One Purpose of 2020

It would seem I have an impression

This year has overturned a lot, whether through injustice, or mistreatment, or improper application of the rule of law, or social norms, or fear, or plague.

And I have a thought or two there, if you will indulge me.

If this plague and series of decisions or judgments is from the L-rd, and if we are dealing with this as something He sent (We know from Scripture the L-rd can send plagues as a form of judgment; Exodus 7-11, Ezekiel 5:17, Ezekiel 14, Revelation 6:7-8), then the overturning is from Him and it is to a purpose.

I see this series of issues for 2020 and I saw and heard a billion words saying 2020 was going to be a restoration of vision.

If that is the case, and we had dead fields that had lain fallow for decades, in the church as well as out, then I surmise the L-rd’s anointing on 2020 was that of a plowshare.

I think the L-rd intentionally has been using this plowshare, if we will receive it as such, as a plow to stir all kinds of things up so He can loosen the dirt and the ground in order to remove the junk and plant the good.

I think He is preparing the ground to place the seed that he wants

“Is not My word as a fire,” saith the L-rd, “and a hammer to break the rocks into pieces?”

I wonder if he is not going to use people like Nancy Pelosi, and AOC, and Donald Trump, and Kamala Harris, and Jo Jorgensen, and Joe Biden, and Barack Obama, and Republicrats to stir us up so that we will seek Him and depend on Him.

Is it possible that 2020 was designed to be a plowshare to level everything and the burn and break up everything so that we were open to the new thing He wants to do.

Can you handle the weight of being plowed in your own heart through the plowshare test of a level of false accusation in order to remove the quick-tempered anger that leads to murder, and that all that is found in you is the righteous anger that leads to correction of injustice and that you would be willing to speak for the correction of systems that breed injustice?

And you can talk about abortion, but that is the least of these problems.

I am talking, for example, about the US Government’s storied history of abusing First Nations through covenant breaking.

I am talking about the institutionalized misogyny practiced against women by religious institutions and the rampant sexism practiced against women like Beth Moore by men claiming the cloth is only allowed to be worn by those with a penis and testes simply because the men’s club of pastor’s in many places believes G-d has male sex organs.

I am talking about the raping of children by Catholic Priests.

I am talking about the church culture that enabled Jimmy Swaggart, and Ted Haggard, and Todd Bentley, and Bob Jones University, and Tullian Tchividjian, Mark Driscoll, and CJ Mahaney to protect, hide, or perpetrate abuse against others.

Our responsibility, in part, is to let the L-rd have His way and to allow Him to plow up everything He wants to plow up, so He can deal with us, and so He can remove the junk He wants to remove.

We cannot call ourselves the spotless Bride if we are going to allow compromise in our midst.

And this includes prophetic words that are improperly given, such as the 13 percent accuracy rate Elijah List tolerates as a solid track record for accuracy in the prophetic.

We are required to come higher and to walk in holiness. Period. Matthew 5:48, Leviticus 19:2.

Plow away, L-rd. We will not stand in the way.

Shine Your light whereever you want to shine it. If that means Democrats and Republicans and Protestants and Catholics are all exposed, then fine.

We will refuse to coach You as to where you want to shine the light.

Remove the junk and the garbage from Your midst.

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