Protecting Heretics While Exposing Heresy

“If some preachers didn’t have someone [with whom] to fight, they [would not] have a message.”

Author withheld

Regardless of the differing views of the author of this quote (who shall remain nameless so as to not set alarm bells off for some in my audience) , this is a strong lesson that we need, that demonstrates the reality of the state of preaching today.

Too much preaching, in the interest of having “no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” has focused on how wicked, evil, heretical, and vile these teachers are, but it has done so while simultaneously shelving the fruit of the spirit.

The result is a lot of mean-spirited tripe that masquerades as good preaching.

If we are going to expose, then let us do so with an eye to reconciliation.

And let’s not engage in fighting and call it preaching.

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