Concerning Josh Harris: A Rant

If you are squeamish in your will or gentle in your thoughts, or you have made an idol out of homeschooling, this post might not be for you. Feel free to opt-out, because this one makes me cranky.

There is still time to turn back, even for those who write with me.

Dear Josh Harris,

Your legalism shipwrecked you.

This is why I cannot stand side hugs. As I work with people with parts, I understand some people need to. But people who side hug because of a religious spirit, or a fear to cause seine to stumble, this is what that spirit has done to make Evangelicals even more nutty.

To my audience,

If you place your faith in homeschooling or this or that rather than placing your faith in Christ.

If you don’t have the ovaries or the testicles to raise your kids…

If you don’t have the chutzpah to school your kids in the way Father tells you to, even if that means sending them to public school, or private school, or homeschooling them, then you are embracing a religious spirit.

The religious spirit is NOT merely embracing an expression of faith that is not charismatic or pentecostal, because I guarantee you there are people who are spirit-filled embracing a religious spirit. Worship this way, do deliverance this way, speak in to uves or prophesy this way.

The fivefold ministry is RIFE with a religious spirit.

The religious spirit is not the spirit of the Pharisees, nor is it merely a judgmental spirit.

No, no, no.

The religious spirit is the spirit that gets you to do Anything except the ONE THING Jesus told you to do.

It has nothing to do with crunchy legalism or Spirit-filled, charismatic freedom or rolling down the aisles or swinging from the chandeliers.

It is engaging in ANY behavior as a display or a show of expression of your devotion to G-d that is anything but the one thing the L-rd freaking told you to do.

Your capacity to be an apostle or a Prophet or a bishop or a pastor or a rabbi or a supporter or detractor of national Israel does not impress me.

Your willingness to do the one thing Jesus told you to do is what impresses me.

Hook up to that one thing G-d told you to do, rather than emphasizing prophesy or to gues or the apostolic or the gifts or this or that.

And when G-d says “send your kids to public school”, send them to public school.

And when he says “homeschool them” homeschool them.

And when he says “go on a date with thus-and-so” go on a date with thus-and-so.

Or when he says take your kids and enroll them in Sace Camp, then do that.

My counsel to you is don’t flame out like Josh did.

This is now how G-d wants us to live, by flaming out.

Or wearing out.

Maria Woodworth Etter said, “it’s better to wear out for Jesus than rust out.”


It is better to be hot and then cold by turns and flowing and doing the dance between hot and cold so you can be useful in this season and to the next season.

Just my take.

Run with Him. Bless your kids according to their design.

And on this topic, Rachel Stephens was right.

Our job was always to embrace a faith that impacts the world and touches our kids. The Principle of Responsibility. Do the one or two things by your kids that leaves them dangerous in the world rather than milquetoast.

The Redemptive Gifts. What Are They?

NOTE: At the end of each post, I will provide a link to the next post on the Prophet, and each subsequent post in the sequence of the Redemptive Gifts, and following the Prophet, I will link at the top of subsequent posts where you are coming from. Thus, the set of Redemptive Gift Posts will form a chain link. And now, the introductory post.

“Wait a minute, what do you mean by ‘redemptive gifts?’ “

“Why are you calling that person a Mercy? I thought Mercy was an adjective.”

“How is a Redemptive Prophet different from an office Prophet?”

“What is this goofy language you are using, David?”

“It sounds like you are part of a cult.”

Well, not really. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we might be doing that we forget who came along for the ride.

Allow me to back up and to partly explain why you are here.

You are here in part because of my doing.

You see, I have an unusual capacity to draw people in. When I want to draw a crowd or group, it can be useful. But when I want to do one-on-one with people, it can be a little bit………frustrating?

I have come to some startling realizations among those people that call me friend. I have this uncanny knack for being able to draw people who are absolute strangers to a given concept, and helping them grow into an understanding of the concept, and then helping them segue to the next season using that concept or those concepts as tools in the next season.

To the place where they are ready to transition to a larger season, set of relationships, or set of truths. In fullness, we move from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18), from strength to strength (Psalm 84:7), and from faith to faith (Habakkuk 2:4), for as it is written, “the just shall live by faith” (Romans 1:17). And part of my job description is to help people increase their capacity to receive, store, apply, and utilize.

Kind of like a bright star….more on that later.

I came to this realization in the last few weeks while working to walk well with a new set of friends who are relatively new to the concept of the Redemptive Gifts. And, since the concept of the gifts and their associated terms are common conversation points on The Paraclete’s Hammer, I figured that I would give a ground-zero entry-point, an intro post for those people who might not know what the gifts are, what we mean when we say “Redemptive Gifts”, and how they hook in to the rest of Scripture.

So, without further adieu, the Intro:

When we discuss Redemptive Gifts, we are referring to those seven gifts that are found in Romans 12:6-8.

“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching; the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who contributes, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.”

Romans 12:6–8 ESV

From that Scripture passage, we pull the following list of seven gifts.

  1. Prophet
  2. Servant
  3. Teacher
  4. Exhorter
  5. Giver
  6. Ruler
  7. Mercy

First delineated by Bill Gothard of the Institute of Basic Life Principles decades ago as Redemptive Gifts, these gifts have several associated parallel patterns throughout Scripture were discovered by Mrs. Judy Lee and the Gifts and their parallels were popularized by Arthur Burk of Sapphire Leadership Group.

So, at the outset, before anyone decides to label me a heretic for mentioning Bill Gothard in anything other than a “stone-the-heretic-with-stones-that-he-may-die” tone of voice, please go jump in a freaking creek or take a cold shower.

These gifts were not only sen as distinct from the Manifestation Gifts of 1 Corinthians 12 and 14, and different again from the Office Gifts of Ephesians 4, they were also connected to many of the other heptadic (“heptadic” means “seven-fold) groupings found throughout Scripture. For example, the Seven days of Creation show us the following parallels. Granted, this is not going to be an exhaustive list, and it is only going to be a getting-your-feet-wet intro:

  1. For Day 1, we see the Creation of Light. But consider this. Not only did G-d create light on that first day, but He also created everything that was necessary for that light to exist on that first day. Now, reasoning from principle and using a little bit of science, what is required for light to exist? Understanding that “all different types of light are part of an electromagnetic field that flows across time,” and understanding that light is both a wave and a particle, you have to have four things: Time, Space, the Laws of Science, and then the Matter that operates within in those natural laws. And as Time, Space, the Laws or Science, and Matter are necessary building blocks or Principles with which G-d built everything and got His Light to every dark place, so the Prophet is known for using the principles governing all of reality as building blocks, putting a million of them together in order to produce something that us useful and new. To illustrate, it was was not a simplistic “up” and “go” that got the first airplane into the skies. Rather it was a complex weaving together of dozens upon dozens of principles and variables. Thrust, lift, birdflight, gliding, kites, behavior of different wingforms in the air, windspeed, catapults before the first airplane wheels were considered, weight, loft, temperature, weather, and on and on and on. The Prophet’s ballpark and expertise is in the area of everything embodied by that first day and so much more.
  2. For Day 2, the Servant’s Day, G-d created the waters above, the waters below, the expanse between (the sky and atmosphere) and the weather patterns. And what do the weather patterns and the atmosphere and sky and oceans do? Quite simply, they perform massive cleansing and massive life-giving functions. They are not readily seen usually, but they keep us alive in ways we do not understand. Likewise, the Servant carries this massive capacity to cleanse people, above all the other gifts.
  3. For Day 3, G-d created the dry land and Vegetation, which is where we get the first concept of the Teacher. The dry landforms, dens for animals, tree homes for woodland critters, desert landforms for desert critters, polar and rainforest areas for those critters, all the safe places for each animal was created on this day. In addition, the vegetation that provided sustenance and medicine was provided on this day. Here is the picture we draw from this; the Teacher was designed to be a safe haven, a safe place, and a safe person emotionally. There is a massive amount of medical tie-in with a Teacher. Also, the dry land, the dens and homes for animals that were all created with the dry land on the third day, the Teacher is a refuge for those who are overtly oppressed.
  4. For Day 4, the Sun, Moon, and Stars, we move to the Exhorter, and the picture here is of broad scope. The Exhorter has, of all the Redemptive Gifts the capacity for working with the widest cross section of differentiated humanity. And, the sun, moon, and stars, control tides, give warmth, provide radiance, give a broad light, and attract people to study them, wildly divergent people who would not otherwise gather. Don’t believe me. Remember the solar eclipse a few years ago in North America. It caused EVERYONE to stop and stare and talk. That is what the big, bright, massive, sparkly things do, they move masses of people to a bunch of places. Just like the Exhorters.
  5. Day 5, the Birds and the Fish, brings us to the Giver with one key trait: timing. The Birds (including everything that flies: don’t shoot me down over bats) and the Marine Life ( everything that swarms the oceans, again, with the whales) both have MASSIVE seasonal and timing components to working together.
  6. Day 6, the Land Beasts, deals specifically in the concept of Systems with a million moving parts that all have to synch together. Herbivores, carnivores, and humanity all living together on land having to organize themselves and engage in the work of dominion.
  7. With the 7th Day, we come to the concept of rest, and the Mercy was made to just be and experience the depths of intimacy.

Granted, that is just one overly-simple expression of the pattern of how one grouping of seven parallels the Seven Redemptive Gifts.

But, what I want you to see as we move into this is that each gift is unique and plays a VERY valuable component, without which, the whole creation would descend to utter chaos.

And, please draw the parallel, no matter who you are or what your gift is, (and I think we each only have one Redemptive Gift as our dominant driving force) you are EXCEPTIONALLY valuable and have a real place where you can make a difference. Not to be all things to all people, nor to be nothing at all, but to do that one thing you were made to do.

To fix the one major problem G-d made just for you to fix.

To possess the one thing that will bring you the greatest fulfillment.

To possess that thing we call your birthright.

That is the reason we discuss these concepts of Redemptive Gifts so readily.

Helping you to discover what your gift is, and what it looks like on Monday morning, functioning highly and expanding the Kingdom is one of the things that brings me intense satisfaction. And with that, we will jump into each of the gifts as they come.

Consider these things deeply as we file through each gift. Ask a ton of questions.

Think about the implications, and let’s really explore what these mean for us as a tribe.

Be blessed, and sleep the sleep of the righteous.

And for those with insomnia, here is my post on the Prophet.

Why Feelings Are Necessary

I get so sick of people questioning the use of emotion in a ministry, church, or any type of setting where real life is happening.

“Jeremiah 17:9- the heart is wickedly deceitful above all else, who can understand it”, they crow.

There are just times when reality is going to contradict all of your learned information, truths, systems, and other malarky. Even for those of us who are more logic-driven and data-driven.

The emotions, especially those that are rooted in the spirit, the brain/mind, amygdalae, the heart, and the reins, are potent imprinters of experience.

And from everything as SRA, DID, CRA, and PTSD, to rape, abortion, war, political abuse, environmental abuse, animal abuse, and social or cultural abuse, feelings are often one of the largest markers in an entity of trauma.

I use the word “entity” because emotions are not just felt in humans. Animals, plants, and the land are all examples of things that possess emotion.

“The trees clap their hands.”

“The cattle went lowing as the carried the ark.”


So, to those who are all logic-driven, the following may not make sense for you.

Feelings that have been cleansed and redeemed, contrary to how most Christ-followers, are one of the first early-warning systems in us. And they are designed, in part, not only to enable us to really respond to negative situations, but also to respond to positive situations, so we have this capacity we call “savoring” an experience.

We were made to savor, and that comes through our emotions, which causes neurons to wire together and fire together

When we discount all emotional expression, we potentially hamstring or kill our ability to recover from trauma and wounds that heal.

When we can’t emote well, or when we misjudge an emotional baseline as Bipolar or OCD and then medicate those emotions out of existence with Lithium or some other garbage, we disempower and potentially strip the spirit and/or soul of their ability to recover to a place of whole essence, and thereby render ourselves vulnerable.

A diagnosis may not be heaven’s view of our reality. A diagnosis is not the be-all or end-all.

Our strong emotions were designed as responses to injustice, to celebration, to sexuality, to liberation, and to protection.

Men and women have strong emotions in order to protect, and preserve, and defend. And to discern. And if emotions are made to be discouraged, then the emotional leading of Mercies is irrelevant, and then some critical dynamic of the Mercy experience is to be questioned, and then they as a tribe are to be questioned.


All of us were made to feel and have feelings to bring us to a place of sensitivity.

And to savor experiences.

And to connect to our timeline. By the way, that hyperlink is to a resource that will help you reconnect your emotions. But, be mindful, your emotions, in fullness, were designed to be as safe as Aslan.

If we do not want our emotions, then we will affect our timelines. Badly. And we will feel the disconnect, whether or not we want to feel that disconnect.

Ironically, even when you don’t feel, you still feel something.

The bottom line: a bad interpretation of Jeremiah 17:9 will not make us any safer. The only thing that will make us safer is if we embrace who we are in fullness and enjoy and savor the FULLNESS of our design.

Savoring transforms the brain.

Savoring leads us into deeper and fuller expressions of worship of and love toward our King.

Savoring is connects us in our left amygdala to the full expression of the awe of G-d, which is a critical component of the life of a follower of Yeshua.

Being Used By G-d

Open full-on rant mode.

“I just want to be used by G-d.”

“Used for the kingdom…”

This concept used to be an effective way to communicate a concept.

But no longer.

We want to be used.

What are we really saying?

Are we saying that we want to beg G-d to treat us like an abused tool in His shop. Do we want to be used up and wear out?

It is better to wear out for Jesus than rust out.

-Maria Woodworth Etter-

Do we not believe that He regularly wants to engage with us in intact and hope that he might occasionally pull us off his pegboard to get that stubborn nail in the board?

Peace Offerings and the Fractal of Two.

Concerning the importance of our reins (kidneys and adrenals) to the L-rd and for them being at peace with Him, we read:

If his offering is a sacrifice of peace offering, if he offers an animal from the herd, male or female, he shall offer it without blemish before the L-RD. And he shall lay his hand on the head of his offering and kill it at the entrance of the tent of meeting, and Aaron’s sons the priests shall throw the blood against the sides of the altar. And from the sacrifice of the peace offering, as a food offering to the LORD, he shall offer the fat covering the entrails and all the fat that is on the entrails, and the two kidneys with the fat that is on them at the loins, and the long lobe of the liver that he shall remove with the kidneys. Then Aaron’s sons shall burn it on the altar on top of the burnt offering, which is on the wood on the fire; it is a food offering with a pleasing aroma to the L-RD.

Leviticus 3:1-5

The Offerings

The above text is part of the text of Leviticus 3, but is representative of the whole sacrifical system. And in the picture of the five main sacrifices, we see the reins of the animal in question being burned. There is no exception in non-avian-animal sacrifices when it comes to the reins; in each of these sacrifice, consistently, the reins are offered up and burned on the Brazen Altar.

This is probably part of the reason why G-d places such a high value on how we treat our reins.

In the above passage, the analogy of the Peace Offering is that to us Father wants to instill in us His wholeness, peace, and stillness (Colossians 3:15, Philippians 4:7).

The Father Does What???

For you formed my inward parts;

From Psalm 139:13 ESV

For the record, the translators of all major translations chickened out in at least one or more places in this verse.

That word translated “formed” is really the most generic Hebrew word describing a commercial transaction. That is, it really means “purchased”.

And “inward parts” is really “reins”. The reins is Early Modern English used to denote the kidneys and the adrenals.

The Hebrew therefore really says “you purchased my reins”.

So, question: why would Father purchase something He already owns?

The Reins In Scripture Are Tied To Covenants

The answer is this: The understanding among those who minister healing and deliverance that includes ministry to the reins is that they are major landing pads for covenants, especially the adrenals.

And because the reins are usually the first organs to respond in a time of crises (by dumping adrenaline)…

Stressful times which would cause us to make covenants and utter words of agreement in response to nasty circumstances…

It seems appropriate that G-d would want those very organs responsible for the first-fruits thougts of our response to a situation to be solidified in covenant with Him.

Therefore, He claims first dibs in us by enshrining them in the sacrificial system AND in surrounding them with the language of purchase.

Reins In the Sacrifical System

The L-rd enscripturates this picture of the importance of the reins through their being routinely burned in sacrifice (Leviticus 1-7). Their place in the sacrificial system shows the reader the value G-d ascribes to our reins.

Plus, because they are so responsive to situations, we can gather that they would also be responsive to Him, and, in fact, they are.

Further, our Hebrew commercial word meaning “to purchase”, קָנָה, or, transliterated, qanah, is used in places like Psalms 139:1. IT DOES NOT MEAN “TO FORM”. It means, “to purchase”. Fruitbat translators.

Okay, David. Rein it in, even though you might want to bean someone in the head.


Deliverance ministers have routinely found in their experiences in dealing with the reins, that covenants attach themselves to the reins, and they have recognized, that, as a result, these organs need a pretty regular spiritual cleansing.

As a result, we have begun to work with the kidneys and bless them, which has an unusual set of side effects. Not the least of which, the kidneys, as they are blessed, begin to release long-stored toxins from them, and they begin to “feel” or make themselves felt, in some cases, after the fashion of kidney stones.

And as a fu there result, in many places we have noticed when ministry is done to the kidenys and adrenals, many of those who are ministered to report being able to think and process problems more rapidly.

As a result of being able to focus on the right problem, and solve it, we attain a greater sense of that frequently-elusive dynamic, which we call “peace.”

Thus, it is worth our investigation of this much-overlooked dynamic and to consider how we might help improve the quality of life of many a person.

Just a few thoughts, gang.

Nathan Leal’s Word About Confused Watchmen

This piece by Nathan Leal is on-point.

As someone who is a prophetic minority, I consider the majority of the words about the political climate since 2015 to be so completely confused, that that attitude and spirit of delusion accounts for the level of inaccuracy in the American “Prophetic Movement”.

Unless those who attempt to walk as prophets repent and reform, there will be no revival. And as a reminder, G-d’s not going back to Asuza Street. Moreover, as I have said and will continue to say….






Principles are the point. Walking in the right sets of principles and proper action is the point.

Our current political climate of two poisoned and defiled political parties began unravelling from at least the time they both came into being.

Nathan writes:

Nathan Leal’s Word About Confused Watchmen

This piece by Nathan Leal is on-point.

As someone who is a prophetic minority, I consider the majority of the words about the political climate since 2015 to be so completely confused, that that attitude and spirit of delusion accounts for the level of inaccuracy in the American “Prophetic Movement”.

Unless those who attempt to walk as prophets repent and reform, there will be no revival. And as a reminder, G-d’s not going back to Asuza Street. Moreover, as I have said and will continue to say….






Principles are the point. Walking in the right sets of principles and proper action is the point.

Our current political climate of two poisoned and defiled political parties began unravelling from at least the time they both came into being.

Nathan writes: