My Review of DID Series 3, Complete With the Cribbed Notes, Comments, Ruminations, and Thoughts from the Weekend

A Psalm of David, when he fled from Absalom his son.
O L-rd, how many are my foes!
Many are rising against me;
Many are saying of my soul,
“There is no salvation for him in G-d.”
But you, O L-rd, are a shield about me,
My glory, and the lifter of my head.
I cried aloud to the L-rd,
And He answered me from His holy hill.
I lay down and slept;
I woke again, for the L-rd sustained me.
I will not be afraid of many thousands of people
Who have set themselves against me all around.
Psalm 3:1-6 ESV

It was exceptionally appropriate and a touch ironic for me that Arthur led off New Strategies for DID, Part 3, with the first three verses of this passage.
Appropriate because this passage deals with dynamics (rest, sustainment, answers from the L-rd, identifying Him with our glory, and the one who brings us dignity,
Ironic because the first time I heard this psalm preached, it came from someone who ultimately became an adversary and who was originally the picture of safety.
The second time I heard this passage taught and broken down, was at this live event, 17 years later.  Arthur did not know it, but when he began the live event by framing it with this passage, he was ministering a great deal of life and healing to my spirit and soul.
He focused on verse 3, and told us that one of the shades of meaning for the phrase that is translated “the lifter of my head” is “the one who brings us dignity”.
And then from there, he discussed that part of our job and focus as we minister to clients is to bring dignity to not just the people to whom we minister, but also to the parts with whom we interact.  No matter how damaged, or mangled, or raw, or beaten, or bruised, or angry, or vengeful a part is, our job as followers of the L-rd, counselors, and clinicians is to bring dignity to-and spare further harm of-parts.
The lion’s share of the live event covered live demonstrations with individuals who had parts, and each of these was followed by Q and A segments, where we got to pick his brain and interact with each of the demos.
He then modeled this dignity with an individual who had han angry part.  And, get this: he blessed the anger of the angry part, specifically given the fact that anger is a sign of two things:

  1. A sense of justice
  2. An objective.

And when he came to the issue of blessing the angry part, I felt a specific sense of release when it came to my own issues with anger, which are many and varied.  I spent a great deal of my own life being angered at people passively accepting garbage that was not G-d’s purpose or plan, and just acting exceptionally conciliatory to situations that they did not need to accept.
From there, Arthur moved to another few individuals that had varying degrees of sensitivity in their spirit.  He had variously covered some stuff to do with the spirit of Lillith, which, when present, often negatively affects relationships between women and either other women or other men.  In some of the mystic writings, Lillith is associated with feminism and control, and the old legends say that Lillith was Adam’s first wife.  Now, we as followers of Christ know that is a farce, but there is a spirit associated with that legend that has sought to create a name and press for “herself” that looks to infiltrate and damage marriages, close friendships, familial relationships, and relationships within churches.  There is a livestream from the SLG website that I would also recommend on this topic for those that want to dive further in.
As Arthur worked with that issue with his client, I felt a jump in my own spirit, and a grip on that issue.  During this second client, I worked with the L-rd from my spirit, to work through some of those issues that were cited in the work on Lillith.  I have dealt with a number of personal issues that pertain to negative relationships with other women and men, in terms of control, and while I am not a woman myself, there are dynamics of giving and receiving that affect both men and women, and the dynamic of receiving is more of a feminine trait, strange as that sounds, and my receiver had been broken in some ways for quite a while.  I began to feel a sense of relief as I worked through the issues, some which my wife and I have begun working on ourselves together with each other.  The payoff has been pretty substantial.
Following this, there were a couple of other clients that Arthur worked with, but what really landed with me, beyond these first couple, was the level of camaraderie among the group.  There was that certain intangible quality of new friendship-building in a conference on Dissociative Identity Disorder that one does not typically encounter.  Typically, this is an atmosphere that I would have expected at a marriage and family conference.  This day was so life-altering in terms of the communion and strength of community that happened, that 20 of us went out to dinner at the end, and many new relationships were forged.  I began the process of risking in a way I did not know I was capable of.  And I was able to take part in the beauty of a new expression of G-d the Father’s love of Community.
Certainly, we need to have DID and SRA in the mainstream conversation, and we need fewer people who are intimidated to work with it, and along with ministry to survivors, we need competent people who are trustworthy and gentle to work with those who are divided and surviving,  not merely well-meaning and loving ignoramuses, nor competent jerks.
Principle-wise, another facet of this series that was so critical is the way in which Arthur built out the concept of trust and taking our time when it comes to working with those that are hurting and need us to maintain a spirit of gentleness and humility.
Also, another aspect of the value in this teaching is the way in which Arthur worked with a client who had a number of Alien Human Spirits that affected that client’s journey IN THE CONTEXT OF WORKING WITH PARTS.
Seriously, gang, this series was veritable potpourri, mixed in with some solid anchor points that would benefit any believer who works in the healing/deliverance/counseling/pastoral/friend-of-survivors-and-parts professions and wants to experiment with some different, nimble modalities.  This series will be well worth your time and purchase, if for nothing else than it will carry the fragrance of intimacy and touch on some topics that need convering desperately in the body of Christ.
“Today is a high-risk day. I enjoy watching G-d pick people and not knowing where He is going.
“Just gonna follow the elbows from the Holy Spirit.”

“In the midst of the failures and the risks there is the opportunity for success.”
-Arthur Burk-
Reading from Psalm 3
O L-RD, how many are my foes! Many are rising against me; many are saying of my soul, “There is no salvation for him in G-d.” Selah

“We are trying to bring closure to the issue, not document it for the whole world to see.”
-Arthur Burk-
“We care about the healing AND the reputation.”
-Arthur Burk-
Respect the person who wants to share their story AND the person who does not want to share.
-Arthur Burk-
Against the toxic situations where people stand against you, G-d brings dignity, and He designs us to have an easy flow in the realm of bringing others dignity.
-Arthur Burk-
We cannot fix the toxic communities, but we can fix the lack of dignity, because G-d will bring it.
I walked as a plumber carrying the stigma of my trade. That is the baggage. I knock on the door carrying the stigma of 10,000 other plumbers before me.
-Arthur Burk-
The choice between repair and replace a faucet it is a constant choice.
The choice between the low price and high price is a function of time.
Can we build trust in the plumber, the trademan?

I have to make history with the person that engerders an atmosphere of trust.
-Arthur Burk-
“White, male, religious authority figure” is a hard stigma to get around.
-Arthur Burk-
Anger and depression both happen when we are trapped.
-Arthur Burk-

We treat anger with disdain and useless theological triteisms
We can dissapate anger and depression if we bring the RIGHT truth to bear.
-Arthur Burk-
There are no inferior gifts.
-Arthur Burk-

Hear that, Teacher, Servant, and Exhorter?
Hear that Prophet?
Hear that Giver?
Hear that RJD?
Hear that Mercy?
Just my own perspective.
Fill in your own blanks in your own realm.
A part is often caused by a trauma that is too big to bear.
A little kid goes down to use bathroom and gets a one second picture of a light on in parents’ bedroom of Daddy trying to kill Mommy. Causes division.
Could be parents having sex, doesn’t matter. It looked like death was taking place.

A CD gets burned off the hard drive and pulled a file off that says “DO NOT OPEN”. CD gets hidden and 40 years later and the CD is sitting on the shelf.
-Arthur Burk-
Speak in the direction of the angry part as if a person with wills, and emotions, and viewpoints.
-Arthur Burk-
“Anger is an asset. IN order to have anger, you need two things. 1) A sense of justice, and 2) An objective.”
-Arthur Burk-
Dignify the person. Dignify. Dignify. Dignify the part. Depth, put in the right place.
Mother, Daughter, daughter is sexually violated.
Daughter has anger toward the perp.
Nothing compared to anger of Momma bear toward the perp.

Momma Bear is a protector.
-Arthur Burk-
Prayer for the angry part
Jesus has the sword that can separate anything.
I ask the L-rd to visit the place of your harm, and separate the angry one in all of their humanity, and separate them from the various places on the property from the spirit of abandonment, and restore them to original design.

Separate them from all of the other negative dynamics. Cleanse defilement from SSBBO, Office of Personhood, Daughter/son, man/woman. Apply the Blood of Christ to the situation.
I ask You would extract from the angry one the demonic presence that the part thinks is part of its essence. Remove every unholy spirit form the presence of the angry part.
Enoch was furious as a Prophet and Father loved that angry prophet so much that He absorbed him back into His home.
-Arthur Burk-

Father loves the anger that He created and designed.
Quit qualifying it with the religious term “righteous indignation”.
“Righteous indignation” is a 20 letter word for “anger”.
-Clyde Fant
G-d made anger.
Let me repeat that for those with a religious mindset with respect to anger.
G-d made anger.

Do not jargonize it with the foolish idea of “righteous indignation.
Ephesians 4:27 does not qualify anger with the adjective “righteous”
Knock it off with the religious crap, caca, garbage, foolishness, unwisdom, which creates and multiplies a lack of understanding.
-David MacNelley-
In order to have anger, or an angry part.
1) you need a strong sense of justice.
2) Also, you need a sense of an objective.
-Arthur Burk-
Enoch’s angry story of judgment:
It was also about these that Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying, “Behold, the L-rd comes with ten thousands of his holy ones,
to execute judgment on all and to convict all the ungodly of all their deeds of ungodliness that they have committed in such an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.”

Jude 14-15
That is anger and judgment, and G-d can handle and love our anger. Now, we cleanse the angry parts and we equip and release them and they work with Father to deal with the stuff. And do we need jumper cables.
We have a whole dynamic of psychology of wounded healers that know all, and dispense all the knowledge to the “stupid” know-little clients, and they are better classed in their discipline as “welfare psychology”. Rather we should give our clients an enviornment of collaboration, treat them as wise and capable, and give them the dignity to do their own work.
It is not my job or the job of any clinician to fix someone. It is our job to work with the clients and their assets.

Give them the dignity to know they are wise, and capable, and bring something to the table.
Stop being a know-it-all, or even a know-it-most.
-David MacNelley-
Discern what the time and lands were used for, and deal with some of that junk.
The land where the people lived may have some trauma bonds.
A specific span of time may also have a trauma bond to it.

Work not just with the people, but also their whole context. There may be a defiled context that needs some work as well.
“So often, therapists get their dopamine reward from being the all-knowing teacher.”
-Arthur Burk-
Collaborate, bless, foster trust, build, collaborate, equip, and then release.
Equip them to help them own their healing journey. Do not engage them by doing their work for them. Do not fall into the trap of welfare Christianity.
-David MacNelley-
Allow the parts the opportunity to pick integration, but do not force them to integrate or keep them from integrating.
-Arthur Burk-
“I am pretty laid-back if a part does not want to be integrated.”
-Arthur Burk-
“I don’t have the [discussions about when is the timing for integration].”
My argument is not to have the discussion about to integrate or not to integrate.
-Arthur Burk-

To integrate or not to integrate: That is not our circus, and not our monkeys, and not our discussion.
If our job is to build, and we have a strength in building, then we need to play to our strength, and not necessarily run as healing.
Seven flavors of abandonment parallel the seven Redemptive Gifts.
Hope to develop this teaching on the spirit of abandonment.
-Arthur Burk-
Whenever a therapist goes towards a spirit and there is a shutdown, that is not an unusual problem. We need to find what the shutdown is.
-time traumabond
-land traumabond
-religious institution traumabond

We can get battered by religious institution traumabond.
-Arthur Burk-
Crap can get done by religion.
When a demonination or church embraces religion, then one of the evidences of that is people dying before their time. Including premature death through cancer.
One of the fruits is that we are battering people with religion and garbage and formulas only. Also, an OBSSESSION WITH CALLING PEOPLE HERETICS.
There are demoninations that are dying a slow death because of widespread premature death through cancer.
If there are people dying of cancer widespread in your group of institution, you need to ask G-d what is wrong with the context, and you need to look at bringing clarity so the group can repent and work through the issue.
-David MacNelley-
The spirit of jealousy can breed predators. Predators can breed even in Spirit-led institutions that are Bible-believing. These predators need to be squelched. Your place needs you to be cleansed, healed, delivered so you can bring clarity so we can all sit before the L-rd, deal with our junk, and bring safety and wholeness to each of our individuals and our peeps.
Do not damage your tribe.
Some of this stuff that I am writing is going to move between stuff that Arthur says and stuff that I say.
Lillith has built out her brand to mar womanhood and mess up relationships between women with women, and women with men. More common to first-born women.
No believer is too damaged to get left behind by Yeshua.
-Arthur Burk-
Lillith typically manifests underneath the sternum and T5 and T6 and the marrow of the flatbones.
-Arthur Burk-
Jesus Christ had the bandwidth to minister to the daughters of Jerusalem in their weeping on the Via Dolarosa, DURING HIS SUFFERING. He BROUGHT DIGNITY TO WOMEN AND WOMANHOOD IN THE MIDST OF HIS SUFFERING. That is how audacious he was in His championing womanhood and women.
-Arthur Burk-
Spend time, ladies, to engage deeply with the theme in Scripture of Jesus Himself and womanhood.
Baptize yourself, ladies and gentlemen, in the dynamic of the Bridal mode of the Church Age.
-Arthur Burk/David MacNelley-
NT stories with dealing with the Antichrist Spirit:
The Rich Young Ruler got sent away, busted by Jesus for not coming the whole way.
The Woman Caught In Adultery was sent away with a rebuke, but much gentler.

The enemy messes with us, and then messes with us again with shame.
-Arthur Burk-
Exhorters are sensitive to rejection. They must come to terms with understanding and engaging deeply with Reality, Sowing and Reaping, and Pain and Suffering first in order to have a right framework. Period. If you are an Exhorter and refuse to hunt for Reality, Sowing and Reaping, and Pain and Suffering, you will not understand how to work with others well.
Secondly, other gifts need be able to determine if an Exhorter has a grip on this threefold principle or not, and if they do have a grip on this principle, the other gifts need to walk gently with Exhorters.

If Exhorters do not have a grip on Reality, Sowing and Reaping, and Pain and Suffering, OR the other six are interacting with a non-Reality-laden Exhorter in a soft fashion, OR the other six are not interacting with a Reality-Embracing Exhorter in anything other than a gentle fashion, then the interactions can be hampered.
Exhorters that are operating non-Reality are going to have a hard time interacting with others in the areas of their non-Reality.
Exhorters that are operating in Reality, parts or no, that are being harshly treated by others who have shelved the Fruit of the spirit, especially Prophets, can flee from the interaction.
If they have desired to embrace the pain, then we need to be willing to walk with them deeply, and even if we say “what are you talking about”, we need to be willing to work with them affectionately.
Jesus Christ is an Exhorter. He lived the best of the Gift, period. He was one gift, not all seven.
The Antichrist exhibited the WORST of the Exhorter, as an Exhorter.
-Arthur Burk-

46)) Noteworthy that Nero was also the worst of the Exhorter.
-Bryan Trapp-
Exhorter portions of the spirit that leave,
will leave a space open in the community of the human spirit
that an Antichrist spirit will only be to happy to take up.

As far as cancer goes, I am not being metaphorical here.
Further, those cancers that are obtained in toxic environments may also not be getting healed when we visit various churches because they will still return to their cancer cluster, and the cancer is the fruit of a toxic environment, where betrayal or hidden iniquity or other nastiness is allowed to fester while believers walk in denial and lack of discernment when it comes to dealing the the garbage of a defiled portal or defiled time and land.

If you live in a landfill and visit a hospital for a conference and then return to the landfill to dwell and feed on defiled truth, then you are going to still have the negative fruit.
You can go to Bethel for healing and revival all you want, but if you live in a community with a hidden well of poison and people don’t flow in discernment, and they shut you down and stone you for being a Prophet, then the cancer will remain.
Just gonna say it this way, there are denominations that are dying and their missionaries have gotten loaded up with cancer on their first term out.
Cancer is not the fruit of life, but the fragrance of a culture of betrayal.
Kill the betrayal, and repent, or else your church or denomination will continue to reap destruction.
Trust is an emotion. It enters unbidden relative to dependability.
Trust/distrust varies based on the world around us.
Every encounter increases/decreases our trust level.

-Arthur Burk-
Low risk yields small people.
-Arthur Burk-
Exhaustion impacts our ability to accurately meter our risk in a situation.
-Arthur Burk-
Trusting G-d is an issue of focus.
What are you savoring?
Proverbs 3:5

Psalm 131:2 shows the principle of trust at work, and how to apply it to our lives.
-Arthur Burk-
Stories where G-d did not make sense.
All were barren, and were building a boat.

Cognitive dissonance.
-Arthur Burk-
Go here to look at this issue of cognitive dissonance as it pertains to your calling versus reality.
-David MacNelley
You have to plan now for where your emotions are going to be a year from now.
-Arthur Burk-
It’s pretty hard to con an angel when he is trying it get you lost.
-Arthur Burk-
Modeling how to deal the spirit into the game in working with the parts.
The more work we can offload as builders, the work to the human spirit, the better off we will be.
With a mature spirit, I want to ramp up the human spirit and the connection with the Holy Spirit.
-Arthur Burk-
Jesus Christ is the one who sets each of the seven portions of the human spirit into the Seat of Dominion.
-Arthur Burk-
A beginning place for working with parts, is dealing with pain. But we move beyond pain to something else.
-Arthur Burk-
Looking at the situation in terms of the pain vs. the situation in terms of design.
Design is the kicker over pain and pain management. Pain management is a smaller goal. Alignment with design is a better goal.
-Arthur Burk-
Design is the priority.
-David MacNelley-

Each of the seven portions has a role contribution in the ecosystem of healing an individual.
Teacher portion regularly telling a story to the parts, the littles, about a member of the Trinity and what that member did, helps introduce them to someone and explains them so the parts can know that member, and subsequently trust that member.
You cannot trust what you do not know.
-Arthur Burk-

Gang, don’t just slow down and read my rants about church, or just my work teaching a dynamic. Rather get to know the whole of what I have to say, a broad bevy of David, and then you can move into understanding fullness. Then you can see a balance and not merely one dynamic.
Our capacity to call out heretics or our capacity to be gentle or our capacity to teach or our capacity to correct a problem, each taken alone apart from the rest, will provide an incomplete picture. We want a whole picture.

Calling out heretics is barely a detail in the kingdom.
A main idea is hunting for design.
You can call out liberal Christians, Evangelical Christians, Catholic Christians, Jewish believers, or Republicans, or Democrats, or, or, or, and completely miss out on the whole.
You can repeat how cursed our President is, or how cursed people are who speak out against the President, or this or that.
I am sorry, I won’t respond much to those who yell about politics on this forum, because none of you who “know the truth” about politics are changing anyone’s mind. Besides, the politics of this season flows from a very small-minded, didactic mentality, both on the left and on the right. I do not know many deep-spirited, large-spirited people who defend or criticize one of the more than two facets of the political reality in the United States.
It is time to move from the shallow end of the kiddie pool to the depths of Wakulla Spring in all arenas. What we have been bantering back and forth the last 18 years have been cups of water, because we have been mesmerized by the majority of the Prophetic Movement, which by and large FLOWS in a mesmerizing spirit and an open psychic door. We need to concern ourselves not with cups of water, but the deeps beyond Leviathan’s realm.
Deepen, widen, broaden, lengthen. This is broader than a demented Exhorter, and the small potatoes of heresy-hunting.
The depths of G-d.
Q, the big five networks, and the rest are the muck on the surface.
The depths are there to discern.
Why are you satisfied with so little?
Jesus did not die for a shallow church.
A lot of times, the authority that we use that we have earned in the church can lead to others becoming divided, especially if there is a controlling or abusive flavor to the behavior. Our authority should be used to love, and often times, in light of the truth that “the gifts and callings of G-d are irrevocable”, we can, walking in our authority, mistreat others.
This sort of unwise behavior must stop, and it contributes to our people becoming less and less integrated and willing to walk with and trust us.
Do not get to know merely a part of a person and think you know the whole.  #mesmerizingspirit.  Rather attempt to seek out and dig around and get to know the whole person, even if getting to know the whole person makes you uncomfortable in terms of reality.
Mothering is always followed by fathering.  Mothering, then fathering is the sequence.
-Arthur Burk-
Are we to create a safe place, or are we to challenge?
-Arthur Burk-
Some people drop out of high school, some graduate, some undergraduate, some graduate from grad school, some get a Ph.D, some get a Nobel Prize.
It is a matter, not of credential, but of design.
-Arthur Burk-

TO sin, rebellion, and iniquity, we add abomination.

Beyond twisted, the judgment gets customized.
As with the Druids.
Using hallucanogenic nuts, they violated the boundaries with impunity.
Going to hidden places and getting hidden knowledge, is beyond wrong.
Abominations are beyond wrong. Beyond perverse.
Gehazi was healed of leprosy and found in the king’s court, somehow.
We can walk under a curse from ancestral generational abominations, but here is the kicker for our deliverance from them and their consequence.
Following repentance, we can form our legal case based on Gehazai, and based on the fact that we were willed into existence by G-d, even with the liability of us being sons of abomination.
His love for us will will us into existence because He yearns to redeem our family line. He loves to bring things back from death, from Sheol, and out of the grave.

He loves deeply, deeper and wider that our conception.
-David MacNelley/Arthur Burk-
His judgment is just, but His capacity for redemption is greater than the judgment against our ancestors and generations.
He wants us to understand His judgment and His mercy, for they are both aspects of His Chanukah affection.
Chanukah is about dedication and consecration and setting things apart, or setting things back apart to the L-rd and His purposes.

Booyah, mentioned Chanukah during a live event on DID.
You [G-d] rasied up Korah’s seed to do leadership after a season, and redeemed them.
-Arthur Burk-
Great and marvelous are Your deeds, L-rd G-d Almighty.
Just and true are Your ways, O King of the Ages.
Who shall not fear, O L-rd, and glorify your name?

My Review of Life, Dominion, and Honor

Yes, I know it is in the free section,, and, yes, I know that the Sapphire Leadership Group website does not permit us to review free items but…

Let me tell a story…

It was a few weeks before I was to travel to Toronto. We had just finished some time working with my wife’s property, having discovered a place where her land could have potentially blocked us from moving.

I was dealing with the parable of the Shrewd Manager (from Luke 16), and I was weighing whether or not I should e-mail Arthur, because the passage was just stumping me.

So, I did.

And he responded:

Needs a phone call.

A phone call? Why would an internationally-known speaker and leader in ministry talk with me. At least that was my thought.

So, calling him, I heard how he understands that parables, and as a result of that, got some understanding of the parable, but then he also told me in that conversation of a couple of resources that he had, one of them being Life, Dominion, and Honor.

His portrayal of the Trinity.

And, um, yeah. If we are understanding the Trinity, we will understand the roots of all that is.

So, what do these concepts have to do with the nature of the Trinity?

Well, let us look at the members and how they interact with us.

It is G-d the Father who who provides for us life and the gifts/resources that are necessary for sustaining life. Every good and perfect gift is from above, and does not come from the Holy Spirit, nor does it come from the Son. Rather, these gifts come from the Father.

These gifts are completed products, raw materials, talents and abilities, skillsets, strengths and weaknesses, relationships, the strength of hands to get wealth, and the sharpness of mind to construct means of building out the designs that lead to our increase in society and the kingdom.

When we recognize, realize, receive, walk in, and embrace the gifts Father has given us, we move into a place of sonship. Slaves do not have a bevy of resources, nor do they have more than they need. Rather one defining mark of a slave is the inability to see resources, and the eyesight that only can see lack in every direction. A slave also needs finished produces, and cannot understand how to work with raw materials and change those into what he or she needs to advance. The Prodigal Son required liquid assets; he, indeed, had a strong spirit of slavery.

Those with a Spirit of Slavery are also consumed by the Spirit of Jealousy; they are incapable of seeing the resources they have around them, but can clearly see, and therefore covet, the resources of others around them. They can only fix the problems they are handed with the resources that they do not have access to.

It is a problem for us when we fail to see the slew of resources that are available to us. When we think we do not have resources, we immediately question the goodness and generosity of G-d the Father, when He has given us resources. The issue, frequently, for those with a spirit of sonship is they are working with resources that are in a form which must be converted. Jacob, for example was being treated like a son when he was commanded as a rancher to DWELL in Bethel.

DWELLING in Bethel would have required him to convert all of his cattle and go into another business. Unfortunately, he rejected the instruction to dwell, and as a result, from that day forward, calamity struck.

*Further Note: Calamity actually began when Rachel refused to trust the G-d of Jacob for protection and instead stole Laban’s idols. It is possible that she stole those idols, thinking they would protect her from dad’s wrath. The problem is that, she stole those idols without informing anyone, and then Jacob inadvertently cursed her with premature death for stealing the idols. Either way, it was Jacob’s actions that led to destruction, starting with Rachel’s death.

It is G-d the Son, who takes those resources for life and use them in us to increase the Dominion of the Kingdom in the world today. Dominion is the primary expression of the Son. And Dominion is the primary weapon that is used to combat the powerlessness that is embodied by the Victim Spirit. We are not designed to walk in permanent powerlessness, but in godly dominion over all the works of darkness, and it was Yeshua the Son who came to destroy the works of darkness. We embrace the Victim Spirit when we cut ourselves off from others because we believe that no one will help us, even when people have volunteered help. Cain is an excellent example of the Victim Spirit. When he sinned, G-d came to him and said, “look, we can fix this. Here is how.” And Cain, instead of listening to G-d wanted to set the standard for how reconciliation with G-d was to take place. He rejected G-d’s roadmap back home, and instead chose to seek G-d his own way, and as a result, left and rejected the one thing he wanted.

When no one can understand, and no one can help, then we have opened the door to a Victim Spirit.

And it is G-d the Holy Spirit that bestows honor upon those who walk in Life and Dominion in sequence. As we receive Life from the Father and the accrue Dominion over Powerlessness by the work of the Son, the Holy Spirit gives us the fragrance of honor that causes our reputation to increase in both the kingdom and the culture. Honor causes us to see things as they really are, and it breaks the power of what we call the Mesmerizing Spirit.
And what is the Mesmerizing Spirit, you ask?

It is a pickpocket. A thief. It gets your eyes off of what the L-rd wants to show you and onto the one thing that will distract you, with respect to another person. On the one hand, it can cause us to focus on the one negative quality or set of negative qualities concerning a person or a situation that will cause us to jettison an entire good package, or, vice versa, focus on a set of good qualities and miss some critical negatives that would help us see the full picture, and so we will be taken in and deceived because we were not focusing on the whole picture. In short, we are robbed of a whole picture. The good qualities in a person can balance out some of the harsher negatives, and the negatives/flaws of a person can keep us from becoming enamored of that person.

That is, when we miss out on a full picture, we do not accord proper honor/proper place to a person or situation.

And we get hypnotized by being locked onto a particular quality.
We see this happen with churches. An entire good package of a church, people are ready to make this or that their church home, but because of one particular glaring issue, they are talked out or talk themselves out of embracing a wonderfully messy, imperfect situation.

On this teaching, spliced into the teaching of how to identify and deal with the perversions of the Members of the Trinity, Arthur covers snippets of South Carolina history and how G-d feels about the state.

Honestly, if you want not just a redemptive picture of South Carolina, but a functional, workable way of viewing the Trinity, there is no other resource I can recommend more highly for demonstrating the Members’ works and persons in practical terms than this.

Again, out of the park, Arthur.

Download and listen to this, gang. Seriously.

Link below:

Arthur Burk's Review of Sweetwater Electronics

Arthur writes:

Customer service is broadly at a very low level. Most of us could spin out 100 stories of absurdly bad customer service.
Against the pervasive backdrop of a poor labor pool, abysmal lack of training by management and deliberate corporate policies to make customer access more difficult, there are the occasional stellar performers. is a electronics supply house. We use them for all sorts of gadgets. Sometimes it is a generic stock item. Most of the time, Megan has to talk to Jason Koon and say, “I am trying to do THIS. Is it even possible?”
He asks a few incisive questions, shows her two or three ways it can be done, and then processes the order.
Their search engine ad says:
Discover The Sweetwater Difference! Unmatched Customer Service & Free Shipping. Free Expert Tech Support.
It is ALL true.
The precision with which they address our technical issues, giving us SIGNIFICANT free coaching is impressive.
The speed with which they get products out the door is amazing.
And the accuracy of billing, packaging and delivery is the best of all our vendors.
We had a small glitch in our electronics and on Monday Megan asked if she could replace a component before it completely crashed.
Midday she placed the order. Today, Wednesday, FedEx delivered it with panache.
All of that bespeaks exceptional systems that are carefully watched over by some wise manager.
But the personal touch is over the top. I called and placed an order once.
Before Jason filled the order, he had to ask about Megan. Was she still here? Was she OK? He found her very easy to work with and was a little put off when I called. (I am not Megan!)
As many thousands of customers as Jason deals with, that is simply impressive.
Join me in sending some blessings their way. A wonderful company to do business with.
And if you ever need an electronic widget of any sort I encourage you to send some money their way.
They are real.
And they didn’t pay me for this and don’t know I am writing it.
I am authentic too in my praise, and never for sale.

This is evidently a for-real company. And Arthur always gives polished and unembellished real commentary. If he, as a businessman and a consultant, says you can bank on a company, then do so.