RHE and the Failure Or Refusal to Listen to Critics

Dear Evangelicals,

Part of the reason your sound is so roundly cursed in some circles is because of the following.

A failure or a refusal to listen.

When we reject their accusations out-of-hand without an honest conversation about if we got our viewpoints wrong.

Granted, I have heard much of Rachel Held Evans with which I vehemently disagree. That said, it is damned near impossible to utilize the death of someone to tastefully show where you think they were off or heretical. I think we might want to rethink how we approach our theological adversaries.

Many times, we tear at other Christians, and at the worst times. We refer to them as heretics, monsters, abusers, and all other sorts of things.

We did it with Matthew Warren’s family.

And others. And Father gives us the opportunity to redeem our time and days, so that we can walk well in the “days [that] are evil.”

So, evangelical church that I have left, who often speaks as though your reputation will be marred if you are not quick to share where you disagree with a major theological figure who dies, I would exhort you to demonstrate a quickness to listen, and a slowness to speak.

You do not need to demonstrate a tasteless knee-jerk response to justify your theological position in the MIDST OF AN OBITUARY.

Indeed, when we use our authority in Christ to speak insensitively about others and parts of our tributes breathe the air of criticism so close to the death of someone for whom Christ died and with whom we so greatly disagree, it can land as though we are rejoicing over their death, or potentially taking pleasure in their death, which is not the example of our L-rd, who “takes no pleasure in the death of the ungodly.” Regardless of your evaluation of a person’s life, it comes across as opportunistic to use the occasion of a person’s death in order to get mileage for your position.

A few years back, a relative of mine died who walked with a considerable double lifestyle, and I did not use the occasion of their death to bring that iniquity to light.

In light of Evans’ untimely death, evangelical leaders should not use the funeral meats to coldly furnish the dispute tables.

The body is not even in the ground and we are rushing to protect our reputation, as if it is not clear where we stand theologically.

I had a relative who was sexually molested by a pastor, and instead of protecting the victim, they fired my relative. Their argument? They wanted to protect their reputation.

Our stewardship of words would be better placed in articulating that someone is dead, and then at a later date, say where we disagreed with them.

Never pass up an opportunity to walk in discretion towards another with whom you disagree.

When we use our sound to repeatedly trumpet our disagreements with someone and the context is not appropriate, we may not be practicing the best stewardship, and may open up the door for the further devouring of our sound.

Fifth head of Leviathan, gang.


The Redemptive Gift of Yeshua

So, there is still a lot of curiosity, and I could never exhaust this topic.
But, there is still floating around this idea that Our L-rd was a combination of all seven RG’s, based on the early teachings of our mutual friend, Arthur Burk.
Let me say, unequivocally, that He was born fully-G-d and fully man.  With a soul like our, that was singular, and with a spirit like ours, that was divided into seven portions.
And let’s look at the textual evidence first.  Setting aside what Arthur said, let’s look at our main sources for understanding on the life of the Son of G-d.
The Gospels.
I would like to consider a couple of texts for our purposes, starting with Matthew 11.
We know John the Baptizer was clearly hardwired with the Redemptive Gift of Prophet.  And he was hardcore.  John Sandford, in his book that sets the standard for our understanding for the Office of Prophet, The Elijah Task, made the observation that the Baptizer had a camel-hair shirt that was turned inside out, and that this was a way of putting his skin into a place of continual flagellation.  Anyone who has touched a camel would get an understanding of such a garment would afflict the skin.  It is not the softest material.
John breathed the judgments of G-d on the Pharisees repeatedly.
He also never, never associated with people in crowds by choice.  He was in the lonely places of Judea, and the crowds had to come to him in order to speak to them, and he was a fireball to ANYONE to whom He spoke.
Now, look at our L-rd, Messiah Yeshua.
He was in the lonely places by choice and by need, but he also spent his ministry with people constantly.  He was a General Contractor, and by nature of that job, dealt with people, subcontractors, owners, tenants, and other people incessantly.  And He went to Zacheeus out of the crowd and in the midst of the crowd.  And He compelled specific people to come with him, including Matthew, the…
And the wedding feast in Cana, when He bartended to a bunch of inebriated wedding guests.
And the friend……
Of sinners….
And he spoke to them, as a man speaks to his friend….
And He wept….
Over the man Lazurus…
As a man weeps for His friend…
And we with unveiled faces….
Beheld His glory…the presentation of the Man who was full of Grace and Truth.
And He made known to them, the nature of His Father, their Father…
He knew and processed the nature of G-d, who is a good Father.
He was not a machine Ruler, though He understood the principles of Freedom and Sonship.
He was a social without exception Exhortery Exhorter.
He suffered much pain, and dealt with the Exhorter’s Principle in the hardest manifestations.  And possessed His birthright.
Because He will not rest until His Father’s house is FULL OF PEOPLE WHO ARE HIS FAMILY.
G-d is willing that NONE should perish.  G-d is willing that ALL should come to repentance.
That none should perish.
G-d loves cities.
Who told you this, David?
20 years ago, an Argentine Exhorter by the name of Ed SIlvoso told me this in a church in DeLand, Florida, named First Assembly of G-d, pastored by an Exhorter.
Yes, yes, Exhorter, it is your job to mess up the church with the new revelation that the body is missing.
That His house may be FULL…
11:00 in, gang.

“What we see in Scripture is process. There’s one snippet that we have as an example of process, and that is G-d’s passion for cleansing the land from death.  It is going to take seven months after the Battle of Armageddon for the specified teams to find every piece of human flesh and bone and give it a proper burial.  That is process. The King doesn’t just come in and fix Israel overnight.  He takes the remnant of people that are left after the tribulation and gives them process tasks, and I believe that the Millenium is going to be a process of the church learning from Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate Exhorter–He walked in the Redemptive Gift of Exhortation–we are going to learn from Him principle after principle about how to heal our ecological mess, and today we need to LEAN INTO it, not with the fear and the panic that the ecology movement is perpetuating, not with a sense of lack or poverty, but with biblical principles.
Arthur Burk, The Majesty of His Artistry, Disc 5, Cut 7, “Measurable, Verifiable, Sustained Change, Timestamp 1:32-2:47

And the Exhorter’s playing field is the Principles, and showing cause and effect.  It is not the Prophet, who is designed to use principles to build with.  But the Exhorter is designed to do principles nonstop.  Lots and lots of Principles and Revelation.
Moses, Solomon, and Paul were all Exhorters, and they FLOWED in Principles.
And the Sermon on the mount and the parables are Principles all.
And, here is a final piece. Listen carefully.  Every fight that He picked with a Pharisee was over a principle that He was giving to them, to help fill out what was missing from their theology.  They, Teachers, missed the one thing.  Hello, Philistines.  This is why the Exhorter and the Teacher go so well together, hand in glove.
So, there you go, gang.
This is my analysis, and this happens to also be Arthur’s analysis.
Enjoy it.