From the Desk of Amy Dudley: An Open Letter to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office (Louisiana)

An open letter to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s office.

I have a great deal of respect for the officers that put their lives on the line everyday. It’s a job I couldn’t do. I will defend you for what you do. Thank you.

As a citizen of this parish I must voice a personal concern. Earlier today my husband and I came to the courthouse to be finger printed for some legal paperwork we needed to complete. I was confronted by the officers at the door for not wearing a mask. I know that they are doing their job.

I chose to put one on because we had to have the finger prints done… I was not given any “reasonable accommodation”, according to ADA guidelines, that would allow me the right to have my fingerprints done with out wearing one.

As a person who has experienced horrific rape, sodomy and torture, wearing a mask brings on terrifying panic attacks.

One of the kind ladies doing the finger printing worked quickly so that I could get out as soon as possible while another woman stood behind me bullying me to put the mask up over my nose…. making the whole situation even worse.

I accommodated the mandate the best I could while trying not have a complete melt down right there. There are several witnesses who saw me falling a part as I ran out of the building.

The panic attack lasted for over an hour before I could finally get a grip.

While I understand these people are doing their jobs, I fail to understand the lack of respect for those who truly are in danger when a mandate like this is enforced without compassion or understanding for circumstances that don’t fit the boxes of those making the demands.Does the ADA apply for EVERY disabled citizen or just some?

I feel humiliated. I was unable to maintain my dignity in a public place.

I left sobbing uncontrollably for all to see.

When will there be justice for people like me? Is compliance more important than human dignity?

Mesmerizing Spirit Series, Choosing the False Hope While Violating Principles

Current Events And Financial Landing Pads

I am so done with the fakey prophetic words that promise us freedom by bastardizing cause-and-effect relationships and calling it a roadmap to a Jubilee level of freedom. We have a broke government planning to assume an incredible amount of debt but not eliminate it.

Second, when has our government done a good job of managing and eliminating debt?

And as it pertains to Scripture and the Year of Jubilee, that event and the instructions about handling that even were given to a financially responsible Giver nation, led by an Exhorter who walked in high numbers in the area of Reality, and which nation had sufficient financial solvency (Exodus 3:21-22, 12:36, 32:1-4) to completely eliminate those debts is a tremendous misinterpretation of Scripture.

Not a Prophet nation that led with insolvency through bleeding-heart fiscal irresponsibility to the tune of 22,000,000,000.00 in the hole.

Trapped By Blind Arameans

You cannot violate your way into freedom….

The Mesmerizing Spirit has found a massive landing pad in the last few decades and it is not letting go. It has figured out that when we see someone promise to bail us out even though we are financially insolvent, we will support that guy or gal, and consequently, we will be anesthetized from being able to see clearly to see where the enemy seeks to rob and degrade us further.

If someone promises you a solution and you are already at the point of despair unto death, if you are not anchored in Him (not His nature, not His attributes, not in Scripture), you might readily accept that solution, even if it is the good, which is the eternal enemy of the best.

This is another dynamic of how this pickpocketing clown works with the Canaanite Curse to create an oppressive workload as a result of selling birthrights for bowls of lentils.

Especially when empowered by the work of a group of Exhorters who are severely compromised (Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton), walking in non-reality, and feeding us a fantasy.

Four items, all from Republicans and Democrats, have demonstrated this nonsense, but clearly we have an issue with seeing clearly because we only call out the opposing party.

The auto manufacturer bailouts.

The subprime lending debacle.

The COVID bailouts and PPP loans.

And now the potential student loan bailouts.

This is all fruit of the Mesmerizing Spirit.

It’s desire is to distract you with false hope

Don’t buy the lie that you can violate your way into freedom. With a violation of principles comes a reaping of consequences.

From A Place of Earned Authority

As someone who paid off two degrees while his heart was getting ripped out through adultery, divorce, spiritual abuse, and emotional abuse…

As someone who lived as a widower…

I spent 3 years in abject solitude and 7 years grinding out a marriage that was doomed from the start to a verbally abusive Jezebel spirit who held my sons out as bait, while grinding out menial labor jobs and several of my spirit portions were bound up with fetters and not permitted to speak.

I have the earned authority to say this.

Do not settle for less than full-on, gritty reality. Stop settling. That is what the Pharisees did. They settled. They settled for what they could control and what fit into their boxes. That is why, in the end, they got Matthew 23.

Telluride (Prophet) and Gertrude (Exhorter)

What They Are Doing To You

These clowns in government are leading you along.

They do not know a thing about how republican government and fiscal responbility work.

Someone saying “I am from the government and I am here to help you,” should scare the hell out of you.

Someone claiming to be able to set you free financially when they have no plan for the debt except to assume it…

….when they do not have the means to eliminate it is not jubilee. It is further bondage on a national level.

A broke government cannot bring a financially enslaved people into the freedom that G-d meant us to walk out in a jubilee context.

The freedom of Jubilee comes because the L-rd teaches nations, which are solvent, cause-and-effect relationships and then sets them on a path that is in accordance with His heart.

Freedom does not come apart from us being willing to walk out the principles of Scripture. We have faith, and that faith causes us to execute. And indeed, we execute because we know the principles of Scripture, even the principles found in the Law.

Adonai did this with Israel, and Jesus the Exhorter is doing this now with us.

Violating financial principles will lead you to financial destruction.

65 thousand paid off in 12 years of clawing when my heart was getting flushed out.

And I can say, as a gooshy Mercy, that deliverance and liberty do not come simply because we cried out to G-d only.

Rather, deliverance comes because He partners with sons in the kingdom who are willing to put the principles to work on complex problems.

Deliverance comes because we act to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, and to do the things He told us to do.

The Eighth Horn of the Dragon

Are you going to settle for the sort-of-freedom that comes with wealth transfer by a government that is known for its exceptional stupidity in all things fiscal?

Or are you going to run hard and fast with the principles and kick the Eighth Horn of the Dragon, Mammon, squarely in the teeth?

If you are not going to settle.


from a man who has no plan for fiscal responsibility outside of increasing spending and increasing taxes…

on a nation that is insolvent and on the verge of collapse…

in large part due to our trust in an artificial economy that is playing with derivatives and other esoteric economic foolishness.

Mesmerizing Spirit Series: Picking a Side

When Joshua was by Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand. And Joshua went to him and said to him, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” And he said, “No; but I am the commander of the army of the L-RD. Now I have come.” And Joshua fell on his face to the earth and worshiped and said to him, “What does my lord say to his servant?” And the commander of the L-RD’S army said to Joshua, “Take off your sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so.

Joshua 5:13–15 ESV

“We might do some things together. I don’t know about sides. I go my own way; but your way may go along with mine for a while.”

Fangorn, The Two Towers, “Treebeard”

We are told to pick a side repeatedly, and when neither side actually walks with righteousness, and there are very clearly several dynamics of compromise on either side, and, instead of having the faith to ask the Father if He wants to rip up the whole superstructure, we shrink our faith and ask Him which side He wants us to pick, based on slogans, and a whole lot of deception and skulking half-truth.

I want you, gang, to consider whether or not you are even on the right path asking the right question.

It’s not about sides.

It’s about that which is deeper.

When you are handed a group of wicked rulers and you pick one, and call them good, and make excuses for that ruler, then you open the door for all sorts of other junk.

But when you question the whole system, and ask the L-rd if He has a problem with the whole system, or even something deeper than where you are, then I would urge you to ask the L-rd what He wants you to do with that truth.

He may ask you to join with others and ask Him to begin the process of asking Him to quash that whole structure, or He may say, “the structure is fine, but there is a focal point over here.”

Find that focal point He has for you, and direct your prayer there.

Staring At the Right Place For the Wrong Reasons

You can be drawn to and prophesy over the right focal point with the wrong words.

Gang, I am encouraging you all to go deeper and ask much deeper questions than “which of these two men do You have for this job?”.

And for some, that might be the right question, and if the L-rd says “go with this or that person, regardless of how they present to others”, then do that.

But I would also challenge you to ask a bunch of questions and even some that you may not be hearing others ask.

Be willing to ask things like, “L-rd, are the roots of the system I am looking at an praying over off even a little bit?”

“Are our cornerstones fully square?”

Are the stones in the foundation off, or are they on-point and made with the right material.

“Are we asking based on presuppositions, and, as a result, blind to something else You are wanting to show us?”

“Father, is there something I am missing that You wish to show me? Is there something that, because of my perspective or hardwiring, or even my gifting, I am missing.” Sometimes, because of the way we are uniquely hardwired, there are things difficult for us to see. Whether it is justice, or empathy, or deeper understanding, or revelation, or management of resource, or systems, or flow, or felt needs….

The truth is….we know in part and we prophesy in part.

This sort of mindset requires that we leave aside questions that are readily evident that everyone is asking and seeing to answer, and dig for the questions that NO ONE is asking.

Gang, don’t be hasty.

Ask the L-rd to shine His light, and refuse to coach Him on where to shine it.

And be at peace with all that you are doing.

Mesmerizing Spirit Series: Not Enough Perspective To Adequately Understand Or Contend For Justice

A Much Broader Perspective Than the Elections

That potential assertion that I do not care about justice is far from the truth.

However, what we think is justice and what He thinks is justice are often two different things. How we excoriated Clinton’s character and defended Trump’s behavior is an example of the way in which we changed as a nation for the worse. Going from saying the president’s personal character does matter to saying it did not matter, Trump supporters exchanged places with Clinton supporters.

Did you know that a major prophet said Bill Clinton has a mantle of humility, for example?

Back to what we exchanged about earlier, I am aware G-d is concerned about justice. But justice does not mean having a partial perspective about the elections and treating is as the whole perspective. I don’t think the majority of these prophets the last four years have done us any favors, given there is no recourse for accountability when they get it wrong (Charlie Shamp in 2018 for example with the red wave), and given they like to spout off things like “touch not my anointed one and do my prophets no harm.”

Much of the modern-day prophets have a notoriously questionable track record and they frequently do not get the justice of G-d. I think a lot of what we think is justice is short of G-d’s larger perspective and I think G-d is using 2020 to correct the “prophetic movement” and to bring them back into a place where they are actually hearing Him more fully and recognizing their perspective is only part of the whole perspective.

Beyond Small-Minded and Soulish Justice

The larger issue is delivering us as a nation from the Mesmerizing Spirit. Once we have been delivered from that and once we have repented of that, we will have a much larger perspective to see all of His justice. But given judgment starts in the house of G-d, I am looking for Him to first make His decisions pertaining to us, and when we ask G-d for justice, we need to recognize that His sequence is frequently not our sequence. He could be uncovering more than just the small things we think about. We have a lot of wannabe prophets that are not hearing Father’s deeper plan for the office of prophet and we have a lot of surface-level prophecies.

We Went Shallow In Dealing With Trump’s Strongholds

“When we deliberately refuse to see what CAN be seen, we give the enemy the right to blind us from something we really need to see. “

Arthur Burk

Refusing to see what you need to see about Trump is what leads to this nonsense in the first place, church.

Personally, I think we didn’t reach into how G-d wanted us to respond in Trump by transforming him the way the L-rd wanted to. And instead we defended him the way the Democrats defended Bill Clinton with the same arguments.

And out of that, the Mesmerizing Spirit got PHENOMENAL mileage.

Pivoting To What Might Be Happening Now That We Were Shallow

I would suggest that, largely, the L-rd is moving into a deeper-than-we-understand purifying of the office of Prophet and, from there, we will see the rest of the picture.

First and foremost, prophets chronically look at Republicans and Democrats and ignore all other players in the US. Supposed R’s and D’s existed in four years and His choice in 2024 was neither Republican nor Democrat. Given the current blindness, would we have the spiritual gonads to see that?

We act like the two-party system is all that is being dealt with in the courts of heaven. This is a partial perspective and that sort of willful blindness is deadly. G-d is wanting to SHATTER that bias of small perspective and bring us into the realm of seeing what no-eye-has-seen.

And talking about SCOTUS justices, did you know Clarence Thomas is pro-life, but he also served as a lawyer for Monsanto? And every time a Monsanto case has come before SCOTUS, he has not refused himself, but rather every time has voted in favor of Monsanto.

That’s neither pro life nor just. That is pro life with strings attached.

The abortion issue is not the only arena of justice that we have to get right.

Only Getting Our Arms Around A Part of the Arena

And for us to say and place prophecies around two candidates who have both proven to be big-government, pro-war (Afghanistan), anti-limited spending slobs, and refusing to look at the whole perspective, when G-d demands we look at the big picture, is outright further empowering a spirit that doesn’t care which bozo is in office, provided we remain with blind spots, and provided he can bankrupt us from a thousand angles and we continue to spend more than we take in.

So, when we cry out for justice, it is wisest for us to not coach G-d on what justice looks like, because we do not know His sequence. So, shrinking the perspective and saying, “YAY Trump because no Biden!”, and ignoring the rest of the robustness of what could have happened in this election is short-sighted.

And thinking abortion is a matter of solely a SCOTUS decision is also blindness.

Fullness of Justice Goes Beyond a President, a SCOTUS Decision, or Two Parties In An Election

Justice there looks like William Wilberforce, who, with a cadre of others, and Wedgewood China figurines (part of the contemporary art of the culture) engaged he culture in millions of conversations about the slave trade, skillfully. We in the pro life movement have sucked at skillful and shrewd discourse, but we sure have innocent as a dove down cold.

Part of the Punch Line

Bottom line: we have an incredibly shallow view of justice combined with an unwillingness to cultivate the shrewdness of a serpent, in accordance with Jesus command in Mathew 10:16. So, something has to change for us to change that massive problem. This is beyond Trump and SCOTUS which is notoriously small thinking.

Just my take.

The Prayer

L-rd, we do not know and we refuse to coach You where to shine your light and what to expose. We repent for coaching You on where to shine Your light.

And Father, we ask You to shine Your light where You want to shine it and keep it there until we see what You want us to see and we deal with it.

We repent of willful blindness and partial perspective. Help us to see what You are showing us IN FULLNESS.

In the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach

Mesmerizing Spirit Series: Part 1–Thoughts On Denial and Revelation

For we know in part and we prophesy in part,

1 Corinthians 13:9 ESV

A Disclaimer

I would like to note that I struggled with where to categorize this post, but then I realized I have been on a track of dealing with aspects that blind us, which is a device of the Mesmerizing Spirit.

Also, while it’s true that Revelation and Denial affect the Exhorter more, all of us, regardless of gifts, may struggle with it. For example, Mercies like myself have some issues with this because we tend to be so ethereal, heavenly-minded, head-in-the-clouds.

“Earth to David. Are you checking in with the mother ship?”

The Problem

The root of Denial gives rise to the stronghold of non-Reality that pollutes the strong suit of the Exhorter: Revelation.

Just as English Ivy and Wisteria run amok can bring down a mighty oak or a landslide can choke the flow of a strong river, so also denial initiates a sequence of events that can choke the life flow of a robust existence.

Treating a partial perspective as the whole perspective will kill our ability to hear the voice of G-d. It can also affect our ability to hear our own spirit, which may be shouting warnings to us.

This is true no matter the arena.

The Change of Direction

If we want the light and the river of insight to flow over our lives in force…

If we want to new ideas to alight on us with fluency…

Then it remains incumbent upon us to demand to know the ways in which the partial perspective we each have fits into the whole.

Many who hear the voice of G-d never make the leap from their dream or vision to how it fits as part of a larger picture that they never considered.

The Assignment

Here we follow the G-d of the Hunt. Our mission is to look for missing pieces that will help fill out our perspective. In so doing, we must be willing willing to receive both the comfort/encouragement/consolation and the exhortation/reproof/correction. This may require us to work with others.

Helping Others Speak Even When You Have An Answer

Something that may help us to work at stewarding our words better is this: Put on humility and connect with others to find out what they are hearing from the L-rd as well.

Be willing to admit that, friend, that even though the L-rd has shown you something, someone alongside of you who is less experienced with the things of G-d might need you to listen rather than speak, so you can help them along in their journey to maturity.

The immature may tell you something you have heard one million times before. However, they might also need a more mature man or woman of G-d to encourage them as they journey. Plus, with fresh eyes, they might surprise you with something you have not considered.

To be sure, It is possible to wear humility as a garment and keep an open mind that you do not have the whole perspective.

You are part of a body with many members. This means that you will need to seek out those who have the other pieces of the puzzle. That means you will need to form relationships with other people, like it or not.

Be blessed as you work this out.

Leviathan Post Series Prequal 3, The Threefold Fourth Principle

When you remove something that has metastisized at an alarming rate, what instrument do you use? Answer: a scalpel. Or a sword. That depends on the context.

Likewise, when you are in Denial about a result and the truth, and the stronghold is allowed to gather strength, that stronghold rooted in denying or hiding from reality creates an oppression. This oppression, left unchecked, will result in the Fourth Head of Leviathan, which we will discuss in the post on that head.

In order to survive and then thrive, you MUST tear down that stronghold, or fall under its weight. In order to tear down that stronghold effectively, you must deal with the root of Denial.

Denial. We heard it when Bob Jones said Bill Clinton had a mantle of humility. We heard about it when people suggested on one side that the morality of the President has little to do with whether or not he or she can govern. “We are not electing a pastor but a President.” We got to the point with Clinton when he said “he didn’t mean it as adultery”. We suspend judgment when it is our people, but heap it when it is the other party or group.

And meanwhile, Joe Biden is grasping for legitimacy because we allowed the President’s office to get that raucously defiled. This creation of the Office of the President-Elect, complete with Presidential Blue backdrop is a Denial-laced grab for legitimacy, because he has not been sworn in.

And many of us appear not to give a damn nor bother to pray for the toll this passed-around nonsense is taking on the marriages and families of those in positions of influence and public service.

So, Donald Trump can be the wrecking ball all you want until the cows come home.

Bill Clinton can be humble all Bob Jones claims.

Bush 43 can be the one who wants to “restore dignity to the Oval Office” while he commits us to an open-ended battle campaign with zero end in sight.

Clinton can give us surpluses until we are blue in the face…

Both Republicans and Democrats can spend us into oblivion with impugnity…

And we can pass around lists that say Republican are for limited government…

Even though Trump and Bush 43 asked for stimulus packages totaling in the billions of dollars….

However, it will not mean a thing as long as we are single-sided in our attacks and corrections and rebukes.

We still have not come out of our Denial yet, church. Neither have our government officials. And I am not convinced they want to.

The problem, indeed, is that SHIELD is a nothing more than a front for HYDRA. Those of you who have never seen the MCU movie “Captain America: Winter Solider” may not know what I mean by this. So, here are the pertinent movie clips.

And we are conserving and liberating nothing, except for the cancer that is present. Our responsibility is not to let one party or group play us off one another. In ANY arena, political or otherwise.

Spiritually speaking, this Denial and “my-partial-perspective-is-the-whole-picture” mindset is what allows things to grow without our knowledge or consent: In government, in the private sector, in the church and in the academy (looking at you, Liberty University sex scandal).

The Mesmerizing Spirit and this partial-as-whole perspective create a defilement of our times, our seasons, and our capacity to accurately discern the rhythm of times, seasons, and our moving forward in a horizontal manner with the constellation of our relationships in the surround.

When you are vested in the success of a political party come hell or high water, regardless of the actual truth, you have crossed the line into Denial.

When you are vested in the protection of a church’s reputation regardless of who was harmed by the abuse (Mars Hill, Hillsong, the Southern Baptist Convention’s mishandling of Beth Moore who called them out on their sex abuse culture), then your attitude is part of the problem.

When Denial strikes, prophets go hazy with their sight, planes fall from the sky because of imprecise engineering, and whole movements in the church go batty because they lose their focus. I am looking at the German Lutheran church for starters, where Martin Luther, the Exhorter, wanted a number of reforms, but moved to embrace anti-semitism and wasted the latter portion of his life combatting and slandering the Jewish people.

This problem of Denial and non-reality can affect anybody regardless of their gift, but it is particuarly and disproportionately damaging to the Exhorter.

Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, FDR, Ben Franklin, Walt Disney, the Assemblies of G-d, the Apostle Paul, Moses, Solomon, the state of California, Hollywood. All have had seasons where they were massively wide of the mark while being effective in other areas, and for some of them, that distraction and non-reality cost them their birthright.

And yes, when you are a President that says “I alone can do this,” then there might be an issue embodied in that mindset.

Or you are a king who, for the sake of political peace, you marry many foreign women…..

Or you are a daughter of a pagan king and are sold as a commodity to cement your father’s political relations (Jezebel), and you swear you are never going to let another person control your destiny or aspirations….

Or if you are a skilled animator who pressures everyone around you to the point where you think that because you are Walt Disney, no one of your staff will unionize….

This diorama of reality is not about one specific set of pot shots against one person. It is about helping to illustrate the worst of what happens when we embrace non-reality.

Defining Reality

Reality is the latest manifestation of the Fourth Principle. before that, it was referred to as the Principle of Sowing and Reaping, and, before that, the Principle of Pain and Suffering.

By reality, I mean embracing WHAT IS as the L-rd sees it. He sees more fully than we do. So, right off the bat, we are talking about recognizing that we see only part of the picture, or, as one Exhorter put it:

…we know in part, and we prophesy in part

Paul to the believers in Corinth.

Gang, reality means embracing the L-rd’s agenda and applying our part for what it is, into the whole, and refusing to see our portion as the whole situation. Broadly speaking, we regularly see less than the L-rd, for some reason….

So, our responsibility is to ever look to the L-rd for direction and input as we progress into our journey.

We seek His agenda and what of His agenda He has placed within us.

Some Implications of Reality

Our responsibility in hunting for His agenda (Reality) is to refuse the popular phrases or excuses of the Charismatic Movement such as:

” I do not have the time to. research this/seek for that/therefore give me the finished product, because I came expecting….”

“I do not have time to process these raw materials. G-d will send me somoeone who will provide the finished product.”

“I do not have time to do this work or that assignment or that thing over there or this thing over here.”

It is one thing for us to ask for help when we really need it, but to engage in every situation by waltzing in with a bang and a flourish and expecting others to give to you finished products from their resources with zero understanding of the cost to them, or the sequence of Giving and Receiving is something entirely different.

There is an entitlement mindset pervasive in the body of Christ that loves to claim divine intervention for Every. Single. Situation where our poor planning or lack of resources is a factor.

Uttering Praise the L-rd and G-d Came Through when He actually came through is not a problem.

However, when we poorly plan and poorly execute and someone comes in and bails us out and we refuse to thank them for fixing our problem in our blindness, and we refuse to make course corrections or adjustments so we do not have the same problem in the future, then we have a larger root problem, and are not far from walking in non-reality.

We simply have to walk this cause-and-effect thing we call Reality more cleanly. If we are chronically late, for example, then we need to figure out why we are late and fix the problem.

We must intentionally sow good seed in order to reap a good crop.

Now, I am not beating up people who have a wound or some trauma or some junk where G-d is working in a long-term process with them to bring them to a better place. Each of us has some issues and stuff and none of us has arrived at the place of sheer perfection. If you are actively attempting to work at bettering your situation, that is one thing.

But it is entirely a different thing when sloth is part of the equation, and you are allowing life happen to you. The spirit of passivity does not belong to the highly effective son or daugher in the Kingdom; they happen to situations.

You must, in walking in Reality, know the difference between pawning your situations off on others, asking for help if you are stuck, and working at the areas you know something about and have means to fix.

It is critically important for each of us to have a goal in mind and, pending our relentless consultation with the L-rd about those plans, move toward the goal that should result in us possessing our birthright.

And in engaging Reality, we must all learn how to….

Embrace the Right Level and Kind of Pain

Indiscriminate pain avoidance is not the domain of those who wish for Reality. Rather, our responsibility is embracing the right kind and level of pain.

Your Pain….Productive Or Not…You Decide…

You have a score of choices with respect to what you do with your pain. And there are two types of pain….productive or unproductive.

Grossly put, unproductive pain is pain that comes into your life situation from which you fail to derive any lesson of any sort. You do not connect with the L-rd in this pain, and as a result, the adversity brings little to know growth.

Productive pain, on the other hand, is pain from which the L-rd is able to instruct you.

Most pain starts out as unproductive. It is the lesson that makes the difference in whether or not the pain moves from the Unproductive category to the Productive category.

For example, years ago, my father abandoned me and my parents divorced. For a long time I could only feel the sting and the heartache of my father’s absence, and this was compounded by the fact that he died a few years back.

What helped transform this pain from unproductive to productive was me helping others who had lost fathers to abandonment or alcohol or death, and blessing them. Taking care of my sons and my daughter.

Sometimes, walking in the blessings that come from walking in reality means embracing others who need when you are in a place of lack and stepping into places to bless and encourage in areas where you have received little to no human encouragement.

We have a perfect Father, and we lack no father, even if our eathly fathers abandoned us. Given we have a perfect and loving Father, what do we lack in terms of tools, affection, and depth of capacity to love and father others?


Reality dictates that we lack nothing with which to father. Not wisdom or resources. Not heart or spirit. Not emotions. Not understanding, knowledge, or wisdom. And certainly not a sense of justice or the capacity for a heart oozing with compassion. Because our G-d could related to our frailties, we also can relate to the weakness of others, and the lack in others.

Because He received from Our Father, we also can receive and then give to others who lack.

Provided we are wiling to move beyond slavery and into the embrace of our Father and give that embrace to others.

We love, because he first loved us. We have freely received SO MUCH, and so we are able to give even in areas where we have lacked.

This is reality that comes from the Father of Lights who has given us his son. How much will He not also give us all things.

Translation: G-d gave us everything He had in the embodiment of His Son. What’s a little bit of stuff? Especially when we are sent to be life-giving to others.

Spiritual Extrusion, Honor, And Truth

I find it ironic that the below post comes with a language warning for those who might be triggered by such things. Take care as you read.

Righteousness and justice are the foundations of Your throne;

From Psalm 89:14, ESV

Benchmarks For The Kingdom, The Roots of the L-rd’s Habitat

Gang, I have read this passage from Psalm 89 before. And it was not until I heard Arthur Burk teach on the Psalms that some things clicked for me in the arena of reading Scripture. I will explain.

“It’s Just Symbolic…”. Well, Okay. Symbolic of What?

I have frequently heard that, because the Psalms are poetry, they are to be read with a mindset of “it’s just a figure of speech.”

“It does not really mean what it says.”

This remains a frequent response to those insatiably curious learners. As children, we are largely designed by Father with a curious bent to hunger and thirst. We yearn to seek and understand. We were made to pose the question, “What does this phrase mean?” To go beyond the horizon, in the words of Megan Caldecourt. And, sadly, it becomes a too-often safe mechanism to deflect inquisitive minds who are naturally hardwired to become factories that think deeply about problems in order to manufacture and engineer solutions to those complex problems.

As a result of this dismissive mindset, we have a segment of the tribe of Scholars and Teachers that is largely peopled by intellectual cowards. The very class of tribesmen that G-d designed to instruct us and strengthen us by pouring concrete and iron rebar into already-unstable youngsters who are made to soak up tons of raw data and concepts…..

These destabilize that plumb-line, keel, and constantly redirect the engine that naturally fosters learning. They redirect our engine because they think the drive in us is immaturity or not in alignment with their status quo. They turn the helm of our self-guided course in accordance with their futile demands.

In turn, this destabilizes us by their several attempts to beat the creativity out of us, in favor of beating conformity to their agenda into us. Then, these clowns move to their vain task of extruding our spirits and souls through their mold. Some survive this spiritual raping, barely, while others are completely shattered from the assault.

The living and breathing dangerous and fiery text of the Holy Writ becomes a mechanical set of dead hermeneutics.

When all is said and done, we are left with the end product of a bunch of the spiritual proletariat that parrots every G-d-damned religious triteism in brainwashed staccato, reciting along with our equally dead teachers of the law.

And, “it just becomes a symbol or a figure of speech.”

Before you get offended at my usage of “G-d-damned”, read the context. That word refers to things that G-d has not designed, and therefore are not redemptive in nature. Rather, these things are condemned by G-d to hell precisely because they twist, maim, and shatter spirit and soul.

And when the institutional church is done, what remains is a group of people who does not take Scripture at its word. And we wonder why people are not passionate about uniformity to our vision of what Christ is supposed to look like for them.

Our job was never to assault people with this sort of concentration camp mindset. And for those of us who survived and learned how to cast off that decrepit mindset, we were able to point out its execution.

When we have been freed and healed of this lightweight mindset, the Scripture can hit us with its full weight.

Psalm 89:14

The throne of G-d is a real thing that occupies a real place in real time and real space. And its foundations are righteousness and justice. That is, apart from the presence of righteousness and justice in a situation or in a reality, the full weight of the L-rd’s authority will not be brought to bear in a situation.

I like to think of divine Righteousness as the quality about G-d that enables him to bring His reality to bear on a situation, while Justice is the action of G-d whereby He executes with action based on his decision concerning a situation.

Our desire and willingness to submit to reality as G-d sees it brings these foundations into a situation, and with it, His throne, which is His presence, and His capacity, willingness, and acting to execute.

And when He executes, He does not miss a beat, He creates perfect alignment and fulfillment, and everything is set into a sustainable and life-giving synergy.

Gang, if you are in a situation where you need His intervention, I would counsel you to do two things. Focus on the right stewardship of cause-and-effect and walk in the things you know you must walk in. Bring honor and truth into every situation you encounter. Truth as HE knows it. Truth as HE sees it. Truth as HE experiencies.

Honor those people in your life that encourage you to ask the questions that no one is asking. Press for the why of a situation. Do not allow yourself to buckle and bend your knees to submit to the mob that would seek to shut you up as you pursue truth and the righteous understanding.

Bring realignment to unjust situations and call out injustice and unrighteousness.

For example, this election in the U.S. is not about making sure your candidate wins. It is about making sure the elections are conducted with integrity, consistency, and justice. Proper treatment of the principles that govern constitutional republican (given we are not a democracy in the U.S., but a republic) elections. This is not about your personal bias, but it is about engaging in the actions of seeing the L-rd deal with the Mesmerizing Spirit the way HE wants to.

Justice is hard, and REAL social justice (bringing justice to structures in society that perpetuate injustice) is unpopular. Righting wrongs when the majority would have you just shut up because you will upset their precious idolatrous structure will not net you friends, but it will dangerously make you enemies.

Gang, with that, I bless you to yearn for righteousness and justice. I bless your spirit to cry out to Him in praise because He inhabits the place where you praise Him. And when He comes to dwell, because you cry out to Him for a righteous execution of His decision-making process, he will bring Righteousness and Justice, which will precede the implanting of His throne in a situation.

Be at peace, spirits of my tribesmen, and may you make war against the Phillistine enemies that would seek to reject the enthronement of Jesus on the land of a situation.

I bless you with those things in the name of Yeshua ha-Mashiach.

Matthew 24:37-As In the Days of Noah

Jesus’ Discussion Of the Days of Noah

The L-rd never instructed us to forbid people marrying and to stop conducting business in the days of His return. But He was very explicit our reality would mirror the days of Noah, and never decried that reality.

I wonder if we were to take Him at His word, would He garner trust from us. If we just lived as He lived and were salt and light….

Consider the text of verse 37 of Matthew 24:

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

Matthew 24:37-39 NIV11

Sanctified Mindsets and Behavior Vs. Nettled Mindsets and Behavior

Messiah never indicted the usual behavior of the days of Noah. He did not and does not condemn marriage, families, and the conduct of business. Rather, what he did condemn, and His reason for flooding the earth, was due to the thoughts of man.

He was fine with business as usual moving toward a building of the kingdom. However, He was not okay with mentalities soaked in iniquity.

Father said in Genesis that the wicked thoughts and mesmerized spirit of humanity was the reason for the hydrological catastrophe. I would add that mindset was learned and bred into the culture.

The Illustration of Isaac

Isaac, by contrast, in Genesis, was not meditating on wickedness, much less continually. Rather, the text does not explicitly say what was the content of his meditation.

“Now Isaac had come from Beer Lahai Roi, for he was living in the Negev.He went out to the field one evening to meditate, and as he looked up, he saw camels approaching.”

Genesis 24:62–63 NIV11

So, what was the content of Isaac’s meditation? Given the context of the passage, I’d suggest he was meditating on the next season of his life. Abraham might have taught him how to meditate. The son likely knew of what Abraham’s servant was up to. And perhaps Isaac was wondering and wrestling with when the L-rd was going to bring his wife to him. When was that season going to start? Would Eliezar of Damascus be successful? Or would the House of Nahor be too full of iniquity to yield a suitable bride for the Son of Abraham.

Indeed, The content and the continuity of Isaac’s meditation was good, lovely, noble, lovely, praiseworthy, and of good report. It is a godly thing for those who are walking with the King to yearn for their chosen one. “Delight yourselves in the L-rd and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Righteous mindsets lead to fruit that breeds peace and fulfillment. We will be satisfied with long life.

The Punchline

Turning back to the dynamics with which Jesus was concerned, he did not care to stop our:

  • Relationships,
  • Marriage,
  • Gestation of children, or
  • Business dealings.

However, Jesus, as with the days of Noah, implied we would contend with a world and system that is compromised. Continual meditation on how we can violate principles colors many places in society. Our response to that system, now we are in the Mercy Season, is to walk in a deep and sanctifying intimacy with those who are in need to authentic relationships.

The Potential For Us

Gang, against the iniquity-baptized mindset and culture, I would challenge us to war against the spirit of the age that seeks to mesmerize us with anything that distracts us from our destiny.

While your business might not be a problem, your conduct and mindset might be.

While your desire to marry and have children might be godly, your motive and selection of a mate might cause some problems. You must choose, and that wisely.

In short, please handle your business in such a way that it turns people toward the light rather than away from it.

Blessing of Stillness #24: The Stillness Following the Breath of Life And Affection Showed For Those With Parts Stuck in Places Yet Unknown

Beloved, I would like to invite your spirit forward, as much of it as is willing to come forward, and if you deem it unsafe, I encourage your spirit’s portions to listen from afar or whereever they may be, even if they are shattered into parts….

trapped between dimensions….

or caught in Leviathan’s prisons in the fluid-filled third spaces between the usual structures.

For a frame of reference for the phrase “third space”, burn victims are often called “third spacers” because burnings cause life-giving fluids often move to the interstitial spaces between cells. There may be a principle in that for those parts that suffered traumas so violent they jumped out of their place into a space yet unexplored.

I know being transferred to the third space is not something yet developed, but I want to just acknowledge this for some who may yet be caught there.

Third spacing due to severe burns can cause a drop in blood pressure, edema, and reduced cardiac output.

Precious spirit, parts, little, altars, enforcers, spirit portions, and current inmates, listen to the word of G-d for you for today.

““Then G-d said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

So God created mankind……

From Genesis 1:26-27

Spirit, I intentionally cut verse 27 off in medias res (Latin for “in the middle of things”) because I wanted you to recount the beginning of your creation, when you ceased to be in the arena of G-d’s heart as a thought and entered into the arena or temporality. The moment before your first response to being placed into the tabernacle of human flesh, when there is a moment and a space to ponder.

Father, the L-rd of Heaven and Earth, who purchased the Heavens and Earth, began to set the whole package of you into motion in that moment. And dear spirit, it was beauty and glory in motion on the day when that happened. For me, that was Easter Sunday 1979. I was desired by my Father, and in that moment, you also, all of you parts and portions, were yearned for and desired and tenderly affected upon by your Father, who finds you worth Him giving up His Only Begotten Son, that he might have you. You are as valuable to The Father of Lights, as Jesus Christ the Only Begotten of G-d. G-d from G-d, Light From Light, True G-d From True G-d. Begotten, Not Made, One in Being With the Father.

Spirit, and all the parts that belong to your community, Father values each of y’all. as much as He values the Life that Flows from Him onto the cross.

So, I bless you each to stop and ponder that reality, regardless of your current place of existence, or current prison, or current seperation, or current pain, or current trauma.

For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor third spaces, nor negative heads of Leviathan, nor defilement, nor blood sacrifices, nor curse, nor spell, nor machination of the enemy, nor as-yet-unshattered stronghold, nor bondage, nor binding of the clowns and their friggin circus, nor height, nor depth, not chasm of Death, nor the Abyss of Tartarus, Nor the Descendency of Sheolian Aquifers, where my Servant Portion travels in order to infiltrate and cleanse them, nor third spaces that should not exist in healed reality, Leviathanic perversions of nature, nor universe-and-reality twisting Aether stones, nor the threats of Death and the Abomination of Desolation will every be able to separate you from G-d’s Everlasting Love, embodied in the Good Lion of Judah, who is not safe to the enemies of His Kingdom.

Spirit, be at peace in that still moment, and I bless you to aggressively ponder the King’s affection which may be felt by you.

I bless you with that unsperatable flood of tender love and kind affection of our King, in the name of Yeshua, ha-Mashiach.

Blessing of Stillness #23: Father of Lights


I would like to invite your spirit to be present to hear the word of the L-rd for today.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:16-17 ESV

Spirit, there is a place of stillness, before the Father brings His light into your life, where it is easy to receive the darkness of deception, masquerading as a false light.

I begin the blessing in this way, not so you are frightened to step into the blessing, but rather so you are aware of the risks associated with discernment. I also bless you to find the space associated with the timespan of discernment. You are allowed to take time to discern. You need not feel pressure to rush as you are engaging an exercise of spiritual discernment.

After the L-rd’s promise to our father Abraham, the first thing that happened, after a season of not bearing children, and that came behaving like it was the promise was the counsel of Abram’s wife. Sarai offered up her maidservant Hagar to Abraham, ostensibly to provide the child of promise. And for a moment, I imagined Abram probably froze and thought, “wait a minute. what of the promises of G-d?”

And then after that moment had passed, when Sarai had prevailed upon him, Abram took Hagar and married her and immediately produced a child, that sowed jealousy and discord between the women in the home.

Spirit, the promise of the Father does not come because we help G-d out. Granted, there are times when Father expects us to put skin into the game, but His solutions do a problem never involve something that will intentionally breed jealousy as a product.

True, people may grow jealous because of the gifts G-d gives us, but G-d never blesses us with the intention of causing other people to stumble and fall.

Ishmael, who came, was the false hope and the false light.

Ishmael was the plan of the enemy to supplant Father’s plan, which involved Sarai being blessed in her womb, thus breaking the curse of barrenness.

Isaac was the true child of promise, and it was his presence that gave life to Sarai’s womb.

Spirit, apply that here. You will have the opportunity to engage with the false light and the true light. The false light usually comes as a counterfeit first.

And you have the opportunity to choose. And you will have the chance to ask Father to show you what the counterfeit looks like. And He in His mercy will show you what has happened before to lead others astray.

If you will ask Father, he will show you both the true and examples of the false.

Indeed, bank tellers actually do study counterfeit money to know what has happened before, though they do not dwell on the false. Do not believe that old wives’ tale that they only spend their training studying the real money.

Spirit, when that moment of darkness comes, I bless you to be still and stay put and await the light of Father to radiate into your own life. I bless you to be still even when darkness is what you see and even when counterfeit light is provided to you. I bless you when you are thirsty for the true light, with a stubbornness of resistance to every false light that seeks to destabilize you.

I bless you to remain absolutely still and I bless you to allow the circus to pass by. I bless you to resist buying tickets to the circus.

Spirit, I bless you deeply with the capacity to wait on the L-rd’s solution and his life. I bless you to move when that solution comes, and when His aural light compasses you, while remaining still when the enemy counterfeit comes. I bless you to drink deeply of that light and to absorb it into the light that you are, spirit. And I bless you to fan that light out in it’s multi-faceted wisdom to others in need, as Father directs you to hand it out to them.

I bless you to be what you are, the prism, diamond, and crystal through which his brilliant light is broken apart into its full chronorama. I bless your season to bathe in and be healed by the Light that does not shift of change or vary. I bless you with the revelation that His light is possessed not just with consistency, but also constancy.

As William Shakespeare once uttered the principle that was meant to be uttered by the King of Glory:

“I AM constant as the Northern Star”.

The Father of Lights is fixed between all dimensions, in all realities, and he does not vascillate. He is not wishy-washy. Even should the guide stars and parallaxes and pulsars and red giants fall from their places where they were placed on the Fourth Day, He will not be moved from his place of steadiness. He is constant beyond the constant of light, spirit. He is the Radiance of all light that is.

And just because he is constant and immovable does not mean that His heart is not moved when one of his children is hurting or destroyed or damaged or beaten.

To the contrary, He does move toward them. But He moves, spirit, with an anchoredness. He will not be shaken.

And I bless you not to be shaken when confronted with counterfeit light. I bless you to be gathered by the true Light of Father’s affectionate and warm countenance.

I bless you with SHARP discernment to know the difference between lights, and to welcome the Father of Lights, who will not force Himself on you, but will wait for your invitation and who also offers you an invitation.

Be at peace, spirit, and receive the blessing of the Father of Lights.

I bless you to know that the Father of Lights is not shifty or shady. He does not tell you He will provide something, and then not follow through. He gives what He says he is going to give.

I bless you with a relationship with the Father of Lights that is free of deception. I bless you, if you have previously taken the bait of offense, to rest in His light as He removes all hooks from your mouth, all snares from your feet, all chains from your arms, and all shrapnel from your body.

I bless you to rest and heal in the warmth of His Light.

I bless the scales to be removed from your eyes, spirit, as you follow His path and through His gate, which is narrow.

I bless you to traverse the high places which might have unexpected turns with the Light of His steady presence and affection.

I bless you to know that He allows the crooked paths and in partnership with You, makes those paths as if they were straight, and He is your guide.

I bless you with the knowledge that the Father of Lights is a better, more accurate, and way more surefooted guide than any sherpa on Everest.

I bless you to enter into His ever-rest.

I bless you, spirit with a life that is unplugged from unsustainable covenants and agreements with darkness, and I bless you with the freedom that comes from the one-sided covenant He made with you, that does not have any hidden clauses or gotcha statements or fine print with exceptions and signing statements.

I bless you with a relationship with Father that is free from guile and duplicity.

I bless every path you traverse with sure-footedness.

I bless you that as you submit to His plan, He will transform you from glory to glory, and from strength to strength.

I bless you to stand in His light, and I bless you to flow with Him in peace, and even when you are climbing and healing and running and resting, to be in a place of stillness that keeps you rock-steady in His light and in wholeness and peace.

I bless you with peace in the midst of readiness.

And I bless you with stillness in the midst of discerning between the real and the false.

I bless you with those things in the name of Yeshua ha-Meshiach.