An Exhortation

The Bible never says that anyone will ever ask you a question about anything. Not “why should I let you into my kingdom?”. Not ” what have you done?”. Not ,”did you acknowledge me before men?”. Not, “did you do this or that or anything else?”.
It only says that He will judge, and he will do it well. It will not be our job to present any sort of case before Him who judges righteously.
Rather, all of ourselves will be laid bare before Him and He will do what He always does. He will judge, and He will do that correctly. He will handle everything, and He will consider whether you obeyed what He told you to do.
And in that day, there will be no Q and A on His part. No goofy questions that preachers like to use to manipulate you and me into the kingdom. No inane stuff about whether or not you were a Marine or a Soldier. Nothing embodied in these goofy and inane pictures that try to manipulate us into sharing them in order to demonstrate our lack of shame for Him. None. Of. That.
Just you, your life, and He who authorized that life.
The kicker is, what did you do with the life Jesus gave you? Was the direction of your life, mistakes and all, obedience to what He has told us plainly, or was it disobedience?
Mind you, every single thing He ever told you and me, not just in Scripture, but by the Holy Spirit, was told to us and shared with us for exactly the same reason fathers impart wisdom to their children: Tenderest, unfailing, loyal, abiding affection for us.
Father wants the best for you, and He hardwired you to walk in his enjoyment, his pleasure, His love.
The question today, while it is still called “Today” (Hebrews 4), is, “are you ultimately walking according to the design of the manufacturer, or you attempting to modify the perfection He has wrought by making it “better in your own eyes” ?
He knows, adores, and gives what is best.
You cannot improve on that design with control, or connivance, or hypocrisy, or addiction, or homosex, or avarice, or theft, or fornication, or adultery, or simony, or policy change, or amendments, or anything else that changes the outside circumstances while leaving you in the same broken and sinful state.
You must always, ultimately, continually change. We are constantly on the move, by degrees, either from glory to glory, or from death to death. That is part of Father’s design in us.
You will not ever be the same person from day to day.
And He has a “no-eye-has-seen” series of moments of encounter in store for you.
So, go and search out Jesus, and when you find Jesus, remember that NO ONE KNOWS JESUS BETTER THAN HOLY SPIRIT. So, if you want to get to know Jesus, get real intimate with Holy Spirit.
He is, after all, the Revealer of Scriptures. By Holy Spirit do you get to know what is in the Scriptures, and what they teach about the Word of God, Jesus, and the Father of lights, the Father.
The only way we are able to interact with the Father and the Word of God is by Holy Spirit. He is the One given and sent.
So get to know Him really well, and He will run you on a crash course as to your identity, your makeup, your giftings, and the things that really will make you come alive. Better than that bottle, habit, addiction, or sinful lifestyle.
Be blessed.