When I Read About the Lord’s Response to Babel…

….I do not merely see the revengeful heart of a Despot bent on fighting our machinations, as some have argued…

Rather, what I see is the heart of a Father who is radically concerned with humanity falling into the trap of turning away from Him and falling for the delusion they do not need Him.

When we are so self-dependent and strong that we have no need of the Lord, because we can solve every problem through our “technology” (a la Howard Stark), then He gets involved in reminding us that we were made to interact with Him.

He did not merely create us to interact with ourselves and forget about Him. Rather, He made us to continue with Him in every stage and to seek Him.

2 thoughts on “When I Read About the Lord’s Response to Babel…

    1. I understand that you your perspective. However, I write as I have inspiration, the Holy Spirit’s leading, and the opportunity. If you wish to keep subscribing, then do so, and recognize that there will be something for everyone here, sir.

      I am sorry that you did not care for this one.

      I am sure there will be more that you will like relatively soon.

      May blessings to you.

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