Leviathan Post Series Prequal 1: The First Two of the Seven Principles

Okay, Amanda Damon. Because you asked for it….I am going to risk it. A post on this concept without dropping names. And I take full responsiblity for the content that appears here.

While there is a dearth of teaching available on the Seven Principles, and some of that material is over 50 years old, I am going to shoot from the hip and deliver my own understanding.

The Seven Principles are included as a bridge post in my teaching on Leviathan because they tie-in to the last teaching I did, and because they tie in directly to the fractal of seven (pattern of seven) found in Scripture.

As I had described eariler, there is an overarching theme of seven found throughout Scripture, and there is a curious passage in Proverbs, which I do not believe is simply an analogy or metaphor for completion of perfect wisdom. I am of the opinion that this pattern of seven is found in all of reality, both inside of Scripture and out in the real world.

It is time for us to Took up, move past our Bagginsish behavior and not merely be a people of the Book (I say this as a Teacher and a Scribe of Scripture), but also a people who venture out into the world and see the cause-and-effect relationships of reality at work.

People of Spirit and People of Truth.

This is why TPH’s plumbline is “Into All Truth By the Spirit of G-d”. I don’t just want to stick your nose into a Book, though that Book is extremely important. Rather, I want you to take that Book and the truths of reality of the L-rd’s nature into the wide world and step into fulfillment of being.

So, what is that passage?

Wisdom has built her house.

She has hewn her seven pillars.

Proverbs 9:1

I am of the viewpoint that there are seven pillars that make up wisdom’s home and those seven columns are the hub around which the rest of truth flows.

These principles are in order (follow the parallels to the Seven Days of Creation, the Seven Last Words of Christ, the Seven Redemptive Gifts, and the rest of the pattern):

1) The Principle of Design
2) The Principle of Authority
3) The Principle of Responsibility
4) The Fourth Principle in its three iterations of Pain and Suffering, Sowing and Reaping, and most generally, Reality
5) The Principle of Stewardship
6) The Principle of Freedom
7) The Principle of Fulfillment (Formerly Success)

Six Colors of the Rainbow As We Look @ Design

So, the phrase “Principle of Design” is something of a redundancy. There is no design without principles. And the Principle of Design is basically saying the Principle of Principles. Design is how something is made, how something functions and works, how something ticks, and how something is purposed. The airplane is constructed through hundreds and thousands of principles and dynamics. Pressures, lift, thrust, aerodynamics, yaw, pitch, attitude, altitude, weather, wind, air masses, barometric pressure, avoiding other objects that are flying, sight, sounds, proper takeoff and landing, metallurgy, materials, weight, and other factors.

White light is broken apart into six other colors of light: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet. So, also there are other groupings of seven in Scripture and nature that have this six-and-one, six-in-one pattern. So also the Spirit of G-d is broken apart into six other spirits, and the Principle of Design is the summation of the other six Principles. The Prophet is ideologically driven, and the Servant through Mercy are relationally-driven. The First Day’s ideology forms the building blocks for everything else that follows.

So, with Design, we look at the first day of creation and see that the L-rd created light, and in addition to that, everything necessary for light to exist. We call all of those laws that we cannot see the laws of science and the laws governing human relationships, and the laws goverening the spirit realm. And we understand and infer that because of all of these design related things, we have the Principle of Design.

And the associated head of Leviathan deals with Light. In all the ways you can manage to think of light plus some I have not gotten to, we discuss the head of Light.

Principle of Authority

Next, the Principle of Authority. Day 2. What was created. All we see is an expanse, a firmament, a dome, a vault, a canopy, a whatever. Some people might call this one an atmosphere. Whatever it was, the space between the waters above and the waters below also brought into existence

Weather, which G-d used to correct and cleanse the defilement from the days of Noah came from his execution of the authority in weather patterns that were already there, but not visible until they were needed.

I have never seen the wind. I have seen the effects of the wind, but I have never seen the wind. There is a mystery to it.

Billy Graham

The authority is not something that is usually seen until it is needed.

A true Ph.D who is recognized as an authority in his field, does not need to write “Doctor” or “Ph.D” on everything he puts forth. Frequently, those who do this have a legitimacy issue.

A cop has a badge and he does not have to announce that he has a badge every time he enters a crime scene. He carries the gravity of the path he has taken to this point.

Likewise, and let us again slaughter some sacred cows, an apostle…..

Does not have to post the title Apostle to his or her Facebook page in order to actually be in that office.

Being in power is like being a lady. If you have to say you are, you aren’t .

Margaret Thatcher

Those that are in authority do not have to say they are in authority. People understand they are and so naturally defer to them. Authority may be given or it may be earned. Believers understand at least four different types of authority.

1) Positional authority, which is given to each follower of Christ as a result of their relationship to Christ, though some take little time building that authority, because that increases in direct relatioship to the strength of their relatioship with the L-rd.

2) Endowed or Vested Authority, which comes when we are endowed with certain offices. Office of man or woman, son, daughter, husband, wife, patriarch, matriarch, the REAL offices of the fivefold ministry.

3) The Authority of Special anointings. One may have authority over birds, another over fish, another with fragrance to unlock the flavor of food, or the atmosphere as they clean. These are a little more specialized and are distributed as the L-rd wills, and these can be cultivated. I have some special anointing to work with plants and trees and land.

4) Earned Authority. Exactly what it says, we go through a situation and we accrue a capacity to deal more effectively with that sort of situation as we encounter it. For example, I have a friend who has, as a result of dealing with suicide for decades, significant earned authority over the spirit of suicide. I personally have an earned authority in the area of writings and the Scriptures and theology. Years spent around the material, and voila. I bring weight to those things. Also, I have been maligned repeatedly by church leadership, and because the L-rd has placed me in the office of pastor, I get a significant amount of mileage when I deal with those who have been mistreated by pastoral leadership. A pastor’s job description includes the equipping and releasing of people to do what they were made to do, and to protect them in their vulnerabilities. When I recognize that I am dealing with someone who is hurting, I tend toward carrying the same authority as if I pastored a congregation of people with individuals, and there is some sort of release there as I stand in for and apologize for the mishandling of pastoral authority.

In the interest of complete transparency, I can say I have screwed up a few times in the execution of this authority and I have also hurt people. But I have had to learn the art of walking with having forgiven myself and allowing Father’s grace to cover me in my screwups.

And there are all sorts of ways that authority gets unpacked.

But the reason authority is given is for one reason. G-d gives authority in order to increase the pool of authority in operation in the world. Authority might easily be defined as the capacity to execute. The ability to steer a particular situation in a particular direction.

And because of the patterns of Weather released on the Second Day, we refer to the associated head of Leviathan as the Head of Air or Weather.

I realize this is a brief snapshot of what will be fleshed out, but I wanted to lay some groundwork in the principles before we move to the more esoteric heads.

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