Finding Fulfillment Or Obeying Your Interpretation Of Scripture…Reevaluating and Reframing Ephesians 5:11

Words from the Exhorter, Winston Churchill, that bear us Reframing Ephesians 5:11, where Paul is quoted as saying:

Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Now, there is nothing wrong with exposing what needs to be exposed, but you MUST do so in the context of making sure that that exhortation of the Scripture does not devour your life and time.

Go after your purpose, and quit griping and exposing heretics.

You can busy yourself by exposing heretics and heresies, so much so, that the practice of exposing devours your time and resources, and you never actually get around to doing what you were ultimately made or designed to do.

Do you want to do what Father has for you, or do you want to accomplish what others have for you?

Camups Crusade used to have a tract that read, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”.

Arthur Burk’s wife used to reframe that by saying to her husband “Arthur, everyone loves you and everyone has a wonderful plan for your life”.

So, my question is, “is your life so far out of equilibrium that you are doing this one thing AT THE EXPENSE OF your limited resources of time?”.

Think carefully about where you are going and what you see going to do.

Slow down, take a breath, and get your ratios of exposing heresies to underatanding/developing your purpose, design, giftings, and destiny right.

Get that ratio right.

My counsel:

For every 5 minutes per month you spend exposing, spend 3 hours daily in the same month investing, understanding, and nurturing your design, gifts, talents, what you were made to do, your purpose, your treasures, and your birthright

Put differently: Expose once if you need to, only as Father leads, and then move on with what you are in favor of and what you are doing with your life.

Explicate what you are for way more than what you are against.

If we spent more time working on us and our relationship with Him, then we would not have the time to write freaking reams of paper on what is wrong with Todd Bentley.

Granted, he needed to be exposed and brought to repentance, but 98 percent of y’all that complained about him did so without the earned authority necessary to say where he needed to be put after repenting. You did not embrace the process of reconciliation for him, but only kvetched about the wrong he did.

Granted, I am not justifying what he or any other heretic did it person you don’t care for. But dang if we spend too much time focusing on and being mesmerized by the wrong rather than moving into the FULL process of how to restore someone, and not use more of that time and paper and ink developing the fullness of what is necessary in us.

So get that ratio.

Heretics and heresies get no more than 5 minutes per month of your attention. No, it is not your calling to solely expose. That will wear you out and turn you into a cynic fast. It will sap your strength and time, and you won’t be able to develop as you should, which WILL strengthen you.

Just my take, gang.

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