From The Desk of Arthur Burk: 3/29/20- Concerning Restaffing Government

Arthur writes:

Week 1.8 3:00 p.m.


There are three punch lines to the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

-He lived.

-His enemies died.

-The highest levels of the executive branch of the empire was massively gutted and had to be rapidly re-staffed – with righteous men who Daniel trusted – including, most likely, a lot of Jews.

Same thing happened with Mordecai. Haman was killed. Mordecai took his slot. But then he staffed the administration of the empire with good men.

There are capable, godly leaders who God has created for governmental leadership, but who disdain politics and civil government because of the corruption. But that is EXACTLY the kind of man who needs to be there – someone who can’t be bought.

As God drains the swamp in His own way, and creates vacancies in strategic posts throughout the governmental agency you are focused on, call forth exactly the people whom God has already designed, trained and called to fill those posts, even though they may not have earth’s credentials and experience.

Let the grace of God be on them for rapid entrée and supernatural on-boarding.

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