Several Facets of Rodney Howard Browne’s Arrest That Merit Some Consideration…

I already posted some thoughts on the arrest of Rodney Howard Browne, in response to the reports that comments made in social media reflect a tone of celebration by believers at the fact he was arrested for violating the social distancing rules.

That said, someone posted a news piece and tagged me to ask for my input, and I have some quick thoughts with which I responded below to them, and I would like to share those with y’all. The portion between the asterisks was the portion I previously posted with some provocation yesternight, so those of y’all who are read that part can skip reading what is between the asterisks.

My Response To A Question That Has Several Facets

There are about 8 different ways I can approach this subject.

One, there is a submission to the government authorities that needs to take place, provided there is a violation of either the Constitution or the Scripture.

Two, there are abusive personality aspects that pastors like this typically portray, and I would urge caution when being in a church pastored by a person like this.

Three, I posted the following as it pertains to those who celebrate his arrest: ***********************************************************************

“For those who want a trigger warning….
I am not going to provide it, so read at your own risk, or scroll past.
Okay, because no one else will say it, I will day it.
If you are a follower of Messiah Yeshua, and you are celebrating the arrest of a believer, then you do not know one thing about the L-rd. Those thoughts that celebrate a believer’s arrest, whether or not you deem points of his or her theology accurate or heretical, are G-d-damned belchings from the lowest pit of hell.
This man was used of the L-rd to see to it that my former best friend’s wife came to know the L-rd.
Without Rodney’s ministry at New Life In Jacksonville, Wendy might not have had the bounty of fruit that she has enjoyed.
You stand up for how the Spirit leads you. Some of us will take a hard stance and resist government intervention in the life of the church, and some will obey.
But for another believer to utter a G-d-damned curse against another believer, to say nothing of a proven leader in the body of Christ is some the foulest raunch of Hades.
And for the record “G-d-damned” when used in proper context, as here, means “condemned by the L-rd”.
I am speaking up as a Mercy because I have Prophet friends who, for one reason or another cannot speak up, and I have less to lose than they.
I speak to protect my friends who are survivors of SRA.
Look, I get it. I am a writer and scribe, and I am sure you could cite any number of proverbs about “filthy communication”.
This behavior among believers is contemptible.
And I for one am glad someone stood up for some convictions.
“We need less wishbone and more backbone.”
-Dave Ramsey-
I pray for and stand with Rodney and his church.
Glad to see someone with the Reproductive fortitude to follow through with their own convictions that landed them in hot water.
Look, I am fine he stood for something, and that he consistently was aware of the consequences and accepted them.
But the harassment that believers routinely engage in against those that differ from them, is patently asinine.
Rodney, thanks for the ministry. Because of your obedience, my former friend and his wife are doing work for the kingdom.
And now I will lay my head down and sleep in peace.

Four, I think pastors who have convictions and act accordingly are to be admired. Just as women like Kali who act according to convictions are….just….wow. We have so many Christians who will roll over just because they are taught to be doormats because they think the Lion of Judah was just Mister Rogers with a beard.

Five, Rodney KNEW the risk and ACCEPTED the consequences, and knew this was HIS fight, not others. Our responsiblity is to make sure we are willing to accept the consequences of our actions. Martyrdom and arrest are not outside the realm of possibility for a believer.
So, I am fine with us passing news along, and even stating where we agree or disagree. But gaslighting, celebrating arrests as believers, and general gloating, when the L-rd does not take pleasure in the death of the ungodly, is bullshit.

It’s conduct unbecoming.

And six, I am of the opinion that the majority who are immunocompromised and immunosuppressed and probably all Americans should respect a two week self-quarantine.
Because I am the descendant of Blackfoot Tribes and Jews, I am not keen on the idea of Government abridgment of rights. What this can lead to, we need to be very careful where we move on this path, because it can quickly become a slippery slope. Emergency powers are not often relinquished so easily. And we were made for Separation of Powers as a nation.

Seven, my conviction is we have been given a certain amount of authority as an asset. Where are we going to choose to expend that authority?

Eight, like personality traits, G-d has given us different gifts. Some are made to teach, some are made to serve, some are made to fight, and some are made to steward, to unpack, and to provide a safe place.

Bottom line, we need our share of mouths in the body of Christ, and we need to be careful how we respond when they are silenced.

And we need to make room for G-d himself to act an intervene.

And we need sobriety in our responses.

True, Rodney is mouthy, and may have been a bit egotistical, but that is not to say that there is not a purpose for him to be wound a little tighter, and forged a little hotter. The firebrands and the ice baths both serve a purpose.

This song that the L-rd sings with the instruments of our lives is a song of fire and ice. And both are needed.

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