Leviticus 10:8-9

A couple of thoughts here.

The L-rd said, no strong drinks for the priests.

The meta truth, the behind-the-truth idea He was conveying might have been, “do not engage with any behavior that could impair your judgment and capacity to weigh and decide”.

When we are walking in our offices of priest, pastor, whatever stands in the way of our exercising sound judgment and discernment is something that needs to be put away.

Whether or not we realize it, there is truth and applicable revelation to be had from the pages of the Law.

The L-rd intends us to move through the text and execute its truth for us.

There is a string of decisions made by leaders in the Charismatic Movement that happened because of impaired judgment.

Our responsibility and portion are to keep our wits about us and clothe ourselves with sobriety.

Am I saying we all teetotal are all times? Some may be given that as a permanent or seasonal assignment from G-d, and that is for each of you to work out, but no I am not being legalistic.

However, at the very least, when you are executing in the office of priest to the L-rd, you are in need of sober judgment.

And for those of you who pastor alcoholics or other addictive personalities, you might have to completely turn away from the use of alcohol. It depends on what the L-rd shows you.

I have a pastor friend who was challenged by the L-rd because of his need to be able to pastor alcoholics.

My counsel to you is, whatever you decide, be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and do what He tells you on this issue.

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