Blessing of Stillness #23: Father of Lights


I would like to invite your spirit to be present to hear the word of the L-rd for today.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

James 1:16-17 ESV

Spirit, there is a place of stillness, before the Father brings His light into your life, where it is easy to receive the darkness of deception, masquerading as a false light.

I begin the blessing in this way, not so you are frightened to step into the blessing, but rather so you are aware of the risks associated with discernment. I also bless you to find the space associated with the timespan of discernment. You are allowed to take time to discern. You need not feel pressure to rush as you are engaging an exercise of spiritual discernment.

After the L-rd’s promise to our father Abraham, the first thing that happened, after a season of not bearing children, and that came behaving like it was the promise was the counsel of Abram’s wife. Sarai offered up her maidservant Hagar to Abraham, ostensibly to provide the child of promise. And for a moment, I imagined Abram probably froze and thought, “wait a minute. what of the promises of G-d?”

And then after that moment had passed, when Sarai had prevailed upon him, Abram took Hagar and married her and immediately produced a child, that sowed jealousy and discord between the women in the home.

Spirit, the promise of the Father does not come because we help G-d out. Granted, there are times when Father expects us to put skin into the game, but His solutions do a problem never involve something that will intentionally breed jealousy as a product.

True, people may grow jealous because of the gifts G-d gives us, but G-d never blesses us with the intention of causing other people to stumble and fall.

Ishmael, who came, was the false hope and the false light.

Ishmael was the plan of the enemy to supplant Father’s plan, which involved Sarai being blessed in her womb, thus breaking the curse of barrenness.

Isaac was the true child of promise, and it was his presence that gave life to Sarai’s womb.

Spirit, apply that here. You will have the opportunity to engage with the false light and the true light. The false light usually comes as a counterfeit first.

And you have the opportunity to choose. And you will have the chance to ask Father to show you what the counterfeit looks like. And He in His mercy will show you what has happened before to lead others astray.

If you will ask Father, he will show you both the true and examples of the false.

Indeed, bank tellers actually do study counterfeit money to know what has happened before, though they do not dwell on the false. Do not believe that old wives’ tale that they only spend their training studying the real money.

Spirit, when that moment of darkness comes, I bless you to be still and stay put and await the light of Father to radiate into your own life. I bless you to be still even when darkness is what you see and even when counterfeit light is provided to you. I bless you when you are thirsty for the true light, with a stubbornness of resistance to every false light that seeks to destabilize you.

I bless you to remain absolutely still and I bless you to allow the circus to pass by. I bless you to resist buying tickets to the circus.

Spirit, I bless you deeply with the capacity to wait on the L-rd’s solution and his life. I bless you to move when that solution comes, and when His aural light compasses you, while remaining still when the enemy counterfeit comes. I bless you to drink deeply of that light and to absorb it into the light that you are, spirit. And I bless you to fan that light out in it’s multi-faceted wisdom to others in need, as Father directs you to hand it out to them.

I bless you to be what you are, the prism, diamond, and crystal through which his brilliant light is broken apart into its full chronorama. I bless your season to bathe in and be healed by the Light that does not shift of change or vary. I bless you with the revelation that His light is possessed not just with consistency, but also constancy.

As William Shakespeare once uttered the principle that was meant to be uttered by the King of Glory:

“I AM constant as the Northern Star”.

The Father of Lights is fixed between all dimensions, in all realities, and he does not vascillate. He is not wishy-washy. Even should the guide stars and parallaxes and pulsars and red giants fall from their places where they were placed on the Fourth Day, He will not be moved from his place of steadiness. He is constant beyond the constant of light, spirit. He is the Radiance of all light that is.

And just because he is constant and immovable does not mean that His heart is not moved when one of his children is hurting or destroyed or damaged or beaten.

To the contrary, He does move toward them. But He moves, spirit, with an anchoredness. He will not be shaken.

And I bless you not to be shaken when confronted with counterfeit light. I bless you to be gathered by the true Light of Father’s affectionate and warm countenance.

I bless you with SHARP discernment to know the difference between lights, and to welcome the Father of Lights, who will not force Himself on you, but will wait for your invitation and who also offers you an invitation.

Be at peace, spirit, and receive the blessing of the Father of Lights.

I bless you to know that the Father of Lights is not shifty or shady. He does not tell you He will provide something, and then not follow through. He gives what He says he is going to give.

I bless you with a relationship with the Father of Lights that is free of deception. I bless you, if you have previously taken the bait of offense, to rest in His light as He removes all hooks from your mouth, all snares from your feet, all chains from your arms, and all shrapnel from your body.

I bless you to rest and heal in the warmth of His Light.

I bless the scales to be removed from your eyes, spirit, as you follow His path and through His gate, which is narrow.

I bless you to traverse the high places which might have unexpected turns with the Light of His steady presence and affection.

I bless you to know that He allows the crooked paths and in partnership with You, makes those paths as if they were straight, and He is your guide.

I bless you with the knowledge that the Father of Lights is a better, more accurate, and way more surefooted guide than any sherpa on Everest.

I bless you to enter into His ever-rest.

I bless you, spirit with a life that is unplugged from unsustainable covenants and agreements with darkness, and I bless you with the freedom that comes from the one-sided covenant He made with you, that does not have any hidden clauses or gotcha statements or fine print with exceptions and signing statements.

I bless you with a relationship with Father that is free from guile and duplicity.

I bless every path you traverse with sure-footedness.

I bless you that as you submit to His plan, He will transform you from glory to glory, and from strength to strength.

I bless you to stand in His light, and I bless you to flow with Him in peace, and even when you are climbing and healing and running and resting, to be in a place of stillness that keeps you rock-steady in His light and in wholeness and peace.

I bless you with peace in the midst of readiness.

And I bless you with stillness in the midst of discerning between the real and the false.

I bless you with those things in the name of Yeshua ha-Meshiach.

My Plug For Freedom Flowers and My Brief Take On One of Their Essences

DISCLAIMER: You know, there are going to be some in my audience that, because of the Teacher and Researcher nature of some of them, are probably going to function as boo birds for this, making links to New Age, or Law of Attraction, or other things because I–and the supplier of the floral essences that I have begun to use–utilize terms like “vibration” and “frequency”. I have also long stated that some of my material and thoughts are a bit on the edge in the esoteric.

That is okay, because most of what I post on pretty much focuses on the text of Scripture and this carries a lot of weight with those who are Evangelical Christians, which form much of my target audience.

But I do look at, consider deeply, and ponder a lot that is a bit too out there for many evangelicals. And I do not share much of that, because our movement to deeper things in Christ, where the L-rd moves us from one level of deep to another level of deep often comes where He establishes a set of paradigms that we can handle, and then moves us into a larger or deeper paradigm which requires him to remove some “training wheels” off of our bikes.

This will likely be one of those deep-end things that might come across as New Agey to some. And for those who are concerned about that, I would recommend Disc 2 of a Teaching Series by Arthur Burk called MOHA (The Majesty of His Artistry) where he discusses Christians that open up yoga clinics in order to reach New Agers and witches.

Just saying that sometimes our means of reaching people gets stale and we need to embrace something that is part of our design that the crunchy church culture might look askew at so we can challenge that religious superstructure that some of us have come to depend on. And we might have to remind ourselves that because G-d was there first and G-d created all that is a frequency, and all that is light, and all the universal, non-optional, cause-and-effect relationships, He is well-aware of what happens in creation and what is utilized in various fields and the multiplicity of tools that are available to move us from one area of being into another area of being.

By the way, what follows is more of my personal point-of-view and I am not preaching this as “you have to swallow everything I say or else be branded a heretic”. I present these things for y’all my audience to mull over and either utilize or discard as you see fit.

And with that, let’s begin this review.

A Path To How I First Met Seneca and Her Company

About a 18 months to two years ago, I was in the process of moving my way through a group on Facebook that the owner of Freedom Flowers is also a part of. And somehow she chimed in that an interest she was looking at was cataloguing all the emotions in the book of Psalms in Scripture and considering which emotions were tied to the spirit and which emotions were tied to the soul.

And so, I chimed in that I was interested in collaborating with Seneca on cataloguing a spreadsheet of the emotions in the Psalms. That is currently a dormant project but it is still of interest to me, so I occasionally look in and read a Psalm for that purpose.

So, we got connected and I figured out that she owns a business that works with manufacturing what she describes as essences using various plant materials, which is something she has been doing since she was a kid, and she found a way to turn this passion into a buisness.

This is not the same thing as essential oils. If you asked for a brief rundown, go here.

At the point when I started connecting with Seneca, I was already transitioning from working exclusively with people as a pastor to working with land, which is a bit more esoteric.

However it works, I personally pick up on the emotions of most of the various pieces of land that I visit. For example, when I visited Cape Hatteras and the lighthouse, the land felt wounded because of the way the land has shifted and moved and how a mile’s worth of the treeline has been swept away due to currents of the Atlantic near the island of Hatteras have changed. So, I began responding by asking the L-rd to speak and to sing His love over the island.

I have two prominent trees in my yard at home, and they communicate after their own fashion to me. One is a Japanese Cherry and the other is a Tulip Poplar.

And this year, after I had planted my vegetable garden, I started by planting sunflowers. After they had popped up and begun to bloom, I was dealing with some negative memories pertaining to my late father, and I happened to wander out to the vegetable garden to do something (mowing or weed-eating I think), and when I went to stand in front of the sunflower, my emotions toward my father began to lighten. Something began to shift through my interaction with the sunflower. Cannot explain better than that.

Vibrations and Frequency: Please Do Not Shoot This Down

So, according to how this works, and you can do the research on your own, each member of the plant kingdom gives off its own frequency, and affects certain things. As certain medications (the lion’s share of which come from substances that were created on the Third Day, plants or green life of some sort) affect certain interactions in the body, so also plants function in a similar fashion. The research behind this is more than I can explain, but I can tell you from personal experience that it happens to work somehow.

Frequencies and vibrations affect the body all day long. And these frequency given off by the particular essence I have been using, when introduced into the body, shifts and realigns around the area of being able to work with paradoxes.

In my case, it also positively unearthed and helped me deal with a number of things pertaining to spiritual and emotional trauma that was generations old.

All because I introduced the essence which contained the material that resonated the frequency of the flower in question.

The Trial Posted to Facebook and The Review of Double Delight Rose

About a couple of weeks ago, Seneca posted somewhere that she was going to host a trial and wanted to know who among us struggle with some sort of paradox found in Scripture. Well, I have a few of those that I struggle with, but the most prominent one deals with the twin reality that we as followers of Christ are both sons and servants, and both realities are present at the same time. So, I said “sure, send me some of this essence as part of your trial”. The essence is called Double Delight Rose.

So, she sent me some, and the instructions call for it to take 4 drops 4x a day. So, I began taking it. And I am currently still taking it.

And not only have I begun to have a breakthrough on recognizing that I am treated as a son of the King, but I am also able to carry that and do stuff for the L-rd that He asks, serving him with the mindset of being both a son and a servant. That is, living as a son in Father’s embrace and doing the work that a servant would normally do without feeling like I had to do the work in order to maintain my position as a son. Rather, the work of serving flowed from the place in which the L-rd had already positioned me as a son.

In addition to this, the L-rd in this season has begun to push some generational strongholds to the surface so they can be dealt with, specifically rejection. My grandfather suffered from rejection from being abandoned by his blood parents. My father suffered from rejection as well. and I did. But something happened in the taking of this essence that has caused that stuff to be dealt with as well.

It strikes me, that given we have an electrical machine called the human body, and it runs at a certain frequency, that if we change that frequency, something else will also be affected.

As the adage goes, “the proof in the pudding is in the eating.”

My take is, something is either going to work or it is not. And staying in our dysfunction is not working, but when we have tried everything and nothing works, the new thing on which we risk a trial period may not be better than staying exactly where we are.

So, my tl;dr review for Double Delight Rose is as follows: outstanding for helping to resolve my particular paradox.

And while there may be some flakiness to some of the material out there in the interwebs as it pertains to vibrations and frequencies, that does not wholesale negate everything that is given as a possible solution that utilizes frequency or vibrational language.

Seneca herself has also done a boatload of research on the subject, and appears to have blogged quite a bit on the topic of essences and healing.

I have had a block in the paradox and rejection arenas, and in the last 2 weeks I have begun to actually and really address the blockages in a big way. Seneca’s essence has helped as a really solid tool for dealing with that and getting to, as her passion is, a place of solid freedom.

As a side note, I checked out her other essences, given my wife and I are going to become regular customers of hers, and I stumbled across the Sunflower essence, and guess what it helps the user deal with?

Father issues.

Just….wow…..exactly thing thing addressed by my sunflowers.

So I have ordered that essence and a couple of others.

So, that is my fuller review.

Seriously, skeptics, give her a try and see if there is anything to her work.

It was really worth my time, especially given I have seen a bit more of a release to write and act more in accordance with my design, and I handle seeming contradictions week in and week out.

If you have further questions, I will be happy to field some of those myself as best I can, because I get some of the more esoteric stuff that seems weird, and may be able to put it in terms that are less weird.

Exodus 14:11 and One Point of the Wilderness

They said to Moses, “Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness? What have you done to us in bringing us out of Egypt?

Exodus 14:11

Focus for a minute on that one question with me gang.

Is it because there are no graves in Egypt that you have taken us away to die in the wilderness?”

The obsession with death in the wilderness is the response of a group of people who have suffered from DID and PTSD.  They cannot see the issue for their woundedness, and Moses, with his emotional issues, and spiritual issues, still brought them out.
So, why did they go to the widerness?  What was the purpose of the wilderness?  The Israelites asked “why the wilderness”.
Here is my response to that question.
First of all and less importantly, to shake the dust off of their feet, because they were OBSESSED WITH SERVING the Egyptians.
Second of all, and more importantly, to learn how to handle the top priority, the thing of first importance.  There are few things in the wilderness that are not desolate.  Few oases, few plants, few animals, few things, compared with the life in the jungle or Canaanland.
The most important reason G-d got them out into the wilderness was so they could do the one thing the L-rd told Pharaoh.
To worship G-d.
To hold a feast to the L-rd.
To connect with Him.
And come hell or high wather, they were going to learn to worship.
Look, as someone with PTSD and potentially a part or two, let me speak from personal experience that G-d is going to bring you through some travesties and into a desolate place so you can be alone with Him, and learn Him, and understand Him.
He is still Father (Exodus 4:22), even when you are generatiaonally-damaged.  And He may not always use mothers gloves to bring you out of the situation that has caused you torment.
There may be a season where He uses both father’s gloves and mother’s gloves to do His purposes.
It is a good thing, gang, when we are brought out, and so we can see Him, see the cloud and the fire, and the G-d in the Pillar.
It’s not always about how badly we hurt, and it is not always about what’s wrong with us.  Truthfully, there wil be seasons of healing and softness, but the season of deliverance and liberation that precedes that season of healing may feel harsh, and it may land harsh.
This is where the work of deliverance requires, by turns, a mothering touch and a fathering touch.
It’s not going to always be a deliverance that is done in the manner that you and I want it done.
That said, the deliverance will be effective.
In the case of Israel, they had generational PTSD/DID and maybe some Ritual Abuse as well, and they were party to watching G-d kill many of their captors.
Beyond that, they had to learn how to walk as sons, and some still did not get it.
But G-d delivered them and drove them out of Mizraim.
To a quiet, desolate place.
To the place where their focus would be undivided, in order to learn Him and learn who He was.
Why the wilderness?
To learn worship, to actually worship, and to recieve what was necessary in terms of a hundred different lessons on how to grow into a place of sonship, sufficiency, and interdependence.
Likewise, with us, He determines to lead us out in order to lead us in…into His presence.  Both/and.  Sons/Brides. Giving/Receiving, Plus/Minus, Multiplication/Division, Roots/Exponents, Grammar/Lit/Comp/Vocab.
Whole package deliverance.


That is, wholeness.
Not just their bodies, but also their mindsets, their spirits, their emotions, their engrained thoughts that were off, their strongholds, their resistances to His influence, and their expectations of Him and the Egyptians, all of which needed a drastic overhaul and realignment.
So it may be with us.
The first place we must visit after trauma is a Trauma unit in a Trauma Center.  And they may bring pain in order to bring life.  But, just the same, it will get better, if we move towards the scary process.
May we do so with the company of a mothering peeps if possible, but if not possible, let us still move toward it with a Father who can help us in quietness, and who has an abundance of the Fruit of the Spirit.