When the Teacher and the Prophet Work Together: Land, People, Resources: Newt Speaks

If you wonder if what I have been saying about the Teacher and the Prophet holds any weight, start at 10:50 and move on from there. For quite a few minutes, he describes something that could have only come from America.

Speaker Gingrich describes “something that is very fundamental about the nature of America” (11:32). He launches into how the Wright Brothers handle their problem for learning to fly. Updrafts are continuous from Kitty Hawk. They had to use skill, and they had to take THEIR OWN resources with their own money and did something.

This poverty spirit in our country where we have the mindset of “I need, therefore, Uncle Sam, give me” is unnerving.

This mindset that big-government types have that wishes to keep the American public dependent on government agency counters the spirit that makes America what it is.

Note: I did not name parties, and my audience naming party names will kill the capacity of those who are in my audience to hear and receive something from this post.

Note again, the Wrights with little backing and finances and resources learned how to fly.

Somehow, when the floor drops out from under you when you have the resources, and you fail, and fail, and fail, and then eventually succeed, you have the capacity to anticipate, to experience, to savor, and to tell.

So, please, do not beg the government for what you think should be a permanent handout. Do not buy the lie being fed by the left and the right that you must be dependent on an all-powerful government who is supposed to fix your problems and keep you from failing.

You find out what your design is, and then you go and do whatever you need to do in accordance with how you are hardwired in order to succeed.

If you need help with figuring out your design, I will help as I have time.

Beloved, you were not made to depend on others.

Go, find what you were made to do. And be at peace, gang.

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