Some Brief Thoughts On Nimrod

For what I am about to say, there is no apology, but a challenge to the larger spiritual warfare and deliverance community.

I start with a question.

What was the good in Nimrod’s design?

What I mean is, we have a glut of theories that float around about his origins, and we often make snap judgments about his life and about others in Scripture and real life.

We refer to this as freeze-framing, and it is a horrible, noisome practice.

Frankly, I am not sure I buy the Nephilim theory as it pertains to Nimrod, nor a bunch of other things we usually teach about him.

And sure, he came from Ham, and we know about how Ham uncovered Noah’s nakedness and the curse that came from that on the love child between Noah’s wife and Ham.

However, what if we are wrong because we only looked at a part of Nimrod’s behavior and missed a good package because we were mesmerized by…GASP…Babylon!!

Especially if we are to blindly believe the idea that he was damned from the get-go, and we take that phrase, “a mighty man BEFORE the L-rd” to mean “AGAINST the L-rd.” The Hbelrew there is pretty ambiguous.

We should take a good, long look and be ready to toss out anything that was too hastily constructed.

Such as a belief that all things that were tied to Nimrod were completely demonic, and “how dare we question that belief at all!” is unwarranted without more proof than we have.

Truly, this season is a season for a lot of deep questions to be asked.

Indeed, we have a raft of people who claim to “be Bereans”, but will not search a matter out (Proverbs 25:2). It results in the following atrocious behavior in the leadership of charismatic movements.

We have people who preach, claiming to have, and I quote, “read in commentaries that eagles break their beaks off, pull out their feathers out, and pull their claws out and are suddenly reborn with new beaks, feathers, and talons, and live for another 40 years or so”.

We have one man who claims to have led a Bible translation team, and yet is not revealing sources. This is dishonest scholarship.

We have people who are prophesying that this Super Bowl means one thing, when they also prophesied other grandiloquent things about previous Super Bowls that did not come to pass. This is a blemish on a necessary ministry in the church, namely prophecy.

And so we are bringing the same flamboyance of refusing to examine Scripture well, and applying that refusal to examine in our caveleir attitudes toward warfare and deliverance.

Some examples of this are hasty and shoddy “research” are:

The idea that Jezebel is a bigshot spirit (Reality check: she is an imp and servant of Baal).

That all women with any sort of Type A gene are under her influence (Reality check: some women are wound a little tighter).

That this or that number combination means this prophetic thing (Reality check: sometimes a football, baseball, basketball score is just a score. And sometimes a solar eclipse is a solar eclipse. Believe me, when the moon turns to blood, you will know the difference).

The nonsensical foolishness of preachers who claim the “blood moons” and “shemitah” will cause the collapse of world economies. I am looking at your Mark Biltz and John Hagee.

Gang, it is okay that the blood moon tetrad over the seven Salem cities in the US meant nothing. It was a mere rhythmic standard clockwork, and predictable sign, like a clock.

As R. Loren Sandford said a few years back about the blood moons:

At the risk of making some people angry, I say that the coming total eclipse over North America is simply a wonderful, amazing event that was predetermined by the mechanics of the universe from the time God first said, “Let there be light.” It is a “sign” of nothing, despite the claims of those who wish to spiritualize it. Remember all the hoopla over the blood moon tetrad? What happened? Nothing. Or the shemitah that said the economy would collapse in the fall of 2016 on the seven year cycle? What happened? Nothing. Some of us said as much, but that didn’t stop the prophetic prognostications that became an embarrassment, thus discrediting an essential ministry in the body of Christ for many at a time when good prophetic ministry is desperately needed. If you’ve gotten all worked up over some supposed prophetic significance of the eclipse, I say, “Calm down and just enjoy it!”

For those engaged in this discussion, think of it this way. When the long hand and the short hand on the clock align at the 12 o’clock position and appear to be one hand, you don’t think of that as a sign from God, do you? It’s no different with the rotation and orbit of the earth, sun and moon. It is a natural event that is the product of predetermined paths of heavenly bodies set in motion like clockwork by God at creation. It is the sign of an orderly universe, but to insist that it must be a sign from God about impending events is tantamount to astrology, the claim that fixed movements and positions of heavenly bodies somehow determine our fate on earth. The Bible clearly debunks that. So, I urge some of us once more to calm down and simply enjoy this amazing display in the heavens.

R Loren Sandford, August 13, 2017, Facebook post

Sometimes a moon in the sky is just a moon in the sky. And sometimes the time 11:11 is just the minute after 11:10. If I assumed that everything had some super secret communique from the Almighty, and there were no coincidences, then I might drive myself crazy with analysis.

There are such things as allowances for coincidences in G-d’s economy precisely because we were discern between that which is coincidental and that which is not.

And we were made to detect what is a well-reasoned and well-considered argument of Scripture from that which is not.

And sometimes, a biblical character, gang, that we normally think of as all evil, has some redeeming features, as hard as that might be to swallow.

Sometimes, we need to see things like the repentance of Manasseh vs. the arrogance of Josiah WHO DIED IN A WAY IDENTICAL TO AHAB in the same arrogance of his uplifted heart.

And there are those who just think we have a number of parts of the Bible all figured out, and that this means this and that means that.

But then s e think e have learned all here is to know about the fullness of Scripture, suddenly it surprises us at a pinch, and our spirits get awakened to another facet of its infallibility and mystery.

In the case of Nimrod, it would appear the founder of Babel’s life went unexamined. Evidently, someone decided that “before the L-rd” meant “against the L-rd” and others agreed to it without slowing their collective rolls and reexamining whether or not they are off. And we took that interpretation whether or not we were right or wrong, hook, line, and sinker.

Something needs to happen that forces us as followers of Yeshua to slow down and really consider if we got it right with respect to Nimrod and others.

To paraphrase Richard Feynman:

Our failures to hold back and deeply consider and qualify what we think we know have led to many overinflated claims from pulpits that have burned people who followed Christ, and those who have dared to challenge or correct what was said from the pulpit were not met with consideration or understanding, but branded to be full of a religious spirit.

I have seen that one time and again.

I would like to offer the following counsel in the case of Nimrod.

What if there was flat-out gold and treasure in his design?

What if that boldness was meant to communicate something about the nature of G-d, and, instead of seeing that boldness as a lion in him and blessing it in both him and others, we cursed it, and used it that bad interpretation to curse others?

Yes I know what the name Nimrod means. Yes it may mean “rebel”.

But consider the intent of what it could have alternatively meant.

What if “rebel” was really meant to convey someone who was made to rebel against the kingdom of darkness?

Given the world was, according to some, handed over to the ruler of the world, the serpent, what if what Nimrod was made to rebel against was the serpent and lead a rebellion against him?

What if the spiritual warfare community, in cursing Nimrod wholesale, missed an important piece in the study and consideration of design?

What if, in the head of gold from Daniel’s vision, G-d was communicating something in the design of both Nimrod and Babylon that was supposed to be and never came to fruition, and we have just been roundly cursing people who happen to possess a like treasure to that which G-d put into Nimrod?

What if there is a Babylonian Blessing to counter the Babylonian Heresy in an opposite spirit, true to SLG form?

What if there was good in Nimrod, and we have just been twisting it and robbing ourselves of something that G-d wanted articulated through Nimrod and blessed in others?

Just, my bottom line to y’all, is:

Please, for the love of every good and perfect gift, slow your roll and SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY EXAMINE if there was something good there that you can articulate.

If the beginning of your kingdom or empire is made to be good, then it is possible that you also were designed by our good G-d to have ambition or drive or the germ to be an empire-builder or a father or mother of many.

Maybe that germ to build, even with imperfect materials, has been cursed, because people have said it is demonic to have drive or be a Type-A personality.

Gang, my counsel is to consider deeply, and ask “is there treasure in a place I was refusing to look because every other charismatic said there was not?”

“Am I only seeing a partial view as the whole of a matter and not seriously, deeply, and carefully examining an matter before I render judgment and sentencing on it?”

There was good in Nimrod, and sometimes G-d puts a turbocharged engine in a muscle car so that car can do a quarter-mile at a time.

He doesn’t put a tired gerbil in a Corvette, gang.

Some of us are going to idle a little higher in RPM or speed than others, and that is fine. That just means we were made for a different load.

A Clydesdale is not an Arabian Stallion.

And Secretariat was neither of those breeds.

Consider the place of ambition and empires. They can serve a good purpose.

And sometimes we need mighty hunters who walk in G-d’s presence and are sanctified.

Just a little bit of a different spin on the matter.

So, as you work with others to see Jesus heal them, look to see if there is a treasure that is not usually celebrated in them, and look for good ways to celebrate sanctified articulations of that gift.

You just might have a Nimrod on your hands, who can war against the enemy’s twisted manifestation of Babylon.

If you will see them become equipped and released.

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