow jealous because of the gifts G-d gives us, but G-d never blesses us with the intention of causing other people to stumble and fall.

Ishmael, who came, was the false hope and the false light.

Ishmael was the plan of the enemy to supplant Father’s plan, which involved Sarai being blessed in her womb, thus breaking the curse of barrenness.

Isaac was the true child of promise, and it was his presence that gave life to Sarai’s womb.

Spirit, apply that here. You will have the opportunity to engage with the false light and the true light. The false light usually comes as a counterfeit first.

And you have the opportunity to choose. And you will have the chance to ask Father to show you what the counterfeit looks like. And He in His mercy will show you what has happened before to lead others astray.

If you will ask Father, he will show you both the true and examples of the false.

Indeed, bank tellers actually do study counterfeit money to know what has happened before, though they do not dwell on the false. Do not believe that old wives’ tale that they only spend their training studying the real money.

Spirit, when that moment of darkness comes, I bless you to be still and stay put and await the light of Father to radiate into your own life. I bless you to be still even when darkness is what you see and even when counterfeit light is provided to you. I bless you when you are thirsty for the true light, with a stubbornness of resistance to every false light that seeks to destabilize you.

I bless you to remain absolutely still and I bless you to allow the circus to pass by. I bless you to resist buying tickets to the circus.

Spirit, I bless you deeply with the capacity to wait on the L-rd’s solution and his life. I bless you to move when that solution comes, and when His aural light compasses you, while remaining still when the enemy counterfeit comes. I bless you to drink deeply of that light and to absorb it into the light that you are, spirit. And I bless you to fan that light out in it’s multi-faceted wisdom to others in need, as Father directs you to hand it out to them.

I bless you to be what you are, the prism, diamond, and crystal through which his brilliant light is broken apart into its full chronorama. I bless your season to bathe in and be healed by the Light that does not shift of change or vary. I bless you with the revelation that His light is possessed not just with consistency, but also constancy.

As William Shakespeare once uttered the principle that was meant to be uttered by the King of Glory:

“I AM constant as the Northern Star”.

The Father of Lights is fixed between all dimensions, in all realities, and he does not vascillate. He is not wishy-washy. Even should the guide stars and parallaxes and pulsars and red giants fall from their places where they were placed on the Fourth Day, He will not be moved from his place of steadiness. He is constant beyond the constant of light, spirit. He is the Radiance of all light that is.

And just because he is constant and immovable does not mean that His heart is not moved when one of his children is hurting or destroyed or damaged or beaten.

To the contrary, He does move toward them. But He moves, spirit, with an anchoredness. He will not be shaken.

And I bless you not to be shaken when confronted with counterfeit light. I bless you to be gathered by the true Light of Father’s affectionate and warm countenance.

I bless you with SHARP discernment to know the difference between lights, and to welcome the Father of Lights, who will not force Himself on you, but will wait for your invitation and who also offers you an invitation.

Be at peace, spirit, and receive the blessing of the Father of Lights.

I bless you to know that the Father of Lights is not shifty or shady. He does not tell you He will provide something, and then not follow through. He gives what He says he is going to give.

I bless you with a relationship with the Father of Lights that is free of deception. I bless you, if you have previously taken the bait of offense, to rest in His light as He removes all hooks from your mouth, all snares from your feet, all chains from your arms, and all shrapnel from your body.

I bless you to rest and heal in the warmth of His Light.

I bless the scales to be removed from your eyes, spirit, as you follow His path and through His gate, which is narrow.

I bless you to traverse the high places which might have unexpected turns with the Light of His steady presence and affection.

I bless you to know that He allows the crooked paths and in partnership with You, makes those paths as if they were straight, and He is your guide.

I bless you with the knowledge that the Father of Lights is a better, more accurate, and way more surefooted guide than any sherpa on Everest.

I bless you to enter into His ever-rest.

I bless you, spirit with a life that is unplugged from unsustainable covenants and agreements with darkness, and I bless you with the freedom that comes from the one-sided covenant He made with you, that does not have any hidden clauses or gotcha statements or fine print with exceptions and signing statements.

I bless you with a relationship with Father that is free from guile and duplicity.

I bless every path you traverse with sure-footedness.

I bless you that as you submit to His plan, He will transform you from glory to glory, and from strength to strength.

I bless you to stand in His light, and I bless you to flow with Him in peace, and even when you are climbing and healing and running and resting, to be in a place of stillness that keeps you rock-steady in His light and in wholeness and peace.

I bless you with peace in the midst of readiness.

And I bless you with stillness in the midst of discerning between the real and the false.

I bless you with those things in the name of Yeshua ha-Meshiach.


Beloveds, I would like to invite your spirits forward should they wish to join me, wherever you are each located, on this, the final day of the window of reconciliation to G-d.

Listen, o spirits of my tribesmen and tribeswomen, to the Word of G-d for you for today, to whatever degree you deem appropriate.

“All this is from G-d, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation:that G-d was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.”2 Cor. 5:18-19”

Spirit, the L-rd has created a pause, even in the vale of the worst conflicts, for each of us, regardless of level of woundedness or heartache, or spiritual anguish, or mistreatment, or offense, or mischaracterization, to restrain ourselves and seek His reconciliation with those we at first think the enemy.It is in that moment that we give others the honor that they did not earn, but for which Christ died. It is that honor I extend to you.

I bless you with the stillness in the chaos to await the illumination of the Holy Spirit, that that light would not only show you the way, but also that that light would shine wherever G-d wants it to shine, and that He would keep it on whatever point of focus He wants it.

I bless each of you with the moment of stillness to receive the honor that comes from your work as sons of the Kingdom.

I bless you each to refuse to get taken up with mindless speculation and ceaseless disputes, which foster strife, and so miss the moment of stillness that belongs to you in that upheaval.

I bless each of you to slow down and to see the one person to whom you can bring honor, and I bless each of you to resist the Mesmerizing Spirit with its wiles and schemes,

I bless each of you with love and multiplied reconciliation with the Father of the Heavenly Lights.

I bless each of you to know the prevailing fulness of Christ’s abundant grace and love.I bless your hearts with a revelation of HIS tenderness toward each of you and your neighbor, the Samaritan in your life

.I bless each of you to overflow with the ministry of reconcilation that leads to life rather than death. I bless you not to count the sins of others against them in this season

.I bless each of your minds to come alive in and with the mind of Christ and with supernatural Strategy.

I bless your various parts, enforcers, systems, littles, and others with the recognition that each of them are honored and loved and counted as necessary.I bless you each with wholeness, and purpose, and design.

I bless each of your unique designs to spring forth and to spring to defense of the defenseless.I bless each of you with a love that transcends your understanding.

I bless each of you with honor, and recognize that each of you have variously committed to follow the way of love as best each of you know how.I speak to the light and the four winds that they would gather each of you up and move each of you as you wait in stillness to the places where you need to be to each see and hear and know the various pieces of the whole puzzle that each of you have, and to know where those sundry pieces fit, to bring the reconciliation into fulness.

I bless your puzzle pieces, Scrabble Tiles, Monopoly Houses, Go gemstones, and cake ingredients to all align.

That something beautiful would crown this season, and that we can hand those crowns to each of you as the Spirit wills.

In His Holy Name, I resist the spirit of the age that has been released to create an upheaval that would distraction you as you chart your course by His stars to your desired havens.

I bless you in the name of the G-d of the Seven Stars, in stillness.

May you afresh fall in love with Him anew.Be at piece, in the name of אלוהי שבעת הכוכבים