Mesmerizing Spirit Series: Not Enough Perspective To Adequately Understand Or Contend For Justice

A Much Broader Perspective Than the Elections

That potential assertion that I do not care about justice is far from the truth.

However, what we think is justice and what He thinks is justice are often two different things. How we excoriated Clinton’s character and defended Trump’s behavior is an example of the way in which we changed as a nation for the worse. Going from saying the president’s personal character does matter to saying it did not matter, Trump supporters exchanged places with Clinton supporters.

Did you know that a major prophet said Bill Clinton has a mantle of humility, for example?

Back to what we exchanged about earlier, I am aware G-d is concerned about justice. But justice does not mean having a partial perspective about the elections and treating is as the whole perspective. I don’t think the majority of these prophets the last four years have done us any favors, given there is no recourse for accountability when they get it wrong (Charlie Shamp in 2018 for example with the red wave), and given they like to spout off things like “touch not my anointed one and do my prophets no harm.”

Much of the modern-day prophets have a notoriously questionable track record and they frequently do not get the justice of G-d. I think a lot of what we think is justice is short of G-d’s larger perspective and I think G-d is using 2020 to correct the “prophetic movement” and to bring them back into a place where they are actually hearing Him more fully and recognizing their perspective is only part of the whole perspective.

Beyond Small-Minded and Soulish Justice

The larger issue is delivering us as a nation from the Mesmerizing Spirit. Once we have been delivered from that and once we have repented of that, we will have a much larger perspective to see all of His justice. But given judgment starts in the house of G-d, I am looking for Him to first make His decisions pertaining to us, and when we ask G-d for justice, we need to recognize that His sequence is frequently not our sequence. He could be uncovering more than just the small things we think about. We have a lot of wannabe prophets that are not hearing Father’s deeper plan for the office of prophet and we have a lot of surface-level prophecies.

We Went Shallow In Dealing With Trump’s Strongholds

“When we deliberately refuse to see what CAN be seen, we give the enemy the right to blind us from something we really need to see. “

Arthur Burk

Refusing to see what you need to see about Trump is what leads to this nonsense in the first place, church.

Personally, I think we didn’t reach into how G-d wanted us to respond in Trump by transforming him the way the L-rd wanted to. And instead we defended him the way the Democrats defended Bill Clinton with the same arguments.

And out of that, the Mesmerizing Spirit got PHENOMENAL mileage.

Pivoting To What Might Be Happening Now That We Were Shallow

I would suggest that, largely, the L-rd is moving into a deeper-than-we-understand purifying of the office of Prophet and, from there, we will see the rest of the picture.

First and foremost, prophets chronically look at Republicans and Democrats and ignore all other players in the US. Supposed R’s and D’s existed in four years and His choice in 2024 was neither Republican nor Democrat. Given the current blindness, would we have the spiritual gonads to see that?

We act like the two-party system is all that is being dealt with in the courts of heaven. This is a partial perspective and that sort of willful blindness is deadly. G-d is wanting to SHATTER that bias of small perspective and bring us into the realm of seeing what no-eye-has-seen.

And talking about SCOTUS justices, did you know Clarence Thomas is pro-life, but he also served as a lawyer for Monsanto? And every time a Monsanto case has come before SCOTUS, he has not refused himself, but rather every time has voted in favor of Monsanto.

That’s neither pro life nor just. That is pro life with strings attached.

The abortion issue is not the only arena of justice that we have to get right.

Only Getting Our Arms Around A Part of the Arena

And for us to say and place prophecies around two candidates who have both proven to be big-government, pro-war (Afghanistan), anti-limited spending slobs, and refusing to look at the whole perspective, when G-d demands we look at the big picture, is outright further empowering a spirit that doesn’t care which bozo is in office, provided we remain with blind spots, and provided he can bankrupt us from a thousand angles and we continue to spend more than we take in.

So, when we cry out for justice, it is wisest for us to not coach G-d on what justice looks like, because we do not know His sequence. So, shrinking the perspective and saying, “YAY Trump because no Biden!”, and ignoring the rest of the robustness of what could have happened in this election is short-sighted.

And thinking abortion is a matter of solely a SCOTUS decision is also blindness.

Fullness of Justice Goes Beyond a President, a SCOTUS Decision, or Two Parties In An Election

Justice there looks like William Wilberforce, who, with a cadre of others, and Wedgewood China figurines (part of the contemporary art of the culture) engaged he culture in millions of conversations about the slave trade, skillfully. We in the pro life movement have sucked at skillful and shrewd discourse, but we sure have innocent as a dove down cold.

Part of the Punch Line

Bottom line: we have an incredibly shallow view of justice combined with an unwillingness to cultivate the shrewdness of a serpent, in accordance with Jesus command in Mathew 10:16. So, something has to change for us to change that massive problem. This is beyond Trump and SCOTUS which is notoriously small thinking.

Just my take.

The Prayer

L-rd, we do not know and we refuse to coach You where to shine your light and what to expose. We repent for coaching You on where to shine Your light.

And Father, we ask You to shine Your light where You want to shine it and keep it there until we see what You want us to see and we deal with it.

We repent of willful blindness and partial perspective. Help us to see what You are showing us IN FULLNESS.

In the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach

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