Words of Wisdom From A Giver

Those of you that enjoy the MCU as much as I do, love picking out various RG’s.
Now, trigger for the death of Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is in my mind the quintessential Giver. Consider the following words from Coulson’s death.

“This was never going to work if they didn’t have something to….”-Agent Phil Coulson-

Fight for….those would have been his last words.

This was never going to work if they, the Avengers, didn’t have something to fight for.

That is a positive thing that you do, Giver tribe. Your death or your suffering may provide the impetus for the conception and birthing of a new thing G-d is doing in the earth. Keep doing what you do, gang. It’s not over yet.

Consider the following clips.

First, with the Exhorter Tony Stark in three clips, because the Exhorter does things in threes:

And in the presence of the Ruler, Thor, who is learning how to walk in a fathering role, after which he restores to the Prophet Jane Foster her equipment so she can continue her research.

When the Giver tribe walks by faith, they empower those around them to have the catalyst to create a new resource, or their presence causes new resources to come to the fore or be discovered, or for a new project to be risked on and others to put skin into the game after they have made the initial investment.

And then, in the ultimate sacrifice above. Givers, you may be called to put your life on the line, and your death may be the catalyst for the birth of something new.

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