Seasons of Powerlessness Are One Thing, But Permanent Powerlessness…..

… Is entirely different.

Gang, we live under a better covenant than that of Moses, wherein is written….

Moses was the ground floor for us. Or better yet, the foundation and basement.

And I count no fewer than 10 desperate realities that come when we walk with him.

This says to me that we are choosing powerlessness or allowing this lack when we do not have to.

And developing a theology for why G-d withholds blessing, causes miscarriage, does not fight His enemies is stupid.

Our job, is to follow. And He will bless us.

Until then, I am not going to try and develop a theology that apologizes for G-d not doing.

Rather I am going to expend myself in helping you walk in all He has for you.

When we align with what He wants for us, He WILL send His terror against His enemies. The hornet will defend us.

My question is, where are you not aligned.

Some are aligned and bad things are happening.

I am not talking about the single incidences.

Rather, I am talking about the incessant lack of His manifestation in response to a persistent and stubborn, stiffnecked resistance to doing what He asked us to do.

As Yeshua corrected the Pharisees for stubborn and unyielding resistance to the will of G-d, so presently does G-d allow things to happen when we resist stubbornly.

And we must skillfully parse out what is happening.

Not merely provide a canned knee-jerk response for why this or that happened.

Robust research, skillful consideration, careful weaving together of our principles of Scripture, and a living walk with the L-rd that is not merely a salvation prayer so we can do whatever in hell we want.

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