Of GIGO, Governments, the Victim Spirit, and Ceding Our Authority

What follows is a hard word, and I am going to dovetail it into what can happen if we do our jobs better.

Americans: all authorities are appointed by G-d.

Also Americans: <voting for crap. Choosing not the best and brightest>

Also Americans: <cursing the government>

End result: Americans thinking the crap we have in office was appointed by G-d as the prophecies that routinely do not pass muster get increasingly looney, and as the quality of the men and women running for office degenerate as well.

End result 2: Undrained swamp, because it was never his job to drain it. It has always been our job. He does not have the earned authority. Rather, we do.

Gang, we keep parroting what our coverings have told us is the truth. Even though we really have been sold a bill of goods.

And we continue parrot all the usual lines that Charisma and Elijah List tell us to, cycle after cycle, year after year, with zero fulfillment.

“Pray for our leaders.”

“Most important election ever.”

“All authorities are pointed by G-d.”

Prophecies about Sam Brownback.

Prophecies about Mitt Romney.

Prophecies about Bill Clinton having a mantle of humility.

“Red wave.”

And this or that leader is G-d’s choice.

But the problem is, as a constitutional republic, we ultimately give G-d the material to work with.

And He respects our choices.

If you constantly hand G-d a bag of shit to work with, sooner or later you will end up with someone who stinks of that sitting in a position of leadership and like the Germans with Hitler, you will not be able to excuse yourself with Romans 13:2 by saying G-d appointed him.

Like the Germans enabled Hitler’s rise, we enabled all sorts of men and womens’ rise that never should have been placed in a position to represent is

Out of our silence and refusal to speak, many people who are present in office, because we led this nation to vote for him. And the authority, which was ours, we gave to another and then we played host to a victim spirit.

Now we have to deal with the aftermath. We are responsible for the place where the dialogue has gotten, so that the media and the man in office’s hearts cannot be heard, and we would rather gaslight and torch and rape and verbally screw each other than allow our words to be seasoned with salt.

We the People are responsible for leading and carrying and elevating the dialogue so the Sound that carries back and forth does not get twisted in this nation.

This crud has happened for far too long, gang.

And we have devolved into the slimepit. Instead of building, we are busy slinging shit at one another. And cussing the people in offices of service.

A Solution

Repent for allowing other than our best and brightest to run for office.

Ask the L-rd if we are screwing up this cycle because we are listening to the same prophets give us the same junk words and getting the same results.

And the dialogue is getting increasingly more swampy as people refuse to listen and they gaslight and twist and then deny so doing.

Ask the L-rd to shine His light, not on a party or a person, but wherever the heck He wants to shine it.

And the Democrats and the News Media are not the enemy.

“If your enemy has a driver’s license and a Social Security Number, you have the wrong enemy.”

Ed Silvoso

Trump and the newsmedia, which includes ALL MAJOR NEWS OUTLETS, including the FOX network with its oppressive spirit of lewdness, is a reflection of our crudeness and our crassness and some of the best and some of the worst of us: our refusal and inability to refine and communicate in a dignity-bringing way and with understanding. And our willingness to use our soft and subtle speech at innuendo and perverse speech, and the tolerable crap we slide into our talk or our appearance.

Using soft speech where it will do the most damage to us and he kingdom, and using bald-faced speech where it will do the same damage to us and the kingdom is harming us badly.

The Ashley Madison scandal was a glimpse into the reality of our culture. Intentional pursuit of adultery with kinky sex is not just a fringe thing but was secretly pursued by a cross section of the culture.  

That is who we are. It was not just an aberration by a few. It was massive. I believe the culture is quite a bit more depraved than the Main Street perspective of it. In addition to those who are so desperate for a strong hand at the helm of the nation that they will endure his negative characteristics, there is that secondary population that sees no negative characteristics since they share his crass values. 

Will Donald Trump be elected? I have no idea. But if he is, then we absolutely deserve him. Many people felt betrayed by Barack Obama.   The president we got was not the same as the candidate that was voted in.

With Donald Trump, there is no subterfuge. What you see is what we will get if he is voted in.

Arthur Burk, January 2016

And the deeper tragedy is the L-rd did not call us to be bawdy as heyenas and prostitutes and stupid as dodos.

So, we must refine and we must refine now. The President has not drained the swamp. He has merely changed its nature.

Rather, it was ours.

Don’t abdicate. Reload and hunt the true enemy. With your earned authority, speak.

As with all my stuff, I am of course going to make a disclaimer. Just because I do not approve of or agree with the prophecies concerning Trump does not mean I do not think there is good he has done. What it does mean is I do think the damage caused by our sloth and refusal to pick up our authority is killing us as a people and nation. And our Ceding of our responsibility to drain the swamp ourselves is destroying us. Our lack of knowledge and our lack of vision.

And our insistence that we suck on and depend on the teat of every prophecy that rolls into our ears. This incredibly boring and low-hanging fruit of easy election day prophecies that cost us little is killing us.


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