Arthur’s Posts FROM the Motion Bible Study and Live Event In Innsbruck, Collated

Gang, below are Arthur’s posts from the Land Dynamics Live Event/ Motion Bible Study/ and Sudries from the Previous week in Innsbruck.

There seem to be some pieces from there and nuggets that are worth testing, refining, and developing.

Eat the meat and spit out the bones, and go with what resonates with you

Day 0: 4-20-192k @ 3:35 PM EST


Tomorrow morning the Motion Bible Study Intensive gets underway in Innsbruck.

We have a dozen people from eight countries, so it should be rather dynamic.

They have each had a portion of the Bible to study in terms of motion in the last six months, and we arrive at the event with spreadsheets with literally thousands of verses with data about motion.

That is the hardest part of such a study. Sorting through the mass of data until we have some focus is tough.

This week Serina and I have spent huge blocks of time in prep for the Saturday and Sunday events.

We now have formed 24 teams, the most ever for a day of field work.

There will be 12 on the Antichrist spirit leyline, and 12 on the Queen of Heaven leyline.

We have pushed hard and gotten all the logistical stuff done, so we are feeling really great about the weekend. There has been good flow.

Day 1: 4-21-192k @ 12:22 PM EST


Today we began our week long pursuit of a theology of motion for use in Innsbruck.

We had 14 people in the room and decided they were from 10 nations since two of them were expats. Serina gleefully counted them twice.

We began with a get acquainted round where I asked each person to share something they have learned about God and it was a fun worship experience to begin our Sunday time together.

After a break, we spent some time on logistics, getting computers interconnected and files shared. It took some workarounds, but we managed.

Then the four teams were sent out to pull from their previous homework six examples per person of God moving something.

It was a bit awkward as the teams were learning how to flow together, and there turned out to be a lot of ambiguity.

I had to wrestle with the issue of their being creative vs. getting it right, and slowly they loosened up.

We combined their reports and glanced at them before lunch, then took some time to eat and decompress.

After lunch I gave each team a different binary assignment to apply to the verses.

Did God’s motion make or break?

Did God’s motion impact people or creation?

Was God’s motion final or part of a process?

Did God’s motion originate with anger or joy?

The teams worked diligently, each taking all the 70-some verses through their one question, then they wrestled with the question of “so what?”

The results from that exercises were broadly uninspiring. Truth we already knew was bandied about but there was no “explosion of cognition.”

Somewhere (I can’t recreate the process) during the last report, we went down a rabbit trail and found an immense treasure that electrified the room.

After the final break, I opted to spend the rest of the day just exploring and applying that one concept.

Four of the people now have a deep new insight into the “so what” of their ministries calls, and also have the confidence of how to go forward with more strategic impact.

So at the end of the day, I pointed out that we have learned basically nothing about the theology of motion today, but that it was a superlative Resurrection Sunday, and there was a resounding “YES” from the group.

Now we walk in stewardship of body and soul, so that we can do it again tomorrow.

The goal is still elusive, but the week is young and the Spirit is old.

Day 2: 4-22-192k @ 12:53 PM EST


The morning began with a lot of laughter. The students were much more relaxed about the issue of “accuracy” and they knew each other somewhat.

From there, the morning went downhill in a hurry. Nothing flowed and we stopped at 11:30 for lunch to assess the damage and figure out where to go.

I decided that at least half of the problem was failure of my leadership. The project I assigned was unrealistic given the parameters I defined.

The other half was the Antichrist spirit.

This critter destroys in four ways.

1) Physical death, or robbing the vitality of life.

2) Social death — the break down of community often through strange disconnects (silence) not from major offenses.

3) Economic death and devouring.

4) Disconnect from God.

The team felt strongly that part of the problem this morning was #4. Everyone was operating sub-par. The Scripture was not alive and their spirit was not able to engage.

So, we changed plans. I did a mini-teaching on the Antichrist spirit (the long teaching will come Saturday at the seminar) then spent a long time on a group deliverance.

Manifestations were modest. We took a break and then reconvened to discuss whether to stop for the day and let God continue the work in our brains, or to push on.

There was a definite division, but we decided to push on.

I tossed the morning project and designed a new assignment. The energy level in the room was immense compared to the morning, as was the joy.

That was some initial evidence that we had done good in pushing back the spirit that was blocking the insight into the Word.

Then when the reports came in, we found an unexpected vein of ore, only lightly related to motion and camped there.

It was rich and alive. We only got half way through, before the day was over.

I gave some homework for the evening, and we will pick up on that assignment tomorrow morning, probably.

Renee made a very insightful observation.

Yesterday God ambushed us in the afternoon with that special revelation. Today we chose to stay and work, and we were rewarded for our diligence.

Good catch, Renee.

One other interesting note is that our relationship with the staff during the morning was uniformly sour. In the afternoon, we bounced back significantly and had good connections across the board.

So that would suggest that the Antichrist spirit was messing with community too, not just the spiritual connections.

It will be very interesting to see what people report tomorrow as any impact from the ministry time.

The guinea pigs I have practice on were all substantially messed up, so the “bounce” from the deliverance prayer was immediate and observable.

Here we have a dozen people who are well seasoned war horses, most of them with some significant ministry experience. I wonder what the long term “measurable, verifiable, sustained change” will look like.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Saturday when we record the teaching about both the Queen of Heaven and the Antichrist spirit, and then do a group deliverance.

As ubiquitous as they are in the world, I think a LOT of people will find a measure of freedom from those teachings and the deliverance prayers.

Day 3: 4-23-192k


Last night half of the team had some meddling from the Antichrist spirit, mostly with physical issues. We debriefed in the morning, noted the issue and decided to press on and not address it collectively.

The morning flowed the best of all three mornings so far. We worked as a whole group and focused on extracting language for the character of God from the acts of God. It was hard work to step back from the granular to see the bigger picture of God’s character, but the end result was very good.

We brainstormed what it would look like for an individual to spend a year or two focusing on developing the skill of seeing God’s character.

We find that when we know God’s character, it is simple to extrapolate what actions He would take in any given situation. It is much less natural for us, as Western Christians, to reason from action to character. Therefore, it would take some fierce intentionality and wise strategy to develop that skill.

After a lunch break, we tackled some new veins of ore from the Psalms of Korah. The emotional energy in the room was delightful. Time flew by.

Early afternoon a few people commented on their reduced capacity to see truth in the Word. We stopped and did some warfare against the Antichrist spirit and his attempt to block us from truth. Then it was back to work.

In spite of the immense energy invested in the process, at the end of the session the three groups working on the Sons of Korah Psalms reported that it was pretty dry and pointless.

That caught me off guard.

I have the spreadsheet with their granular data and will pore over it tonight for a while, looking to see if there is gold yet to be mined. I am quite unobjective here, since I am pretty passionate about the story line of the Sons of Korah.

We shall see whether I can find a genuine track to run on.

Meanwhile, we are rather tired and have three more days of hard work to go.

We don’t have anything that even remotely represents a theology of motion. There have been a lot of gems and jewels along the way for the group as a whole and for various individuals.

We will focus on getting good rest tonight, if possible, since last night was so interrupted by the Antichrist spirit’s harassment, and we WILL show up again tomorrow with anticipation.

Day 4: 4-24-192k @ 2:06 PM EST


Today was intense but highly productive. We broke up the four teams and had each one work on a different concept.

On a hunch, I decided to have one team keep working on the Sons of Korah Psalms from a different perspective than we had used before to see if something would surface that was productive.

But yesterday, the Holy Spirit directed me to focus the rest of the week on tsedaqah, as the antidote to the Queen of Heaven, and mishpat as the antidote to the Antichrist spirit.

I announced that we were officially abandoning the dream of developing a theology of motion for the city, and were going to downgrade our expectations and try to show up Saturday with a new big tool for the two leylines.

I spent a while explaining the meaning of the two terms, then gave the three teams a list of the verses in Scripture that used both, and they went to work in different ways. We cycled through a series of exercises during the day, seeking to understand the two words in a highly functional way.

Along the way, one of the participants came to me with frustration over not being able to perform. Some investigation revealed that she was a kinesthetic learner in a visual/auditory context.

I pulled her out of her group and designed a project on the fly where she could study with some activity. We shall see how it goes.

She knows more than all the rest of us about motion and God, and might possibly deliver the missing theology all by herself. We shall see.

The big challenge of the day was for people to see Biblical individuals outside the frame of the traditional Sunday School story.

When I pointed out bigger frames, people could easily see it and see the impact of the things I had shared, but getting there on their own seems challenging. Not sure we will be able to put much of a dent in that problem in six days.

Somewhere during the day, the Sons of Korah team discovered that their study fit perfectly within the grid of tsedaqah and mishpat so that was a lovely surprise.

I think the two streams will merge nicely tomorrow sometime.

So over all, there is more joy at the end of the day than any other day. There were a great number of tidbits today that landed with one person or another.

I think a number of people will own one or another of the Bible study tools I have shared and will continue using it when they go home.

Lots of treasures along the way.

Hopefully by Friday afternoon when we wind down, we will have a consolidated bit of treasure, not just a bucket full of loose ingredients.

Prayer About Wind


Innsbruck is a windy city which is why the airport is deemed one of the more dangerous in the world. The city is set in a valley, and there is only one runway, so when the wind is blowing sideways it can be too dangerous for the small planes to land.

When that happens, planes have to abort the landing and are redirected to Munich, where the passengers have to ride a bus or train back to Innsbruck. That is a weary end to a 10 to 20 hour international trip!

In our dealing with the Antichrist spirit over the city, we have found a very high correlation between the critter and the wind. In other words, we have a calm day for hours, and within 20 seconds of my starting to deal with the issue in a person, the wind can go from 2mph to 40 mph.

Since yesterday, the wind has been blowing hard, with intermittent sustained gusts.

And today and tomorrow are when most of the international contingent are flying in for the Saturday event.

For those of you have have authority and experience with weather, I invite you to ask the Lord whether this is a battle you should engage in.

Sounds like it is going to be a vigorous rumble this weekend!

P.S. That paragraph just netted me a huge spike in local wind. Guess this critter is feeling just a bit vulnerable today.

Awwww . . .

DAY 5: 4-25-192k


Well, we got whacked.

We started the day with the windstorm and the accompanying disruption of the spiritual realm. I did some prayer at the beginning of the day, then we determined to push through.

Our focus was on how God developed tsedaqah and mishpat (otherwise known as T & M).

The Sons of Korah team finished up and I told them that this was just the warm up exercise and turned them loose on Asaph who had an immense grasp of the government of God.

Then on the T & M front, I built a case with the threesome that had a formidable healer on their team, that King Hezekiah was DID. I had them look at his life from childhood to the end, studying where he switched from the highly competent core to the parts, and how God built T & M in him in spite of the DID.

The second team took on Moses.

The third, David.

At lunch we had a debrief. Obviously there was a generous measure of disagreement along the way over how to interpret skimpy data.

The robust level of argumentation during the morning was one of the high points of the week. It meant that people had gotten past obedience and accuracy and had finally availed themselves of the permission I gave them to be learners.

They had leaned in and dug hard, vigorously exploring with their groups what the different options might be. I left for lunch with my heart singing. If the students have received THAT permission, they will be changed for the rest of their life.

After lunch, we worked on abandonment. One cannot have faith and trust with the abandonment wounds (spirit and soul) unhealed. And the Queen of Heaven is the MASTER of fabricating the feeling of abandonment and exaggerating the real abandonment we experience.

We worked some on martyrdom and the fact that God is quite willing to suffer the loss of all the stuff we as Christians have built, as long as we don’t crumble under the lie of abandonment.

We identified from the team some of the many ways that we feel abandonment. The triggers will vary according to our history.

People worked on languaging their individual abandonment issues then we took the afternoon break. Half the group tumbled out the door to enjoy the very fresh air and sunshine while the other half hit the bar to order their sundry forms of coffee.

We regrouped and began to work on the Biblical parallels to our personal abandonment. And it did not fly. Some people did not participate and the enthusiasm was muted at best.

I missed the clues and we went into small group discussions about how God healed abandonment in the Biblical people, and whether there was any parallel in our lives.

I pushed hard, but it really never got airborne. There were some individual nuggets here and there, but no momentum.

After class, in debriefing with individuals, it became clear that the devil sucked the life out of the room during the afternoon break. No one’s spirit was significantly in the game, and the souls were pretty iffy most of the last session, as well as some of the brains that took the rest of the afternoon off!

So I badly missed a call. When things got tough, I played harder and I should have played smarter. We lost the value of one of the prime teaching/transforming sessions of the week.

Big bummer.

We will show up again tomorrow for a truncated day and see if we can end on a really high note.

Pragmatically, God has done a LOT in many people’s lives this week. And most people could use a big block of down time to just digest and let their souls catch up with where their spirit has been.

Some of the best transactions with heaven this week were simply expressed in tears. There were no words possible for what happened.

AND, spirit aside, the souls are admittedly measurably weary of my unrelenting pushing, pushing, pushing.

Plus some of the bodies have about had it with sitting still.

So I will have a big leadership decision to make tomorrow morning as I feel my way along. Do we make one more heroic big push for a large lurch, or spend the day fingerweaving the new truths into the old fabric of our lives.

Global Alert


It is 8:00 a.m. in Innsbruck, Austria on Friday morning April 26th.

I woke up this morning to high pain emails from two of my peeps who have a tumultuous walk. I contacted both, and God has done two amazing healing miracles in areas where we have worked hard before, without success.

In both cases, God did something very new and unexpected.

This is how God works with me — showing me early in the morning when there is something special embedded in time that He wants me to deal with.

The clear message to ME is that there is healing available today, but it is through unusual means. God wants to reveal new colors of His wisdom today.

I have no idea whether this is specific to me, or localized to Innsbruck or available to the Tribe.

But just in case it is the later, I am giving a shout out. If you are a practitioner, I suggest you sit with the Lord and ask Him about each of your people who are either in high physical pain or high emotional pain, and see if He will give you a picture of how He wants to proceed.

This might just be an EPIC day for the eradication of some old, wicked, twisted pain.

Day 6: 4-26-192k @ 11:53 AM EST


Many in the group had a rough night. We addressed it briefly and then dug in.

The objective for the day was for the participants to explore what T & M looked like in the life of Christ, then with God healing them, and finally through them in their various walks.

It was a very personal day with a lot of people getting insight into who they are and how God interfaces with them.

Working hard to language the abstracts and the concrete things was hard work, but beneficial.

Now we shift gears to Saturday and Sunday.

Then each person will have to decide when they get home whether they will implement any changes.

Thanks much for your prayers for this time. We valued them.

Land Dynamics Part 2


Well, the seminar is over.

It was a tough one. Teaching ON the Antichrist leyline was one of life’s lesser pleasures and teaching this much new material all at once was rough.

Last night I figured out that I had not factored in translation when working on my notes, so I had to go back and whack out about five hours worth of content. Grrr . . .

Serina received a high compliment that she was the most poised and competent in translation that Agatha had ever seen her.

Dr. Dietrich was her standby vocabulary coach, as always, when I waxed eloquent and used words she didn’t know YET. Their teamwork is smooth.

The first session in the morning was designed to frame the whole dynamic of simplifying all spiritual warfare into two very broad categories: deception and destruction.

The we explored the Queen of Heaven in some detail and did a group deliverance. After lunch, we did the same with the Antichrist spirit.

Then I closed with some discussion on leylines, how the teams tomorrow will cleanse them, and what we see in the spiritual realm in Innsbruck.

The seminar ended on a high note.

Most of the people will be back tomorrow for our field work. Serina and I will need to readjust some of the teams because of a few no shows, but that should not be too tough.


I don’t know what happened but the spiritual climate in the room at the Congress was vastly better this morning than yesterday.

For sure, there was a lot of camaraderie building and a sense of anticipation and mystery about the day, but I think there was more.

A number of people had reported via private means that the deliverance work yesterday had been beneficial.

I spent about an hour framing the worship/warfare around the history of Innsbruck, Andreas Hofer’s covenant, and the current spiritual climate.

We broke briefly then I focused in on the heart of the day.

1. Get on location, check in with Serina via WhatsApp and wait for the rest.

2. When the signal comes from Serina, everyone starts simultaneously.

3. Call the demonic to attention inform them of your right to be there.

4. Do the three proclamations about either tsedaqah or mishpat.

5. File a court case about those who may have touched the glory of God in the city.

6. Have Communion.

7. Check in with Serina to say they have closure.

After that, they were free to do any additional prophetic acts they wanted, as long as they were positive and not calling down hell fire and brimstone. Today we war with worship, except for the one court case.

We had a system of each team picking up their Communion supplies, and their map and their transportation directions, then heading out the door. First teams left a bit before 11:00.

The final team reported being on location at 11:38. We rolled the warfare simultaneously at 11:42.

The Queen of Heaven team finished in a bit more than an hour with the official portion.

The last team on the Antichrist spirit leyline checked in as finished at 12:55.

Everyone should be back here by 2:30 for debrief.

Celebrating the exceptional logistics.


The afternoon debrief was an intense time. Lots of tears and lots of laughter and a very significant dose of awe over what God has done.

The first obvious shift was in terms of the teams. When forming the teams, we took into consideration many factors and discussed long who to put where in the equation.

In the end, we can say the Holy Spirit did an amazing job of matching up people.

There were highly unexpected positive results in many people who came into the weekend with bumps and bruises.

But beyond that, the amount of bonding between teammates and commitments to keep in touch long term was unprecedented.

In a city that has produced many broken, or simply formal relationships, God has done an amazing work in our group.

The most consistent pattern in the reports was that God released specific sounds to punctuate their worship and warfare.

We will be pondering how to pray into the timing of sound in Innsbruck, going forward.

After a general debrief (where we only had time for about a quarter of those who had something bubbling up in them) we paused a bit because I felt the Spirit moving.

He asked us to celebrate some of the ways our hearts were changed by being in the city doing those things. It was a very tender time.

Then I had some other people share about the beauty they saw. One was the leader of the team who went to the most defiled, ugly spot. Another was someone who used to work on the other side and knew “the beautiful face of evil.” It was fun to hear their perspectives.

I concluded by talking briefly about transition, and asked one of the elders to bless the city, and one of the Romanians to bless Serina.

Then I officially ended the event and enjoined the group to go be dangerous and come back next year.

And THAT was the beginning of the REAL debrief, as groups formed, melded, dissolved and reformed, as words and three minutes long hugs proliferated until the porter came and informed us we needed to leave.

From the Desk of Megan Mozingo: Warfare and Deliverance Against the Queen of Heaven

Sometimes, it is good to catch a breath and watch it hers flow in their gifts.

Such is the case with what follows.

Megan, from the tribe and on the unofficial page, posted a deliverance prayer that feels outstanding, and here I would like to post it, crediting her.

For those that are interested in building out from here, I would suggest blessing her because of her work for the tribe.

Anyway, below is her prayer, which does not appear cheaply-gotten to me:

Queen of Heaven
I know you well. You’ve been the one behind the curtain trying to silence my design, telling me there’s something wrong with what I like, where I’ve found joy, how I relate and contribute to my reality. I didn’t know you gave me titles within your posse. Titles I’ve found to be belittling or less than. Titles that reject what the existing treasures and blessings my father has lavished on me. Some examples of this is clouding my view of things by using your trusty mesmerizing spirit association to distort and dismember truth. You’ve made me think that I don’t deserve certain blessings, or that calling something within my design GOOD is a bad thing. You have worked HARD behind the scenes to weigh me down with the amount of striving you’ve made me carry for your disgraced and defiled agenda.
Well, the jury is out. I just talked to my Father, I’m sure you know him. He’s the Most High beyond infinite power that holds your very existence between the lines of his fingerprint. He showed me the size of you in the grand scale of the universal reality and also told me that you really love projection. He’s also teaching me how to recognize the false realities you project into situations that come attached with a host of little critters that burrow and camp within the spirit. And for that, I’m telling you to take a hike. Pack it up and get lost within the abyss of nothingness, provided that’s where Father wants you.
I’ve let you touch my things. I’ve let you rearrange the rooms in my soul and spirit, and frankly I didn’t say anything to you because you told me that you were me. The language you use has always delegitimized something good about my design, my essence, or my flow. But here’s a reality check for you…..
I’m not a pawn on your board to manipulate.
I’m not a commodity that needs to find value in the ability to be used
I’m not any of the defiled lies you’ve whisper and at times screamed at my spirit.
The reality is you are screwed.
You’re bankrupt.
The reality is you are aware of my immensity based of the impeccable design my father intentionally crafted into me. Every facet, every groove, every corner, every crevice is under a contract that’s bound by the purest and holiest blood which is something you will never have extended to you.
So stop trying to manipulate me by these existing contracts and covenants by deceiving me into amending my existing record with the most high. Father showed me the exact way you’ve been orchestrating your amendments behind the scenes and frankly I’m annulling and redacting each and every line that was inspired by your deception. It’s illegal because it took place under duress and I’ve got higher clearance levels that deem your actions worthy of consequences. What that looks like for you, I don’t fully know.
What I do know, is I am the Bride of Christ and your enemy. By default, the Kingdom you have been so diligently trying to steal from me is in fact my inheritance. I’m sealing the entrance you have had access to with the blood of the lamb. And any efforts of delegitimizing my essences won’t work, because I’m not consenting to that agreement.
Here’s some Truth you need to be reminded of regarding what it means to be The Bride
I don’t have spots
I don’t have to conceal blemishes because they aren’t there anymore.
I’m adorned in acts of righteousness which have woven together my gown
I’m adorned in the finest fabric that illuminates the heavens which you think you are queen of…. My dress emits so much light that you start to squirm because it’s too bright for you. It’s too beautiful. You can keep your gown of innocent bloodshed. It doesn’t fit me well and I prefer something of higher caliber and better quality. I won’t wear it. It’s unbecoming.
My authority as bride allows me to wrestle your bony elbow to the table. I’m reminding you that you lost, princess. Why do you think Jesus wants me next to him when we rip out the kingdom from under your backside?
His power is more extravagant and more lavish than the pretentious queen bee attitude you reek of.
You’re widowed without any other options, and the only people who desire you are those who want to commoditize you for their greedy gain. Fact is, you can’t commoditize The Bride. She’s flawless by design and desired on the premise of her existence, not what she can do for her King because he doesn’t need her but wants her. You will never be wanted for who you are because you are unclean, defiled, and are untouchable due to the amount of evil and wickedness you possess.
And since you’re so deeply disconnected from the reality of who actually sits on the throne of heaven
Let me remind you of what you have coming.
You’re to be scathingly burned
You’re to be utterly starved to the point of emaciation, slowly dwindling your existence of excess and lavishness into a shrinking cage of continual and infinite decrease. It’s going to be hot because it’s going to shrink with Holy fire. Your introduction to sorrow will be transcendently heavy.
You are to experience the death of over every lie you have spoken, every arrogant and blasphemous statement, every defiled agenda you set in motion. They will die. It’s already been documented in the heavens. And the amount of death that you will experience is so colossal that you couldn’t even conceive that kind of ferociousness. You just don’t have that kind of power. You time is short. You day is coming, but until then, you don’t have access to me. The Bride. It’s done. You’re done. Get out. Get gone. In the name of the Most High God.

An Exhortation, From a Prophet’s Kaleidoscope

In marshal array.

Some of y’all have gotten battered in the last several days. I would like to say the following.

I want to give you each some counsel.

First, let me validate the fact that your pain is real. It has not gone away, lessened, or faltered. It has not missed a beat, and it may have taken your breath away.

I am here with you in your pain. Today I was seriously and falsely accused concerning my behavior toward a close friend. It was grinding and gut-wrenching.

And it has not let up in the last eleven hours.

But I want each of you who reads and subscribes to TPH to know something.

Even though I have been ground up and chewed up and spit out, I am setting my face like flint.

And I want to bless each of y’all to do the same.

In our grinding test right now, we each have a moment?

Will we move from this place, or dwell herein in the full knowledge of being fully known and knowing Him who adores us radically?

My charge and encouragment to you.

And if you feel like you have no strength, I will help you hold up your shield for the season. However long it takes.

Do not give up or cede your encounter with Father’s love to the onslaught of the enemy.

Even if that enemy is a Nephilim on time.

Even if that titanic entity goes by a familiar Nordic or Greek name.

And even if the wounds come in the house of your friends.

Drink in Father’s love, the blood of his cleansing, the salt of his covenant with your depths, and the oil of his growth.

Refuse to adjudicate on Him when you are getting pounded on by others who do not get you. Having done all, to stand. With the fractal of Truth, Righteousness, Readiness/Wholeness, Love/Faithfulness/Triunity, Salvation/Healing/Deliverance, Yeshua/Scripture, and Intercession firmly implanted in your spirit and soul.

Even if the attack comes from within your tribe, know the Father of Lights dwells in the interior castle, the stronghold of your heart, and no one can have access to that relationship in order to twist, pervert, decimate, hornswaggle, or rape it of its vitality unless you let them

No devil of hell, no criminal record, no generational curse, no false accusations, and NOT ONE SINGLE act can totally hold down or fully and eternally block your birthight, so long as you remain willing to run after and possess it.

You were made for a purpose, and even if you are bleeding from an artery and the only grace you have been given is a bowl of ice cream, yet He still means for you to run.

Your design will outstrip your obstacles, if you let it have its way in your whole life.

Let me say that again.

Your design was meant to enable you to far outstrip your obstacles.

Run that race, follower of Messiah, and do not quit.

These are the words of a Prophet.

Who is found in the Anchor.


His justice shall enforce your victory, in due time.

Do not faint.

From the Desk of Amanda Hill

Amanda is a voice that speaks with a manifestation gift of prophesying among other treasures, and she makes her home here in South Carolina along with a bevy of others.

I read the following exhortation and was floored. Hence, I would like to share it with you and hope you find at least some pieces that resonate with you.

She writes:

Ecclesia Leaders,

It is imperative that we deal with ANY offenses (big or small) between us.

Personally, I am comfortable with “clearing the air”. I would prefer to confront with love and truth now, than allow something small, or even what seems to be nothing at all, to expand over time to the size of a mountain.

The Lord spoke to me back in August regarding the year of the new wine. Since the new wine is found in the cluster (Isaiah 65:8), the enemy’s greatest strategy this year would be to sow offense, dividing us, the Ecclesia. When the cluster gets divided, there is no new wine.

Leaders, we can’t preach UNITY when we have unsettled issues in our hearts with other leaders. I understand that sometimes you just can’t make the relationship work, especially if it’s one sided. That happens.

However, APOLOGIZE even when you feel you’ve done nothing wrong. Just do it! The first to apologize is the most mature. Your gifts mean nothing if you can’t humble yourself. (Stop, Amanda…that’s a whole other post!😳🥴)

We’ve got to get over ourselves. Seriously.

Please have the conversation even if it’s awkward, painful…or if you’re the only one to apologize. (Sidenote; texting is a horrible way to communicate when there is confusion or hurt. Motives and tones don’t get adequately expressed.)

Do your part. Act first. Don’t wait.

We must discern correctly and check our motives and heart. If you have unresolved wounds, get healing! This is a HUGE area of contention where many become so easily offended, because the enemy has an obvious foot in the door.

Not everybody is against you.

I’ve prayed this prayer for years…
“Papa, may my heart be open, healed, and compassionate, but may my skin be tough, strong, and thick.”

New wine is found not in singular grapes, but in the cluster.

Something deep there, gang. And not even just on the surface of what she is saying, though there is remarkable truth in the plain sense.

Soft hearts, thick skin.


Cribsheet 1 of Notes From Blessing Womanhood, Part 2. Notes from Dawn Bray

Below I have cribbed together my notes from live Facebooking for the tribe.  Also, Dawn Bray kindly transcribed her notes from the live event, and I will start with those out of honor to the woman of G-d.

Notes courtesy of Dawn Bray, Reposted with permission.


*Know your essence.
*You are allowed to be crazy unique
*What has God placed in you that was intended to change the world in some way / context
*How is that supposed to be a significant impact in the world


Mary / Martha / Lazarus

*Carried extraordinary label of friend (few people received that label in the Bible)
*Didn’t call his apostles friends till later
*Storyline – doers and worshippers
*There is a world of difference between timing and perspective, vs essence
*(Not scoring for your team…not told their essence is bad. It’s an event. Poor eye / hand coordination)

*It’s not an attack on your essence when you make a mistake

*Martha owned the house! It was Martha’s house. She is the head of the home.
*(Jesus went to Martha’s home)
*Overtly her lifestyle – she is a doer, she makes thing happen
*That moment was a wrong judgement call, but not a judgement on her essence
*The next chapter – Lazarus died. Martha first out of the house to meet him. Her response – serious faith for resurrection
*Jesus in her face with the faith to believe. And she says she is in. (This is not Mary’s moment…even though she had been at His feet)

*Many builders in scripture have high levels of faith
*At the beginning, God builds the universe. No worship place, but a command to build.
*A new heaven and earth at the end.

*Job 38 – God discusses his essence. He describes himself as a builder. Because he is a builder, we trust him and honor him

*Nehemiah – a builder
*Joseph – built a system in Egypt
*David – built a kingdom and many different structures.

*Building is legitimate construct to know their God with power and intimacy with that key of music

*Proverbs 31
*Describing a builder



*Described from God’s point of view:

*Profound validation of what is important to Him about her

*Describes her husband:
*Very wealthy

*Essence: beautiful and intelligent

*He also has a hairline temper – she walks on eggshells
*She didn’t leave him. And earned the respect of the staff as they watched her

*Our deepest trust comes from the places we’ve had the greatest challenges

*She understands angry men. So she heads off to intercept him. He is murderously furious. She falls at his feet…

*Blessed for good judgement by David

*Moved from microcosm that she is in danger, into the big picture of what God is doing.

*Why could she do that? Because she has done it a hundred thousand times in her mind.
*Under random and irrational leadership
*Lawyer a thousand times, appealing for justice
*Not speaking it out, but thinking it

*Fruit of living with Nabal and being a peacemaker in her household

*Intelligence with a keen sense of justice. She didn’t dissolve and become powerless, but mastered the art of diplomacy

*Told Nabal, his heart became a stone. Shock of her sharing caused a physical problem. He died because God struck him and he died.
*God himself killed Nabal. Vindication for his wife.

*No time to grieve before David claims her in lust. He sent men to take her.
*Now a refugee on the run, married by force by David.
*9 year period – 4 wives, each had one child, and moved on. She was wife #2
*Culminated in Bathsheba, but it was going on long before her

*Kiliab – chip off the old block (no children before, now a boy…hope) then he is never mentioned later. Died later?

*Human situation that never really worked for her – from abused to being discarded and abandoned

*In the end, she still knew her God
*Her final statement – ‘God is my judge’ I stayed true
*Nobility in midst of tragedy

*Designed by God to be an amazing partner in life

*At the end, still dignity

*Life giving in the place of her own tragedy



*Not sure how she ended up in Abraham’s household
*Possibly given by Pharaoh, possibly purchased as a gift for his wife
*Either way, given as personal slave to Sarai as a gift – she was a prize, a cut above

*Concubines were different.
*Scripture is clear we have a different dynamic with Hagar
Given by Sarai

*Family dynamic has shifted. No longer a slave but a wife

*Hagar’s lack of discretion isn’t great. Got full of herself.
*Big time injustice. Sarai complained to Abram.
*Abram went back on the marriage, and gave her back to Sarai as a slave

*Sarai was very vindictive.

*Hagar runs away. God comes to her- where are you from, where are you going?
*God’s answer to her honesty – ‘God has heard your misery’

*Promise over Ishmael
*When you feel powerless, you dream of violent justice to the injustice around you

*This household is all wrong…and God gives a promise of freedom and vengeance / justice to her son. Defiantly independent and fierce. Bedouins

*Validation of essence to a resident troublemaker.

*She goes back.

*Issac is born, being weened.
*Ishmael is making fun, Sarah goes on a rant.
*Abraham loves Ishmael and is caught in a hard place. Hates playing peacemaker. God says emancipate them.

*Her essence: passion for justice and slavery
*People deal with varying degrees

*The hatred of injustice and slavery
*Matt 23

*Hagar was never a slave at heart
*She accrued the favor of God

*Coyote vs dog


*Beauty and drama, but look at depth

Queen of Sheba

*Heard about Solomon

*Two exhorters
*Come with drama
*Came to test with hard questions

*Not only a queen and wealthy, but considered herself intelligent.

*Talked to him about her questions. Saw the wisdom and was overwhelmed.
*Didn’t believe them until she saw them with her own eyes
*Praise be to the Lord your God who made you king over Israel

*Never had seen so much spices and wood before or since. And returned to her own country

*A woman who liked her bling.
*Her position, the intangible things – intelligent but was no pushover

*Intrigued but not impressed. How much is reality.
*Was not going to embarrass herself – she brought her wealth with her

*Essence: she was competitive
*For brand, for wealth, knowledge
*Dignity and knowledge

*Exhorter to the core
*Wanted to know about this God

*Solomon easily had the wisdom needed for the competition and the hunger

*Nothing unusual about her coming except the intensity – why is it included

*To celebrate her competitiveness ?

*Anyone that has a passion to complete is seen as being offensive or problematic

*Competitiveness is designed by God, can be a godly manifestation
*Jesus – to serve not to compete. But chose disciples because they would be the ones to disciple entire nations

*That drive, to have measurables – built into humanity

*Designed to achieve
*Usually becomes destructive
*But to align with God’s purposes

*Brought the treasures of her nation
*Moved from competitive to awe

*Awe is not an ordinary part of conversation.
*Not controversial term, generally embrace but do nothing about

*Lack of awe-
*Editing: glory stories, and praying smaller prayers

*Never pray smaller!

*Highly competitive people are big people. Large capacity for awe

*What if you can’t dial back and be content.
*You will serve a big God, not a small god

*Contentment is often laziness
*Permission to dream


*Opposite of competitiveness:
*Complacency, lacking fire and passion
*Tearing someone else down – woundedness
*Wholeness – want to walk because older siblings are walking
*Want to have more – to unpack treasures
*Building ourselves and others up vs tearing down

*Competition: Envision people’s design and language it for them to encourage them, champion people, cause them to desire it

*Competition is against forces of darkness
*Craving to see all the power of God in our hands, tangible results

*Don’t tear down, grow more in the essence of God
*The drive that is God-given
*Competition: To not tear down, but to be bigger than I was yesterday


*Mercy with anger
*Is your anger focused or floating?
*John – gift of mercy, but 1st John is a cutting epistle
*Phineas – zealous for God’s glory


*Exhorter gift:
*Focused on presentation
*African American culture – carries exhorter gifting
*Clothing, bling, music – can pull it off like no other


*Daniel – not a volcano, he was mellow man while surrounded by wickedness



*Whiplash, got yanked every which way
*Angst – external world being changed
*Grounded internally or are only anchored when your external world?
*No sin of her own- but hand of God and culture, to change change change

*Amazing for her capacity to remain grounded despite it all
*Flawless grace through it all

*Her family had moved from Bethlehem to Nazareth – where you go when you had no where else to go.
*‘Single wide on a dirt road’ picture.

*Gabriel shows up and encounters her

*If God can pull it off, I’m game.
*From a very small environment, a poor home – she’s in

*Profound Magnificat
*Glorious time, but then goes home and has to face the shame.

*She is the only one that knows that she knows that she hasn’t slept with anyone

*No big wedding, but community acknowledgement that she and Jospeh had messed up

*Census – every 10 years, except for this time. 6 years too soon.
*Heavily pregnant

*You can’t integrate the stable birth and the Gabriel visit rationally

*Whiplash – how did I end up here?

*Shepherds: reaffirmation, God still has her number

*Living in a house in Bethlehem – 1-2 years, surviving

*Out of the blue, magi with their entourage
*Mary and Joseph process another whiplash – who has ever heard of this stuff?
*But it’s real – Gold frankincense and myrrh is left.

*Leaving for Egypt in the middle of the night – contrary to their nature and integrity

*Trying to be obedient. Went back to Nazareth after a few years.

*Jerusalem. Whiplash – 3 days of looking for him! Jesus duking it out with Ph.D’s of the day

*Caperneum – Mary can’t handle it and grabs his brothers to take him back. But he doesn’t answer the door

*Crucifixion – Mary watched
*Where do you put that
*What experience trains you for that moment
*Against the backdrop of all the miracles

*After resurrection – who am I to Him now?
*And Mary is there on day of Pentecost where Peter preaches under the Holy Spirit

*Through it all – she maintained her emotional balance from inside not the outside

*Not a lot of people that could sympathize or encourage her, about the bigger picture or what was going on

*Fluid in how she approached life and also extremely grounded

*Free spirits are usually not grounded.
*One or the other
*Two different tribes that don’t relate to one another

*Womanhood – an expression of her essence. Grounded and fluid, on the most extraordinarily playing field of anyone in human history

*She built a life with groundedness and fluidity
God placed that in her in utter defiance of her circumstances

*Tough life, but she graced that life with the essence of womanhood that she unpacked and walked out

*Amazingly grounded and incredibly fluid

*Grace for resilience
*Deep Faith beyond culture
*Promises that are supposed to happen that seem impossible
*Believe in the nature of God when the actions of God baffle you

*God speaking of emotion of the Father

*Separated from culture so you are free to be counter culture –
*Looking back to see you are on time at the right place

*Masterpiece of grace and dignity



*You stole vs. you are a thief = Action vs. Essence.

*‘You are..’ essence statements
*You can’t change them
*Difference between behavior statements vs essence statements

*The enemy loves damaging essence statements

*Salvation and sanctification is transformation.

*What doesn’t change is core essence. Is it misused or using unwisely
*The enemy will attack and condemn our essence

*God breathing on essence vs external issues

*She names her children sickly and puny, and they die

*She is going home to face the shame
Does the culturally appropriate thing for her daughter in laws

*Marred by failure, grief, and hopelessness

*‘This is Naomi?’ Clear difference
*She said they don’t know the half of it
*She was broken

*One objective for Ruth – stay out of trouble (young, foreign…)

*Kinsman redeemer discussion – Naomi’s essence
*Wheeler dealer.
*Deal maker
*She knew the rules, with a plan and package

*It didn’t have to take a barley harvest .
*God could have connected them a thousand different ways.
*But used the thing that had gotten Naomi into trouble, to give her dignity back
*God is aware she is broke, broken, and misrepresenting him
*Wheeler dealer had gotten her into deep trouble, but God redeeming for her
*Completely changed her storyline

*IBM messed up, witch-hunt
*Tore up resignation, expensive mess up but had integrity
*Behavior issue, but not essence
*Mess up but not unsolvable
*No welfare

*God did not intrude in Naomi’s life with exterior resources, but pulled the treasure out of her.
*God had made her a deal maker – part of the master plan.
*He breathed on it, and let her work a deal in her culture

*Saul of Tarsus
*Murderer – Mr. Genocide
*Brilliant Theologian
*same essence

*Come to Jesus meeting on essence – didn’t marginalize Him, but God equipped him.
*Took legal mind and passion for religion and used it for His glory

*Exiled to Syria – didn’t believe in his essence but God did

*God craves restoring essence to be as He designed it

*Mess up that everyone bet against when God bet FOR

*Gehazi – lying in the name of the prophets. Absolutely indefensible. And *Yet, he is in the palace two chapters later – healed of the leprosy
*Did business with the Lord

*Durability of design
*Lord, confirm to her spirit that this is her season. In her heart language. *Brood over the truth center of her being. Assuring her there is a new season – this is a new season. For that to be manifest.

*It not a 30 day wonder…
*Regaining respect of community.
*Set your face like flint for what God has for you

*Naomi was only hoping for survival.
*But received wealth, prestige, and mention in the scriptures
*That’s what God did for her



*Taken for granted, overshadowed
*Most of the attention goes elsewhere
*But the others depend on her

*Not overlooked, but she’s overlooked

*Scripture is very intentional that she descended from Aaron
*She was in the priestly line

*Very clear statement of her emotional well-being. She hid for 5 months *when she got pregnant. Clothed with shame.
*Keenly felt the social shame

*Solitude – why did she hide for many months?
*Because of awe, no distractions
*Spirit driven person not soul driven person

*Spiritually large person, so her son was spiritually large

*Elizabeth had continued to live in faith when she had waited for so long for what she had wanted

*She refused to strut her stuff because it’s an intimacy moment with her God

*John – in the wilderness, harsh in pursuit of holiness
*Forerunner, preparing the way
*Spiritual realm to break things open

*Only 6 month ministry for John, with 3 month overlap
*First prophet in 400 years

*Jesus compares John to Elijah – says he is greater!
*Immensity and intensity in his spirit, cracking the religious spirit

*Look at his mother. Overwhelmed by gratitude and awe when she became pregnant, months in adoration.
*A breaker anointing blessing of her spirit

*Cadences is our lives are biggest points of conflict between us and God.
*Desires, cultural norms, and expectations…

*Explosion of the right thing at the right time.

*Submitted to God’s time.

*Consumption of a whole lot of choices.

*Feeling blocked. Probably were
*By your junk, or hand of God

*Taxi and taxi and taxi to never get airborne, or the enemy

*Fight against the block and we become damaged,
*Or trust God through it and are transformed

*A woman who understood the art of gratitude

*Romans 1 – brain rot
*First step is ingratitude

*Romans 12 – renewed in the mind
*Gratitude at the center

*Elizabeth defines a spiritual climate with a passionate gratitude with the gift God has given her

*Facilitated Jesus’s ministry by domino effect

*Pregnant with the purposes of God
*Core part of essence – but yet unseen
*Hope and dream has almost died



*All David’s fault or two players?
*Judgement by the prophet

*David went from grief to Bathsheba
*Story becomes beautiful
*Roving eye stills

*No other wives (besides Abishag that was not consummated)
4 sons with her

*4th child – prophet came, God really really likes 4th born, Jedediah
*Parents don’t use that name – Solomon

*Book of Proverbs
*Solomon repeatedly mentioning nurture from father and mother, David learned how to do marriage from a very wrong start
*Patented together and successfully
*Parented around issue of wisdom

*Honorable – Bathsheba was a learner
*Fail forward.
*No undoing what she did, what happened

*When Solomon met with God – too young, I need wisdom
*It takes a lot of wisdom to know you need wisdom

*Building the temple that David was not able to build.

*To build in the exact area of failure, takes learning.

*Freedom to run hard after God to mine after wisdom, imprinted on him
*Finding wisdom is worth the work


Moses mother – Armram and Jochebed

*Nation at war
*Civilian during wartime
*Involved in covert activity – whole family at risk
*Defy martial law

*”Who are you to disrupt others’ survival?”, said Jochobed’s neighbors.
*Competition over children creates strong jealousy

*Choosing to put community at risk without their permission, instead of peace in slavery

*Life and death choices
*Who do you think you are
*Lots of social tension

*Deal with princess

*Likely didn’t live to see her vindication when Moses returned

*Essence: courage

*Gambled enormously and strategically
*Vast courage

*Theme – fear based responses. Self justification
*Head of the line for lake of fire – the cowards
*Cowardice is rampant in the body of Christ
*Uncommon courage
*Believing her God is better than Egyptian gods

*The hardest changes are from God’s order to God’s new order (OT to NT)

*Marked with fear if you are trying to keep the old ways

*Seasonal change requires huge courage, and taking great risks

*Willing to change and disrupt when God is changing the order

From the Desk of Rachel Stephens: Concerning False Brothers #CrackYourBible

Rachel Stephens out of Las Vegas (for the skeptics among my tribe, yes there are solid believers even in Vegas) is someone I have been following for a few months now.

I first heard of her through my mother who mentioned Rachel’s YouTube material, an apologetics/biblical studies channel under the ministry name Crack Your Bible, when we were talking about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Masoretic Text.

While we may not agree on everything, Rachel’s approach is hard-hitting and detailed with the text of Scripture. And she will challenge you to dig, dig, dig into the canon.

Recently, she posted a lucid piece on Facebook, on the topic of ψευδαδελφοι (false brothers: Galatians 2:4-5). And while I could have posted my own thoughts, hers are better, and so I asked her for permission to repost, which she gave. I will also provide a link before the original post on FB for your reading. Read on:

Hey Fam!
Have you ever had to deal with false brothers in the church? You know those fake friends who turn on a dime and let their true colors show when they don’t get what they want? I know this is one of Paul’s complaints throughout scripture – the injuries from false brothers!

Paul talks about all the garbage he’s had to put up with in ministry, check out 2 Corinthians 11, verse 26 in particular:

“24 Five times I received at the hands of the Jews the forty lashes less one. 25 Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day I was adrift at sea; 26 on frequent journeys, in danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from Gentiles, danger in the city, danger in the wilderness, danger at sea, danger from false brothers; 27 in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger and thirst, often without food, in cold and exposure. 28 And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches.”

Just today I dealt with a false brother in Christ!

False brothers are everywhere. Creeps pretending to be part of the #CrackYourBible Fam just so that they can benefit themselves and try to get an endorsement.

Beware of people that are quick to flatter!

When I didn’t immediately follow this person, they deleted their endorsement, unfollowed and then asked me why I wasn’t following them.

“For there is no truth in their mouth; their inmost self is destruction; their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue.” – Psalm 5:9

For my family’s privacy, I don’t even follow any of them on social media, let alone strangers with a fake name, & a random profile pic that isn’t of them.

Luckily this person showed their true colors within minutes of me liking their original post, but work on not being too trusting of people, especially at church.

Two days ago, I read an article about how 93% of convicted mol esters described themselves as “religious.”

Fellowship ≠ no vetting. Trust is earned, even in God’s family.

Be on guard! Don’t be quick to trust, especially people who seem over eager to interact with you, and especially your kids. This includes church leadership! There are too many predator pastors claiming to be “Christian” and who are supposedly “vigilant” in defending the faith when they’re really just “vigilant” about getting into your pants.

Be especially weary of individuals online who have super religious screen names. In my experience, the more religious the screen name, the more secret sin the person is trying to hide, especially if the screen name contains the words “Christian” or “Jesus.” That immediately sets off red flags in my head.

Stay safe, Fam!

“Trust is earned, even in God’s family.”

That one line is worth the price of admission.

For more of this material, give this woman a follow on her social media, and especially the YouTube channel.

Just be warned, any religious mindsets you have will be challenged. She does use the language of the culture in order to address her generation.

Yeshua Hates the Fig Tree: From the Desk of Kristen Park

Kristen writes:

That scripture where Jesus curses the fig tree is the weirdest, right? And I say this as someone who increasingly finds much of scripture mysterious. (it’s Mark 11 and Matthew 21)

A couple of years ago I heard Chris Gore say that the meaning of that goes all way back to the garden of eden – that Jesus was cursing self – righteousness, man’s attempt to cover himself with fig leaves.

It resonated in my spirit. I knew it was true. But I mostly got weird looks when I tried to tell people.

So I was really blessed me to recently hear Kevin Zadai say the same thing – that Jesus told him (I’m paraphrasing), Kevin, I hate religion. And I hated the fig tree because it was man’s solution to sin, his own works, and that that’s religion and it’ll NEVER produce fruit.

He’s the only way, y’all. He doesn’t show us the way, he IS the way. We can have no righteousness apart from him. He himself IS our righteousness and he gave us himself.