From the Desk of Arthur Burk: Synching and Obeying With Precise Information and With Imprecise Information

I frequently repost tidbits from Arthur for 3 or 4 reasons. And as soon as I get to the 3nd of this list, you and I will know precisely how many reasons I have today.

  • He is a friend, and someone whose input I value as a direct result of that office he has in my life.
  • Practical: he regularly cleans up his Facebook page because, as a Prophet he likes to keep things light and lean. I am differentiated in that I am an archivist. Always have been. It drives my wife up a tree the level of collecting of materials I do.
  • Someone from one or more circles in which I run is bound to say, “l need resource X”, and I usually know where that resource is.
  • A Sapphire Leadership tribesmate is likely to need said resource.
  • I cannot count the times ai needed something languages a specific way to springboard into a different direction.

Okay, so five reasons.

What Arthur said in this particular venture was about dealing with walking with the L-rd in two different circumstances.

He writes:



On our donate page is a category called “Stealth Projects.” Those are the ones you won’t hear about until eternity.

Some are clean, simple and gratifying.

The instructions are to get on a plane, fly to another country, stay in a hotel in a specific district, take a taxi on Tuesday to a specific park, sit on the east side, and say what God gives me to say.

I do.

He fills my mouth with words about some government office on the 35th floor of a building I can just see over the tree line, as I am sitting on the east side of the park.

It will not go well for that government official.

I go home.

Watch the news.

And smile when THAT article is on the first page.

It is very emotionally gratifying to walk out with extreme precision, a precise set of instructions. I leave one of those events that you have paid for, with deep pleasure.

There are others which generally are emotionally challenging because of the lack of clarity.

I am in the office. God says, “I need you to go drive.”

“Yes, sir. Where?”

Too late. God already hung up the phone.

“God, did you know that Spartanburg is called ‘Hub City’ because of all the access points?”

Of course He knew.

So . . . clearly, I already have some data. I sit and scroll. For the last two months, there has been a vague sense that “someday” I ought to drive south on Highway 221. No reason, just to see where it goes.

That is the only flicker of any direction being special, so I jump in the car, gas up, and go.

And go.

And go.

I watch every restaurant, gas station and historical monument, listening for a nudge to get off.


I finally get off because I’ve “gotta go.”

A non-event.

When I get back in the car, there is a sense it is time to turn around and go back.

I do.

Wondering what I accomplished.

Possible guess: I have a blessing of presence over weather. I wonder whether I was breaking up a tornado that was trying to hatch.

Don’t know.

I arrive back at the office.

Never any clarity.

Those are not nearly so gratifying as the detailed strategy with precise locations and timing.

But both are from God.

And both require synchronization with the King.

How willing and flexible are you to make the major sacrifice to travel internationally for an assignment?

How willing are you to serve with lack of clarity and lack of confirmation of your success?

Coming in the opposite spirit to the coin-operated religious stronghold that teaches people how to get God to serve them, requires a pretty radical level of synchronizing with God.

Sometimes it means spending thousands of dollars and days of jet lag in order to speak for ten minutes some judgments from God.

Other times it means burning a few gallons of gas while you try to figure out what the game is.

Either way, serving the King means synchronizing to the King the way He wants it done.

How is your score card from the last 90 days? Have you clearly heard and executed anything?

One thought on “From the Desk of Arthur Burk: Synching and Obeying With Precise Information and With Imprecise Information

  1. Really liked this, some jump starting in my spirit, to read your responses to the Father and what he asked you. Your jumping to do it, ( jump even with out a parachute, knowing what it is). By the way Parachuting is exelerating . ( I know that is spelled wrong, spell checked didn’t give me the right spelling). You do come back to solid ground.. Thank for sharing this.

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