What You Pay Taxes On, You Own: The Taxes of HOA Fees

Some thoughts occurred to me while hearing a friend talk about HOA fees. Those are below:

I will say this, if the HOA is headed by a witch and they choose to insert a hidden covenant within the HOA contract, then they and their demons are going to have their hands full while I partner with the King to strip them of their authority.

Covenants within contracts hammer believers regularly, and they don’t even realize it.

As you are living there, Mike, just be careful of how much you are accepting.

I would exhort you to place your, contacts on your dining room table, and if you discern the presence of predator spirits, then call those clowns the spirit and remind them that they do not own nor have legal rights to you, your paycheck, your household, or your possessions.

Here is a principle that most believers won’t have exercise when they are part of HOA’s because they don’t think it’s a big deal, and so they don’t bother and allow the enemy to snipe stuff that ain’t theirs: what you pay taxes on you own.

You pay taxes in the form of HOA fees/dues. Therefore you can use that legal right to start seeing change effected that is favorable to the Kingdom, if you want to use that route.

Shoot, if I was paying HOA fees, I would start calling that out.

Don’t leave any free money on the table, friend.

Love you [both].

Thoughts on Requiring Church

When institutional church is set up as a commandment, regardless of the level of commoditization, children are led to believe an institution is the arbiter of their legitimacy rather than the Most High G-d.

And if:

1) The church only legitimizes duty,

2) the church attaches worth only to the individual so long as they perform a necessary function vital to the life of the church,

3) the church refuses to seek helping the individual in unpacking their design, equipping them in their design, and releasing them to fulfill that design,

4) the church only instead wants the individual to contribute to the furtherance of the church’s agenda

5) the church has no culture of affection, culture of value for the inherent dignity of each individual, and culture of dignity for the identity of the individual, and

6) the church treats the individual as little more than a replaceable widget or number,

then obedience to a mechanical agenda becomes the end goal in sight, and the children as adults are taught to become little more than consumers or resellers instead of factories producing new truth.

And we start a vicious cycle all over again that only breaks when someone leaves that toxic cycle and embraces their design.

Church is meant to be the ultimate unpacker of design, not the ultimate machine to grind them up.

Setting your kids up to fail, honestly, is a matter of refusing to train them up in accordance with how their Father hardwired them and forcing them to fit into some preconceived ideal mold that has obedience as the end game.

And obedience is the task of slaves, rather than sons and friends, which is a contradiction of John 1:12, John 15:15-17, and Romans 8:16.

Concering All Who Have Become Pregnant, Either By Force Or By Choice: Abortion Won’t Fix The Problem, No Matter How Devastating

I was never much one for posting responses to abortion that only castigated women for not keeping their legs closed, not accounting for legit rape.

It’s only a partiplal solution, and I look for fullness in a solution.

So, here are some fuller, more nuanced thoughts.

Pertaining to babies and abortion, there are a couple of situations: those that choose to have sex, and those that have sex forced upon them:

If you are choosing to have sex, then one or more babies is/are likely going to come from that. No one is forcing a single or a couple to have a baby. That is the responsibility that comes with playing. So, have the kid, own your responsibility, or keep them in your pants.

If you did not choose to have sex, but it was forced on you, there is counseling that likely needs to be had, and.you have my sympathy (I am related to a number of rape victims), but killing what is growing inside of you, or could be, is not going to fix anything, but rather, it is going to make things worse.

As for the “deformed baby” argument, and “it’s only going to suffer” argument, I have one question. Do you honestly think you can keep ANYONE from suffering? As if we can prevent suffering by killing. We get dealt a hand, and we have to play THAT hand with savvy. You are suffering. I am suffering. Everybody suffers.

When a baby comes into being, and a sperm and an egg join, it is only because the Father of Lights, who dwells in eternal Majesty, determined that the hand that would be dealt to the resulting infant was worth playing as a weapon against the kingdom of darkness.

Playing that hand is a gambit.

But He is a Gambling Fool, recklessly so.

And we are tools and weapons in the King’s hands (Isaiah 54:16)

And we were designed to walk in temperence and a process that includes suffering for a season (Isaiah 54:1-15) in order to prevail against the kingdom of hell (Isaiah 54:17).

I have said it before, and I will say it again.

If you want the glory of Isaiah 54:17, then you must first pass through the fires and process of tempering of Isaiah 54:1-16.

For those who are rape victims, I am truly sorry, and though I cannot relate to you, I know the one who bore the weight of THAT injustice and conquered against it and its weight.

For those who chose sex, this is how it happens. The process. We we’re made to be fruitful and multiply.

And neither case is justification for telling G-d he is not allowed to play “that hand”.

Work through the wound with Him, but don’t fall for the deception that you can make a problem go away by taking something or killing something.

It does not work that way, and there is ALWAYS fallout from mishandling the gift inside of you, even if the circumstances sucked.

Just my tuppence.


Beth Moore, the Redemptive Gift Teacher Who Behaved Like An Fivefold Prophet, and the SBC, Who Has Spent Far Too Long Protecting Ministers With Wolvish Behavior

One of my relatives was sexually molested by a Southern Baptist pastor.

To this day, I have a strong distaste for men in positions of leadership in the church, and the level of control that many of them walk in with the consequent abscense of the required vulnerability and transparency that should mark an elder and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And I am one of the number that is gifted and called to pastor.

And I would say, based on her recent behavior, Beth Moore is acting more like a pastor and prophet than most of the men I have seen, with some exceptions.

So, I say this with a very cautious, but needed heart.

The Southern Baptist Convention Needs To Repent of the Conventional Wisdom

A report from February by the Houston Chronicle details some 220 men over 20 years assaulted some 700 victims.  My relative is one of those victims.

And unfortunately, the convention might stand to reap judgment for wanting to protect their own reputations, and blaming the victims.

My relative was fired from their position at the church because of this mentality of “protect your reputation”.  That church is reaping the judgment of not just the behavior toward the victim, but also toward their reputation.

And that church has yet to repent for permitting that sin and that serial violation.

Something has to change.  Something has to give.  Because people can only be freely justified (Romans 3:23) if they confess their sins (1 John 1:9).

Enter Beth Moore, Catalyst

It would seem Beth Moore has also found herself in hot water with the powers that be.

She let slip on Twitter that she was preaching on Mother’s Day, and Owen Strachan of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary replied that women should not preach in a pulpit on Sunday to the main service, given that is perceived as only the domain of men.

Now, I understand that a great many of my evangelical friends might agree with Strachan and a number of early church fathers that preaching is only the domain of men.

However, I happen to disagree with the incomplete interpretation of the sledgehammer texts of 1 Timothy 2:11-12 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35, for an army of reasons, including A) the ignorance of their social and historical context, given Corinthian and Ephesian women were often caught up in prostitution and sexual idolatry, B) the Greek verb λαλέω in 1 Corinthians 14:35 which is the most generic word for speaking, C) the absence of the Greek verb κηρύσσω in 1 Timothy 2:11-12 or 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 which is the verb used to show preaching in an authoritative fashion, D) the fact that the text 1 Timothy 2:12 reads “I do not permit” rather than “G-d does not permit” (this is an exhortation of Paul’s for that context, not a command of G-d’s for all time),  E) the examples of numerous women who testified, prophesied, preached, taught, and led (including Deborah, Huldah, Mary Magdalene, Phoebe, Priscilla, and Junia), many of whom were associates of the Apostle Paul.

Focusing on 1 Timothy 2:12

Paul says “I do not permit a woman to teach…”

Let’s look at that phrase.  Teaching is something in the Ephesian church that Paul forbade of women, regardless of the perception.  Given that pulpits did not exist back then, the Southern Baptist position is little more than a tradition of men based on a terrible reading of the text.

Let us show how terrible that reading is by taking that phrase to its logical end.

If Paul forbade women from teaching, then he would have forbade any form of teaching that could be remotely construed as authoritative.  This includes teaching kids, teaching infants, teaching the human spirit, teaching the youths, teaching the women, teaching anyone. Teaching is by its very nature, an exchange from one in authority to one not in authority.  Ephesians 6:1 does not say, “children obey your fathers in the L-rd, for this is right.  Rather it says “children obey your PARENTS” γονεύς, which comes from the verb γίνομαι, which means “I cause to be”, or “I generate.”  So, mothers AND fathers are both implied by that word.  Translation: mothers have authority over male children.

Look, this is a reductio ad absurdum, given to show that the premise is unreasonable.  And Beth Moore’s capacity to teach, among about 80 other women that I can name off of the top of my head who can teach, some of whom received their calling to teach precisely because “the last two men told G-d no” (Joyce Meyer).  And for those of you who want to call out heresy in Joyce Meyer for adhering to prosperity messages, she did apologize effectively for that

If we are silent, the rocks would cry out (Luke 19:40).  If a man were stifled by us, by himself, or by the enemy, do we honestly think G-d could be stopped from raising up a woman to do the thing that man was called to do?  Really?  After seeing the account of Deborah alone, one would hope that we would be more savvy in our reading of the texts.

When men drop the ball and choose to stifle their gifts and the call of G-d, G-d will call women, period.  If men stifle their voices or are forbidden by religious leaders of any Christian denomination or within Judaism, the ROCKS will cry out.  If adults will not speak, the children will speak.  G-d is not slackened that He cannot reach and that He is incapable to using anyone He wants to use.  If the messenger is a woman, then so be it.

Beth Moore is right to be used to call out this foolishness and anemic nonsense, and to continue functioning as the lively, vivacious, articulated and called speaker, teacher, and preacher that she is.

And Now For Dealing With the Sexual Abuse Scandal

I think Moore also, in her response toward’s Donald Trump, has been being prepared by G-d to be used, by her very presence, as an instrument for confronting the fever of perversion and sex abuse that has been allowed to grow in the SBC, in part, because of a rampant denial of the need for deliverance, spiritual warfare, and inner healing that pervades much of the run-of-the-mill status-quo of the cessationist theology of that denomination.

I think we men are being forced to deal with the perversion and sex addiction that grips us by the vessels of pure and holy women like Moore being used so readily and massively by G-d.

And it is about time.

The abuse of my relative, which happened some 26 years ago, and lasted for years, along with all those other baby boys and girls, is being confronted as the Mesmerizing Spirit is being dealt with, and if the SBC does not repent for its foolish behavior in many ways, tolerating and protecting ministers who enable iniquity (generational sin) in the camp rather than dealing with it, the judgment may only increase.

Just a few thoughts, from a man who is tired of covering over the nakedness.

The emperors have no clothes, gang.

And it’s taking women to point this out for us.

And supporting the pervert and perversion on the right is just as noisome as supporting the pervert and perversion or the enabler on the left.

From The Desk of Arthur Burk: Restructuring a Family

Reposted with permission

Arthur writes:

GRRR. . .

“Sally” was a life giver.

Not a bad thing.

Her extended family got used to seeing her as an ATM machine that they could tap at any time, with no credit limit.

Not a good thing.

Sally ran out of emotional and physical energy recently and decided to start limiting the withdrawals people could make from her life.

A really wise thing.

Her extended family is furious at her for making them walk in reality, eating the consequences of their own choices. She has violated the social contract they developed for her, after honoring it for years.

A highly predictable thing.

Now she is sick and is struggling with the lack of dopamine rewards she used to get from enabling, as well as struggling with the label of traitor that her family has put on her.

A really brutal thing.

Breaking out of a co-dependent relationship is tough when you finally find the courage to walk away from the person involved. It is harder than making peace in the Middle East when you have to stay in a family, and train them to embrace responsibility and not shove their junk off on you.

A cruelly complex thing.

Sometimes I think restructuring a codependent family is harder than coming off cocaine.

Sally could use a hug from God today.

And tomorrow.

Since this isn’t going to be over any time soon.

On-point, as usual. We need hugs from the L-rd when we are choosing to be the catalyst for restructuring a dysfunctional family.

24 Things About the Church That Must Change If It Wants To Survive, Nay, Thrive

With respect to Becky Sampson for asking for clarification.

DISCLAIMER: Hard language ahead.

Not an exhaustive list, but…

Ready or not, here is my perspective, in no particular order

1) Lack of interaction with/bad interaction with healing and deliverance ministry.

The church has spent a lot of time with its collective head in the sand in many ways, denying the presence of the demonic, and refusing to engage in spiritual warfare and deliverance and healing of those who have pervasive struggles against which the normal methods of ministry and counseling have not even made a scratch.  It’s not a counseling session where you follow the trail of pain that we need, but rather an encounter with the true and living G-d through a willing vessel who is not going to call you crazy, and who is capable of dealing with you in light of Father’s love and His power.   For far too long, the rest of the church that denies the need for deliverance needs to admit it.

But that is not all; many wings of the church that practice deliverance, suck at it.  And they need to increase in their skill and trust-building in effectively handling the demonic without making the person the are counseling into a war zone.  Enough with the competent powerless, or the powerful idiots with no people skills.  We need to fuse skillful counseling with a willingness to take out the trash when it’s needed, by which I mean real demons, and do it in a tender fashion without being jerks.

2) Lack of interaction with survivors of SRA/DID/CRA.

Again. Head in the sand to a problem that “does not exist if you cannot see it.”

For those who do not know, SRA is short for Satanic Ritual Abuse,  DID is short for Dissociative Identity Disorder, and CRA is short for Christian Ritual Abuse.

DID, or Dissociative Identity Disorder, is a label that covers a broad variety of conditions that mostly cover the segmentation of the human soul into what we call “parts”-and each part has its own unique personality.  Unlike the undissociated person, which we call an integrated person, the dissociated person or the person with a part is dis-integrated.

Unlike Satanic Ritual Abuse, with DID and parts, the spirit may or may not be affected.  The root cause of DID is usually some kind of trauma (intentional or unintentional), such as a hard childbirth, neonatal surgery, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or some form of abuse.  A part of the human psyche peels apart from the rest and serves as a container for the abuse, so protecting rest of the person’s soul (hence the term part) and when abuse of some sort happens in further instances, that part or another part of the soul comes to the forefront in order to endure the difficult situation.

Basically, SRA typically involves those that are part of a coven (a group of witches) or Satanists (as the perpetrators of the abuse) that work to destroy the human spirit and divide the soul of an victim through a series of rituals whose hallmarks include violent death and resuscitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or other forms of torture and nasty treatment.  Usually, those who are survivors have any number of different personalities and parts of their spirit that have unique identities, and some of whom may hate Jesus as a result of the process that resulted in their mental and spiritual state becoming separated and parsed out (think of a glass shattering, and you will have some idea).  Separate parts and fragments.  These fragments are often the age of whenever the trauma took place, and they can each have a unique identity.

CRA, which is a term I coined, is regular abuse that is perpetrated by Christians, especially those in positions of authority or leadership, on victims in a regular way.  Given this is a relatively new and little-understood term, it has not made its way into the mainstream, but I would not be surprised, given the level of authority that believers carry, if there are not quite a few of those who are no longer walking with the L-rd because of massive trauma or abuse.  Just some thoughts for y’all to chew on.
I am rather vexed at the lack of flexibility or pulpit-guarding that happens at the expense of helping real wounded and damaged people with skill.  That goes for those who are hammered and whose spirits and souls (a spirit is different from a soul: Hebrews 4:12.) are shattered by the practitioners of darkness and wickedness.

We need people who are willing, even if they are not capable, and are willing to grow into the capacity to love on angry parts, altars, full systems, and switching, and are not scared when their clients move between personalities.

We need people who will handle and work with a portfolio of those who have survived the abuse dished out by covens, termed survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse. .

And we need people who will handle and work with those who have survived the  regular abuse dished out by pastors, what I term Christian Ritual Abuse.

With a stubborn refusal to grow embittered and jaded.

The church is greatly screwed up in places, if you will ask many a pastor.  But it can be fixed and repaired.

3) Lack of equipping and releasing.

It is not just about equipping the saints for the work of ministry, but, per John Wimber, it is about releasing and letting go of your finest talent so they can reproduce in accordance with the command of G-d.

4) The Spirit of Jealousy, a perversion of the Father.

Father gives every good and perfect gift.  Jealousy focuses you on what someone else has, and blinds you to what He gave you.  We need to stop focusing on the infinity in someone else’s life, and work at unpacking the infinity in our own lives.

5) The Victim Spirit, a perversion of the Son.

Sons have resources and create.  Victims cannot see the resources to use in order to implement.  Jesus implemented the Father’s vision on earth using the tools the Father gave him.

6) The Mesmerizing Spirit, a perversion of the work of the Holy Spirit.

This is an issue of focus. The Mesmerizing Spirit is a pickpocket and a thief, and our job is to not get distracted by the one bad thing that would cause us to jettison a good package, or focus on the one good thing, and thereby swallow a camel of bad issues.  Do not strain out a gnat and swallow a camel, gang.  See the whole package, and yet honor G-d’s design.

7) The refusal to equip AND release.

It is one thing to not see the need to do this which is the difference between this and #3, but to plainly see it and refuse to release, is a form of rebellion against the work of G-d going forward and multiplying, and yet, pastors, full of envy and covetousness, refuse to equip, and refuse to release.  As a result, the Holy Trinity has to operate apart from the usual structure of leadership and sovereignly teaches people by Himself and then has to release those people.

What leaders often do, instead of this, is what I like to call (per my friend, El Jefe de California) “equip and annex.”  Annexation is another word for “control”, or “take over”.

Wait a minute, with all this authority, should we not be outwardly focused and not focused on how many people kiss our rings and touch our robes, or pay homage to our likenesses?

We were made to tread upon the serpent, not tread upon each other.
8) The barrenness caused by the Spirit of Jealousy.

The Spirit of Jealousy likes to perform spiritual hysterectomies among believers, both male and female.  Father will avenge those who have been stricken with barrenness and will care for them.  We need to call it out when we see it and correct it, no matter the manifestation.  Our job is to speak to those corrupted or those in the process of being corrupted by it in order to awaken them so they can move forward and reject the SOJ’s grip.

9) The denial of the supernatural.

This as well as #11 just need to be blown apart to smithereens.  Craig Keener, in his masterful, two-volume work called Miracles, blew apart every argument against the veracity of miracles.  Our faith is designed for the miraculous to be seen as the normal.

10) The usage of Christian Humanism, by which I mean we use our natural faculties to provide answers to spiritual problems.

I was in London last week visiting with my friend, El Jefe De California, and he made mention of this concept of Christian Humanism, and assaulted it without mercy.  Basically it is taking a naturalistic mindset and using it to solve every problem.  The problem with it should almost be self-evident.  Namely, that if we can use our natural brains to solve problems, then maybe we are not solving big enough problems, and our vision is too small, and we are not touching the problems with the level of problem-solving acumen that the Spirit of G-d can use in us.  Are the weapons of our warfare spiritual, or are they merely natural or mental?  Are we solving problems smaller than our skillset, and are we even tackling spiritual problems.  Such as deliverance from Bipolar, the healing of Alzheimer’s, the healing of Downs Syndrome, and a whole host of problems from the chin up.  Spiritual answers, rather than the grey matter of book knowledge between our ears.

Having solid argumentation that utilizes the best of the mental faculties that were given us by our all-knowing Father is one thing.

Basing the totality of our faith upon that savvy is something entirely different.
11) I numbered my list wrong and missed #11.

12) The paradigm set in place by David Hume that denies miracles.

David Hume basically argued that because all humans have basically the same experience (called the Uniformity of Human Experience), because one group of humans has never seen a miracle, miracles do not exist.  This argument  of course is absurd, because if any human has a different experience than another human being and witnesses a miracle, then the argument is completely and unequivocally refuted.

13) The obsession with defining discernment only in relationship to detecting true or false doctrine.

Many “naturally-thinking” Christians, especially cessationists, have come to view discernment as only the capacity to discern whether a message is sound (See “Strange Fire” by John MacArthur, pp.37, 38. 72, 124, 125, 241, 242, where MacArthur only relates discernment to occasions where a message is being spoken, and not one occasion where discernment of the presence of a demonic or unclean spirit is discussed).

14) The belief that children have a junior Holy Spirit.

We send our kids for 40 hours a week of instruction in a public school that does not honor G-d, and in that institution they learn how to think critically and analyze, and then, on Sunday Mornings, expect them to color a sheet featuring Noah’s Ark, complete with smiling animals (the Flood was a global judgment, complete with drownings and suffering), and then expect they will grow spiritually precisely because we act like they are not perceptive enough to be receptive to spiritual things, when we have not even taught them the lesson of Noah’s Ark.  Instead we dress it up and make it child-friendly.  Because the human spirit cannot be engaged until the child has been baptized in the spirit of this age and critical thinking that could rip apart those flannelgraphs and coloring sheets that we have been teaching them to subsist on.  The kids are not going to be hungry for meat if we feed them Goldfish and Kool-Aid for DECADES!

I rest my case.

If we raised them and engaged their spirits from conception and blessed that spirit to be dangerous, then they would grow in the things of G-d VIGOROUSLY!

For further material on ministering to the spirit of your child, whether he or she is in the womb or outside of the womb, see the following:

15) The denial of women their rightful place to minister in accordance with their design.

A woman was designed to possess her birthright.  If her birthright is to pastor, and if Father has called her to pastor, you best not act like the pot questioning the Potter, demanding to know why He thinks he has to right to call her to pastor.

16) The misogyny and the misandry rampant in the church.

See point #15, where we expect women to only stay home, fat, pregnant, submissive, and teaching children, or women of their own sex.

And based on pop culture, we treat men like the castrated, brainless, drunken, perverted idiots that they most CERTAINLY WERE NOT DESIGNED TO BE.

If you spend your life castrating and performing hysterectomies upon fellow believers, then you will rob it of its vitality and it will live its like believing its a disempowered mass of bitches and bastards, whose primary jobs are to drink and screw. Period.

I hate to use that language, but we are so messed up when it comes to our identities, that we think we are legitimately illegitimate.

Rather, our job should be to raise MEN and WOMEN to be the DANGEROUS SONS and BRIDES that they are!  Equip and release!  Do not administer IV sedatives, narcotics, Ritalin, and other controlled substances, and then two decades later wonder why the hell these men and women won’t do the dangerous jobs of rescuing us, when we abused them by drugging them.
17) White-knuckle Christianity.

Obedience is not the point. Rather, freedom is. We were not made to be slaves.  Rather we were made to be the Brides of Christ, and the Sons of G-d.

18) The caste system between leaders and the common folk.

Forced submission between a pastor and his congregation where there is no trust, is not life-giving.  Rather it fosters the spirit of slavery that yells, ” Take Us Back to Egypt! We don’t want responsibility for our lives.  Provide for us, and we will build your pyramids and live in tolerance of a backwards existence.

19) The heretical doctrine of covering.

Covering as it is taught in Scripture has NOTHING to do with people in positions of leadership in the church.  The doctrine of covering that is currently taught in many churches, especially those of a Charismatic/Pentecostal Persuasion, is rooted in the Shepherding Movement and teaches that believers must be submitted to someone who mentors them and leads them in EVERY DECISION they make.  This is fueled by a spirit of Antichrist which wants to micromanage and control others.

The only places “cover” is used in Scripture have to do with blood covering sin, love covering sin, and covering the nakedness of Noah’s wife.  Nowhere in Scripture are we told that submission to a covering somehow increases our protection over those with no covering, and this is seen in practice across the board.

20) The practice of anti-Semitism against those of us who are of Jewish blood.

As a man of Jewish descent, I am insulted on every point from diet to dress, by every non-Jew who commands me to eat ham when I don’t want to, to remove my tallith, and why do I not celebrate Christmas or Easter.  And then there are Jews who are killed and gassed, and hated for the favor of the L-rd on us.  Christian mistreatment of the Jewish people does happen, unfortunately.

21) The lack of affection and tenderness among believers.

Speaking the truth has to be done with love and some eye toward how the conversation is framed.  We either practice sloppy agape or we just bash people prophetically.  Both extremes are not as effective as tempering the one with the other.

22) The viewpoint that our chief birthright is to hunt for and lambaste heretics (witch-hunts).

We have a deep tradition in Calvinist, Reformed, and Protestant Christianity of looking for why someone is wrong in their practice of Christian teaching, and for exposing them before the world, because, in our eyes, they are unfruitful works of darkness.  And we waste time that could be put to better use pursuing what we were made to do in chasing those we think are heretics (cue the obsession with Joel Osteen and Mark Driscoll and Arthur Burk and Bill Johnson and….and…and) that someone think our job is to be the whiniest group of jerks on the planet.

Look, your job as a follower of Christ, Jew or non-Jew, is to do what He designed you to do, not whine about how sinful someone’s sin is.  Exposing really unfruitful works of darkness, and telling it like it is, is not but a small part of our life.  Instead of tearing at others, go do what G-d made you to do.
23) Our refusal to live in accordance with all three parts of Revelation 12:11.

We love yelling about the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony, but that part about “not loving our lives so much that we shrink back from death” is part of the deal too, and it is required if we want to overcome the Dragon fully.

24) Our unwillingness to care for the widows and the fatherless and the poor.

The Mormons have it hand over fist over us on this point.
25) Our choice to treat and ostracize those who have committed certain sins that we hold above all others.

Pick your sin, gang.

There it is, gang.  Just some thoughts here for your pondering.  Please make sure you eat the meat and spit out the bones.

Leaving Satan’s Plantation

My son, Isaac, is an outstanding example of obedience and submission and helping others.

That said, he sometimes takes it too far and it occurred to me as though he acts like he is living on a plantation.

Let me explain.


Plantation Mentality


Isaac was up this morning, and as per his MO, he was standing at the bus stop under an overcast sky that as threatening with some rain.  I asked him to come to the porch in order to sit down.  Now, the bus is not incredibly easy to hear, but if you quiet down, you can hear it, and given Isaac’s arm was hurt from a biking accident today, he could not play, and I encouraged him to sit down at the front porch, some 200 feet from the curb, and talk to me.  He pushed back that he did not want to be left behind, and that the bus would leave without him, and I pushed back and asked him to calm himself, and not to fret or fear, and that I have a key and a car, and would give him a ride if they left him, which didn’t calm him much.

He was afraid the master was going to whip him into submission if he did not jump and sprint to the bus.

So, we talked, and listened for the bus, and a couple of times he thought the bus had come, and it was just a car.  I reminded him that I taught him what a diesel engine sounds like, and just gently told him to continue sitting.

And, discerning the presence of something malicious, I said:

“That is a spirit of fear that you are walking in, and it is keeping you from being able to rest and walk with a sound mind, son.  You know how I know this?  I walk in the same thing, and when I get in a spirit of fear, I respond by getting angry and mean and cussing and hurting stuff, people, etc. Let’s just calm down.”

And the bus showed up, and we walked together, and I encouraged him to slow his pace and to not freak out over the bus.

It was a set of expectations that was placed on him by that critter, and he rolls over regularly for whatever the source of the pressure might be, and sometimes acts like a slave (I do the same thing myself).  And I said, “you are a son, not a slave. I do not want you having the mentality that you have to sprint, risk falling and injuring yourself again, and having to, instead of going to school, going to the ER, and having a doctor fix more issues.  The bus driver can wait another 45 seconds while you walk safely.”

And as we walked, surely enough, the bus waited another half-minute, while he walked at a decent pace. And as he got on, and I talked to the bus driver, I was telling her that he needed to learn how to be safer and not panic that she was going to leave him behind.

She thanked me, and drove off, with Isaac on board.

And I saw the picture of Isaac picking cotton as a field hand, and heard the words in my spirit, “leaving Satan’s plantation.”

And I recognized my plantation mindset as well.  And began the process of repenting of that mindset.

The Spirit of Fear

It is the spirit of fear that keeps us on the devil’s plantation.  Makes us push ourselves and those around us to just slave away to whatever agenda he has for us, and makes us drop our boundaries and our willingness to say “no” and crowds us.  And that brings us to the brink of Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue.

And it prevents us from embracing the Power of Yeshua, the Love of the Father, and the Sound Mind of the Ruach Hakodesh, which brings us to a place of security in Him.  When my strings get pulled, I get jazzed up on whatever irritant is tweaking me at the time, and it’s harmful to whatever purpose Father is moving me toward in the given season.  And it disconnects me from my timeline.


And G-d through Yeshua did not design us for this.  He did not design us to flow in fear of circumstances.  And when we violate the design, we come to harm.   It is the fear of the L-rd that is the only fear in which we should walk (honoring, and keeping Him our priority, as contrasted to mindlessly being afraid of Him).  And when we walk out of the Fear of the L-rd, and in the fear of the enemy or the fear of the circumstances, we disintegrate, and that pretty rapidly.

Gang, it is time for us to come off of the devil’s plantation, and to see the shackles cut from around our feet.

The only way we can do that is by embracing power, love, and a sound mind through the Fear of the L-rd, which is a desire for Him and His honor, in response to the multi-colored expression of His love.

And the embrace of power, love, and a sound mind comes through repentance (which is vastly more than just the starting block of changing the way you think, and moving forward, pointing your orientation in a new direction),  and working with blessing and coaching our adrenals.


The Adrenals-Future Post Preview

The adrenals are the landing pad for covenants and agreements.

They are also very spiritual organs.

And, with the brain and the heart, they are one of three thinking organs.

More on that in a future post.





Some Thoughts On Rape and Abortion

Abortion is an act that devours generations. It does not right any wrong, even one so noisome as rape. It diminishes authority that can be earned through the crucible of motherhood.

Every day for each child is ordained for them.

Every. Single. Day.

Interrupting that ordination process and sequence and that potential robs everyone, including the mother or the father who is the victim of rape.

And when Father allows pregnancy out of wedlock, it is because He deems that the destiny of that child is more important than the curses that flow from acts of sin.

Curses can be easily dealt with, regardless of their type. Even the curses of illegitimacy can be handled.

But that child’s life is the L-rd’s answer to the enemy’s attempt at destroying the lives of two individuals who choose, or one woman’s life or mans life who does not choose.

The trauma of rape and the myriad issues that plague “unwanted” pregnancies can be dealt with, by the G-d of Logistics.

That child is a destiny, regardless of the circumstances that led to their existence.

Children are the L-rd’s repeating pattern, the L-rd’s fractal against the assaults on legacy.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, and thank you and Dad for having me.




RHE and the Failure Or Refusal to Listen to Critics

Dear Evangelicals,

Part of the reason your sound is so roundly cursed in some circles is because of the following.

A failure or a refusal to listen.

When we reject their accusations out-of-hand without an honest conversation about if we got our viewpoints wrong.

Granted, I have heard much of Rachel Held Evans with which I vehemently disagree. That said, it is damned near impossible to utilize the death of someone to tastefully show where you think they were off or heretical. I think we might want to rethink how we approach our theological adversaries.

Many times, we tear at other Christians, and at the worst times. We refer to them as heretics, monsters, abusers, and all other sorts of things.

We did it with Matthew Warren’s family.

And others. And Father gives us the opportunity to redeem our time and days, so that we can walk well in the “days [that] are evil.”

So, evangelical church that I have left, who often speaks as though your reputation will be marred if you are not quick to share where you disagree with a major theological figure who dies, I would exhort you to demonstrate a quickness to listen, and a slowness to speak.

You do not need to demonstrate a tasteless knee-jerk response to justify your theological position in the MIDST OF AN OBITUARY.

Indeed, when we use our authority in Christ to speak insensitively about others and parts of our tributes breathe the air of criticism so close to the death of someone for whom Christ died and with whom we so greatly disagree, it can land as though we are rejoicing over their death, or potentially taking pleasure in their death, which is not the example of our L-rd, who “takes no pleasure in the death of the ungodly.” Regardless of your evaluation of a person’s life, it comes across as opportunistic to use the occasion of a person’s death in order to get mileage for your position.

A few years back, a relative of mine died who walked with a considerable double lifestyle, and I did not use the occasion of their death to bring that iniquity to light.

In light of Evans’ untimely death, evangelical leaders should not use the funeral meats to coldly furnish the dispute tables.

The body is not even in the ground and we are rushing to protect our reputation, as if it is not clear where we stand theologically.

I had a relative who was sexually molested by a pastor, and instead of protecting the victim, they fired my relative. Their argument? They wanted to protect their reputation.

Our stewardship of words would be better placed in articulating that someone is dead, and then at a later date, say where we disagreed with them.

Never pass up an opportunity to walk in discretion towards another with whom you disagree.

When we use our sound to repeatedly trumpet our disagreements with someone and the context is not appropriate, we may not be practicing the best stewardship, and may open up the door for the further devouring of our sound.

Fifth head of Leviathan, gang.


Dog-Walking Ruminations: Human Relationships

Following the usual disclaimer, gang. Seriously, apply only what applies. Don’t apply what does not apply.


It has been 22 years since homeschooled Josh Harris messed with my generation (January 1, 1997, and now we are starting to pick up the pieces.

For the record, homeschooling is not THE solution to society’s ills, and public schooling does not guarantee your children will be sacrificed on the altar of agnosticism.

For the record, I was raised in public school bye a whole time Public School English teacher. My father was Discipline Coordinator for Metro Nashville Public Schools. I have walked the last 34 years very comfortable connecting with everyone from feminists and home educated to Young Earth Creationists, Old Earth Creationists, and Evolutionists.

I have personally survived all of that, and I can affirm that it can be done no matter how dark the days are. If you teach your kids how to light a candle and follow you as you run into the darkness, provided you are doing exactly what the father has instructed you to do, in the end your kids will survive and have a legacy that is life-giving to pass on to their kids.

If you raise your kids to know and understand and walk in the basic principles of life, and to recognize the cause-and-effect relationships, they can be made ready, no matter what kind of a school situation in they find themselves.

Darling, Freud, and Jung, no matter your opinions or research, hunted for meaningful principles. They may have found some.

There may have been things that they got right in the midst of all that they got wrong.

But before you adjudicate, do a smattering of reading as Father leads.

Make sure that you don’t cede your responsibility as parents to raise your kids in the nurture and the admonition of the L-rd.

Surrendering those rights and responsibilities to the school system, the Sunday School System, the church or synagogue system, or to your kids themselves is a surefire way to ensure that they have been raised in accordance with the stronghold of selective responsibility.

For those that are believers, your family is your ministry team and they are your primary responsibility and congregation and synagogue.

It is your job to instruct them in the art and science of seeing things in accordance with reality.

Responsibility for the current status of the relational scene in the faith of Jesus rests with individual families, those who ceded their responsibility to instruct their kids when it came to the principles governing human relationships. It is time, check that, Beyond Time, for us to recover that responsibility and take an active role and teaching our kids principles that are necessary.

Feeling guilty over having to send your kids to public school does not fix the problem. Taking an active role in instructing your kids and allowing their teachers to assist you in that process and embracing the Principle of Responsibility will help fix the problem.

it was never Josh Harris’ responsibility to raise our kids in the area of Human Relationships.

It was never our job to shove a book in their faces and hope to G-d that some of what was written in those books would sink into them.

Don’t get it twisted. I am not attempting to condemn anyone for their parenting style.

This is the Russian epic of Cinderella; if the shoe fits, wear it. If the shoe does not fit, don’t wear it.

If this applies to you, then apply it, and if it doesn’t apply to you then FOR G-D’S SAKE, DON’T APPLY IT.

In other words, if it offends you simply because I wrote it and stated my opinion, then you might be allowing yourself to be cut for the wrong reasons.

Any reasonable person should be able to eat the meat and spit out the bones. If I said something you can take and use, then please take it and use it.

But if it is not useable or applicable, then understand it may not have been meant for you.

It is my job, your job, our job as parents to raise our kids to know all of the principals governing Human Relationships.

Let us quit naively assuming that one methodology of schooling or education or resource is going to be the simple, Silver Bullet, quick fix.

Neither a homeschooler not a public schooler nor a private schooler has a corner on all truth in an area.

Life is complex, and the Faith of Christ is complex.

This time for us to develop multifaceted complex solutions, that weave together a boatload of principles in order to fix a multifaceted problem.

The Wrights were not successful in manned flight because they followed a quick-fix simplistic answer to get the Flyer off the ground. Rather, they WOVE together a plethora of concepts and did a boatload of research and rumination AND THE SCIENTIFIC PROCESS OF MEDITATION on the work of birds and kites and gliders (Flyer 1 was AN UNPOWERED GLIDER) before they put engine to wings, ailerons, elevators, and rudders.

Just because Christ has a Simplicity to him does not mean the solutions to life will always reflect that simplicity. Simplicity applied to every problem will bring applied to every problem we’ll bring a follower of Yeshua to frustration and utility.

Stop approaching your face with and anemic Silver Bullet. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to every problem that you may face. and if God has called you to conquer a complex problem, then giving up just because the problem is complex is a sure-fire way to lose out on your Birthright and your calling.